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9 rules of a healthy backbone

A lot of things depend on a condition of a backbone in a human body, a backbone – not only a support for a body, it also a receptacle for a spinal cord, that is why malfunctions with a backbone are so dangerous. To treat rachis diseases very difficult and long, it is much simpler and more correct not to bring to a disease. Conforming to the rules provided in this article it is possible to avoid the majority of the problems connected with a backbone including those which are considered to be age, but which are not inevitable at all.

1. Correct conditions for a dream

In a dream we carry out a third of life therefore matters, the organism how exactly feels at this time. Night rest in horizontal position is very important for a backbone as it gives the chance to unload it – but only when the berth is correctly organized. The bed should be preferred whenever possible to a folding sofa, the mattress has to be semifixed, a pillow – orthopedic.

Правило здорового позвоночника: правильные условия для сна

2. Bearing

In two thirds of life which remained from a dream the backbone performs hard work – supports a body in vertical position, serves as a support for the bone and muscular and joint device and internals. A correct posture this that position of a body which as much as possible facilitates to a backbone of its function, supporting him and softening external influence. The wrong bearing promotes disturbance of food of tissues of backbone, their bystreyshy wear, deformation, and also squeezing of internals and by that to deterioration in their functions.

Правило здорового позвоночника: осанка

3. Exercises for a correct posture

The correct posture at the modern person seldom forms spontaneously as the way of life does not promote it at all. The situation is corrected by sport. The majority of types of sports loading promotes strengthening of muscles of a back, a so-called muscular framework – the muscles helping to support a backbone in vertical position. Optimum sport for this purpose is swimming, also the yoga and Pilates are good. If there is no opportunity to visit trainings, to the person who does not have problems with a musculoskeletal system enough regular trainings by the gymnastic complex including exercises on a back extension. If pathologies of the bone and joint device are available, then LFK specialist (реабилитолог) or the orthopedic surgeon has to pick up a set of exercises.

Правило здорового позвоночника: упражнения для правильной осанки

4. Disposal of excess weight

Each extra kilo increases load of a backbone, big accumulations of fat in an organism redistributes loading in such a way that it is not physiologic for a backbone. People with an excess weight face a dorsodynia sooner or later. Having lost weight, the former fat men feel extraordinary ease and mobility not only because heavy fat, but also because of recovery of the correct provision of a rachis left. The slim figure besides that is more esthetic, allows to return joy of the movement and to get rid of a chronic dorsodynia.

Правило здорового позвоночника: избавление от лишнего веса

5. Correct conditions for work

Many people at work long hold forced position of a body. Such hours-long load of certain departments of a backbone leads to their overstrain and if it lasts for years, then in these departments there are degenerative processes, the chronic pain syndrome and disturbance of functions of a backbone is a consequence of what. It is possible to avoid it, having correctly organized a workplace and working process. The workplace has to be the most convenient, promoting maintenance of a rachis in its most physiological situation. During operating time it is necessary to do breaks, giving to the basic device rest.

Правило здорового позвоночника: правильные условия для работы

6. Physical activity

The most correct from the point of view of health of the person in general and his musculoskeletal system in particular, is the active, mobile way of life. When the person moves much, position of a body changes, without stagnating in any one pose causing an overload, blood supply during the movement becomes more active, intervertebral disks are washed by the intervertebral liquid protecting them from drying, the copular device keeps elasticity and elasticity. The person is created for the movement, the movement is life, and this saying has direct, but not figurative sense. It is necessary to try to move more during the day, to go whenever possible, but not to go, to walk upstairs on foot, but not on the elevator and not to neglect walks and outdoor games.

Правило здорового позвоночника: физическая активность

7. Correct footwear

Bad footwear serves as the frequent reason of a chronic dorsodynia which the person can treat for years. Footwear has to be convenient, it is an axiom. You should not save on it is cheap footwear it is designed without features of foot, legs in it are tired quicker, the backbone is overloaded and wears out. One more problem is hairpins. Unfortunately, women are inclined to sacrifice convenience to beauty. If there is no wish to refuse them, it is possible to put on shoes on a high spike heel occasionally, but hairpins as daily footwear categorically do not approach.

Правило здорового позвоночника: правильная обувь

8. Technology of relaxation

The backbone not only needs rest at night, but also small respites during the day. Change of usual situation or several simple exercises, but the most efficient can just grant such respite (and pleasant) method are technology of relaxation of a backbone. Having seized them, the basic device can give the good rest which is not conceding by efficiency to several hours of a dream within five minutes. The simplest of the technician of a relaxation consists in the following: to lay down on a floor or other plain firm surface, to close eyes and to consistently relax muscles, since toes. To rise gradually above, having reached face muscles. It is convenient to do this exercise under quiet music, it promotes the best relaxation, but not only – having picked up suitable tracks in advance, it is possible to set certain time of a relaxation.

Правило здорового позвоночника: техника расслабления

9. Healthy nutrition

It is very important that the organism received necessary amount of all nutrients for what the diet has to be balanced. For example, calcium is very important for a bone tissue. But just to sate a diet with products, calciferous it is, not enough, as magnesium and phosphorus are necessary for its assimilation, and they, in turn, need other microelements for inclusion in metabolism. Only the balance macro - and microelements will provide the correct metabolism. It is necessary to understand that there are no vitamin complexes capable without loss to replace good nutrition. Therefore you should not hope what can be eaten that got and anyhow, and then to correct it reception even of the most expensive vitamins. At a diet there shall be dairy products, fresh vegetables and fruit, eggs.

Правило здорового позвоночника: правильное питание

The rules which are listed above promote maintenance of a backbone healthy as long as possible, but the attentive reader for certain will notice that in them there is nothing revolutionary and earlier unknown. The good dream, a mobile way of life, healthy nutrition, good rest and rational load of the basic device promote kind health of all organism.

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