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6 ways of fight against spring weakness

The unpleasant feelings connected with spring breakdown are familiar almost to each of us. Often happens that in March-April on the person weakness leans: he suffers from drowsiness, complains of bad mood, loss of interest in life and failures in affairs.

Depression and decrease in vitality have a simple explanation: in winter time the body spends too much energy and needs the strengthened replenishment of its stocks, and food with the lowered content of vitamins does not provide it. Weakening of protective forces of an organism leads to increase in a susceptibility to seasonal infections.

This unpleasant state gives in to correction. There is a number of the simple receptions helping to recover forces to meet spring with normal health and good mood.

1. Eat the first greens

Our ancestors who were not knowing anything about avitaminosis correctly estimated a role of spring greens in preservation of health, and considered necessary inclusion in a diet of the very first rostochok of edible plants. Their experience is quite applicable and today.

Certainly, it is difficult to modern citizen to get for spring salad leaves of a young nettle, a dandelion, a glague, a wood louse, a burdock, a plantain and a filbert, escapes of a fern and other natural delicacies. But it does not mean that for fight against avitaminosis it is necessary to use only greens which are offered by retail chain stores especially as store herbs and sheet vegetables are not always safe: the beautiful salad which is grown up in greenhouse conditions or fragrant fennel may contain solid doses of "chemistry".

Actually, having made a few efforts it is possible to receive young greens even in the conditions of the city apartment. In the boxes with soil placed on a window sill green onions and plumelets of garlic, arugula, some types of sheet salad perfectly will grow. Young leaves of carrots, beet and radish which it is simple "to expel" from the root crops driven in the earth are very useful and nice to the taste. And easy leaving for personal mini-огородиком will lift vitality and will improve mood not worse, than fuss on a country bed.

Как бороться с весенней усталостью: кушать первую зелень

2. Do not miss the spring sun

It would be less desirable for the person testing spring breakdown to move actively. Overcome yourself, leave a cozy chair and begin to walk in the fresh air. Sunshine activate development by an organism of vitamin D which deficit badly affects health.

Как бороться с весенней усталостью: гулять на свежем воздухе

3. Use germinated seeds

Excellent help for the weakened organism are biologically active agents concentrated in seeds of plants. In the spring optimum to eat them in the form of young sprouts from which cook salads, smuz or juice.

It is possible to couch a green buckwheat, oats, wheat, seeds bean (except red beans), flax, mustard, barley. Sprouts of pumpkin and sunflower sunflower seeds are very useful. It is simple to receive this delicious vitamin product. It is necessary for sprouting of seeds:

  • To wash out seeds flowing water, to disinfect within 5-7 minutes weak solution of potassium permanganate and again to wash out;
  • To put seeds in a service plate, to fill in with a small amount of water at the room temperature and to leave for swelling. For this purpose it will be required from one to three days, depending on a species of a plant;
  • To wash out the bulked-up seeds and to leave on a plate, having covered with wet fabric. The next days tiny sprouts will appear;
  • To place capacity with seeds in the refrigerator. If to support sprouts in a wet state, they will increase. Optimum accumulation of useful substances will occur for 4-5 day. Such sprouts can be eaten.

It is important to be sure that the seeds chosen for sprouting did not intend for crops and were not processed by the corresponding chemicals. Therefore the starting material should be got only in specialized shops.

Как бороться с весенней усталостью: употреблять пророщенные семена

4. Drink freshly squeezed juice

Freshly squeezed juice is very useful, but their use has to be competent. You should not think that the more such products you will daily receive, the quicker you will become healthy. Many juice contains the substances capable in high concentration to do harm to an organism. There are following rules:

  • Freshly squeezed juice cannot be stored. In 10-15 minutes after preparation it loses a considerable part of useful properties. The exception makes beet juice which has to settle before the use about 2 hours;
  • It is useful to dilute juice with boiled or mineral water;
  • It is not necessary to drink juice during meal. It is better to do it for half an hour to or in half an hour after a meal;
  • Mixes of juice are most useful (especially fruit with vegetable). It is more preferable to use juice with pulp;
  • After the use of the juice containing a large amount of organic acids (apple, garnet, orange, etc.), it is necessary to rinse a mouth clear water in order to avoid destruction of an adamantine substance of tooth;
  • The amount of the fresh juice drunk in days should not exceed 300 ml;
  • At the use of juice it is important to consider existence of chronic diseases and possible complications, and also probability of allergic reactions.

Как бороться с весенней усталостью: пить свежевыжатые соки

5. Get enough sleep

During sleep the organism produces hormone melatonin which improves health, activates protective forces, reduces concentration of free radicals.

At breakdown good night rest is especially important. In the spring dawn comes early therefore it is better to lay down not later than 10 o'clock in the evening that it is the most productive to use solar morning hours.

Как бороться с весенней усталостью: высыпаться

6. Consider a summer holiday

When the health not really good, is important to think of something pleasant as often as possible. Planning of summer holiday will give the chance to choose options of travel, in advance to get acquainted with places which you want to visit. There is a sense to be engaged in preparation of holiday image: to study tendencies of summer fashion, to glance in shops, to update clothes and a hairstyle. For the woman it can become one of the best ways to bring itself positive emotions and with a new force to feel interest in life.

Как бороться с весенней усталостью: думать о приятном

With spring weakness it is possible and it is necessary to fight. If you a little take care of yourself, this state quickly will pass, and you will come to a season of updating of the nature vigorous, healthy and positive.

Whether you know that:

Work which to the person not to liking, is much more harmful to his mentality, than lack of work in general.