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We define biological age of the person: 8 parameters which need to be checked

Each of us repeatedly noticed that the people having the same passport age are sometimes not similar on one-years at all. One at the age of 40-45 years already looks almost an old man, and another and in 60 is young, vigorous and full of life. The matter is that the condition of our health depends not on the number of the lived years, and on degree of safety of an organism. This factor also defines biological age of the person.

The absolute system of measurement of biological age does not exist. However it is possible in house conditions to pass a number of tests which show our organism is how worn-out. Results of such research give the chance to understand to what age group there corresponds the body of the specific person.

1. Flexibility of a backbone

Incline the case forward, having slightly bent knees. If your age corresponds to 20-30 years, you will be able to put palms on a floor. The forty-year-old person from such situation will be able only to reach the earth finger-tips, and at the age of 50 years – to reach hands the middle of shins.

Other way consists in calculation of quantity of inclinations forward which you will be able to make within a minute. More than 50 movements correspond to age of 20 years; from 35 to 49 times a minute bend 30-year, from 30 to 34 times – 40-year-old, and from 25 to 29 – the 50-year-old person. To age 60 years are more senior there correspond no more than 24 inclinations a minute.

Параметр определения биологического возраста человека: гибкость позвоночника

2. Speed of response

For test it is necessary to resort to services of the assistant. Ask the acquaintance or the relative to take a ruler 50 cm long and to hold it vertically for the end corresponding to a zero mark. You should place a hand of a ruler 10 cm lower than other end. The assistant has to release suddenly a ruler, and you – to catch it at the time of falling, having clamped between big and index fingers. Speed of response is measured on those divisions on which there will be your fingers. In this case the table of age compliance looks so:

  • 20 cm – 20 years;
  • 25 cm – 30 years;
  • 35 cm – 40 years;
  • 45 cm – 60 years.

Параметр определения биологического возраста человека: скорость реакции

3. Condition of a vestibular mechanism

You have to close eyes and try to resist on one leg (the second leg is raised by 10 cm from a floor). Age compliance is determined by time during which you could keep balance. For age of 20 years it is 30 seconds, 40 years – 20 seconds, 50 years – 15 seconds, 60 years and is more senior – 10 seconds.

Параметр определения биологического возраста человека: состояние вестибулярного аппарата

4. Condition of peripheral vessels

Occupy big and index fingers the site of skin on the palm back, squeeze for 5 seconds and release. On skin the white spot will appear. Notice time during which it will disappear. At the 30-year-old person it makes about 5 seconds. The condition of vessels, to the corresponding 40 years, will allow skin to accept normal coloring in 8 seconds. In 50 years for this purpose it is necessary 10, and in 60 years – 15 seconds.

Параметр определения биологического возраста человека: состояние периферических сосудов

5. Health of lungs

Safety of lungs can be determined by distance from which the person can blow out the burning candle. In 20 years it is easy to make it from one meter, in 40 years – from 70-80 cm, and in 60 years – from 50-60 cm.

There is also a test determining biological age by a respiration rate. For this purpose it is necessary to count how many the cycles consisting of a deep breath and a full exhalation you are capable to make in a minute. Age compliance is as follows:

  • 20 years – 40-45 cycles;
  • 30 years – 35-39 cycles;
  • 40 years – 30-34 cycles;
  • 50 years – 20-29 cycles;
  • 60 years – 15-19 cycles.

Параметр определения биологического возраста человека: здоровье легких

6. Safety of joints

Throw hands for a back (one from above, another from below) and link fingers "in the lock" at the level of shovels. At the twenty-year-old person it turns out without problems. In 30 years another is only possible to get fingers of one hand, in 40 years – to pull together hands on small distance. To the person 50 years difficult even are aged more senior to get both hands for a back.

Параметр определения биологического возраста человека: сохранность суставов

7. Condition of the central nervous system

This test will require small preparation. Ask the assistant to draw on the sheet of paper the plate consisting of five lines on five sections in everyone and to enter in sections of number from 1 to 25, having them it is chaotic. Then take a pencil and try quickly, without distracting, to touch consistently cells in ascending order of numbers (with the first on the twenty fifth). If your age corresponds to 20 years, on it no more than 35 seconds have to leave. The thirty-year-old person will show result from 36 to 40 seconds, 40-year-old will keep within 41-50 seconds, 50-year-old will spend about 60 seconds.

Параметр определения биологического возраста человека: состояние центральной нервной системы

8. Libido

Direct dependence of frequency of the realized sexual contacts on biological age is characteristic of a male body. At the twenty-year-old man this indicator makes 6-7 weekly, at 30-year-old – 5-6 times, at 40-year-old – 3-4 times. The man at the age of 50 years or is more capable to test and to successfully realize sexual desire no more than 2 weekly.

Параметр определения биологического возраста человека: либидо

Bodies and systems of a human body wear out unequally over time. Therefore tests can show different biological age. To know the final result, it is necessary to find an arithmetic average of the measured parameters.

Speed of wear of our bodies depends on a set of factors. It is increased by diseases, stresses, addictions, severe living and ecological conditions, a slow-moving way of life. The person can not always avoid difficulties and chagrin, but is quite capable to take care about own health. In this case it has a chance till an extreme old age to keep cheerfulness of a body, clarity of mind and high working capacity.

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