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Problems with health and the related rashes on a face

Each failure in work of bodies and systems of a human body is, as a rule, shown by the whole complex of symptoms. In particular, malfunctions with health often cause emergence of cosmetic defects in the form of rashes on a face. Experienced doctors know that localization of heat-spots usually depends on what disease the patient has.

Высыпания на лице: о каком заболевании могут свидетельствовать?

We bring to attention readers peculiar "card" of skin rashes according to which it is possible to assume existence of these or those pathologies.

Forehead spots

Emergence of rashes along the line of growth of hair quite often demonstrates failures in work of a gall bladder. Heat-spots on the line of eyebrows can develop at intestines diseases. Both problems are connected, first of all, with excessive hobby for sweets, and also greasy, spicy and fried food. If forehead spots develop regularly, it is necessary to address the gastroenterologist. At the same time it is worth refusing fast food, pastries, canned food, sweet aerated water and smoked products.

Sometimes rashes on a forehead develop owing to reception of some medicines. The patients having chronic illnesses and constantly using drugs with similar cosmetic defects need to consult with the attending physician concerning replacement of usual drugs.

Rashes on a nose bridge and in the T-zone

The skin located in a so-called T-zone and on a nose bridge is very sensitive to changes of composition of blood. Its defeat by spots demonstrates insufficient function of a liver or such disturbances of food at which this body ceases to cope with purification of blood of toxins.

Except consultation of the doctor the patient needs correction of a diet. It is necessary to refuse fried dishes in favor of the food cooked in an oven or on couple. Inclusion in the daily menu of mineral waters, and also herbal and fruit teas is very useful.

Rashes on cheekbones and under eyes

Rashes on cheekbones can demonstrate disturbances of work of kidneys and even existence in them of inflammatory process. However, the situation happens also not so dangerous: similar damages of face skin appear also owing to stresses, constant fatigue and a sleep debt.

Consultation of the nephrologist, and also diet with dominance of vegetable dishes, greens and fruit is necessary. It is important not to limit liquid consumption (pure drinking or mineral water, the teas having moderate diuretic effect).

Cheek spots

Such rashes are often observed at the patients having pathology of respiratory system and also at smokers. Sometimes the problem is aggravated: spots develop not only on cheeks, but also on skin of an upper back and a breast.

The patient has to mean that pulmonary diseases very quickly progress. In this case the delay can be very dangerous. It is necessary to study urgently fluorography and to visit the doctor.

Прыщи на щеках - один из признаков болезней дыхательной системы

Rashes on lips and a chin

Lip spots speak about failure in work of a stomach and intestines. The organism needs the food containing a large amount of useful cellulose: porridges, vegetables of family pumpkin, root crops, whole-grain bread. At the initial stages development of some diseases can be braked by means of a reasonable diet and correctly dosed physical activity.

At women of a rash on a chin arise at hormonal disturbances or pathologies of the reproductive sphere. Stresses and fatigue aggravate a problem.

Emergence of heat-spots in the face, spin, breast and shoulders often has not only the dermatological nature, and with them it is impossible to cope with the help of cosmetics. If similar trouble happens regularly, it is an alarm signal which cannot be ignored. In order to avoid development of heavy pathologies it is necessary to see a doctor and to undergo inspection. Cosmetic defects will pass after treatment of a basic disease.

Whether you know that:

Blood of the person "runs" on vessels under huge pressure and at disturbance of their integrity is capable to shoot of distance to 10 meters.