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Changeable female mood: hormones are attacked!

What they, women? Beautiful, gentle, passionate and at the same time windy, gusty, and nervous. And what is stranger: have all these qualities of the woman at the same time. But here only the mood their time sharply changes on completely opposite: in the morning they laugh and joke, and in the evening cry or are irritated.

Причины изменчивого женского настроения

Whether it is worth saying what not always and the woman understands the reason of the changes happening to it, and the man wants to run from it far away at this time. Meanwhile the reason is very prosy: the attack of hormones began.

Hormones, but not hormones as people very often mistakenly write. The word "hormone" happens from Greek "to excite" and (other Greek "communication, proportionality"), respectively, has no relation to harmony. Perhaps, even on the contrary - hormones are capable to break this proportionality if their imbalance in an organism is observed.

All know that during pregnancy of the woman behave in a queer way, more than ever, and in their life there is scary word PMS. And responsibility hormones, and not so unstable mentality bear for all strangenesses which happen to them at this time. To men this fact to understand and accept very difficult: their hormonal background is not subject to so sharp fluctuations. And for this reason men are stable and reliable.

What is hormones?

These are special chemicals which are produced by hemadens. Moving on a blood-groove, they stimulate certain cells (targets). Thus, hormones are the catalyst of chemical processes in an organism. The endocrinology studies hormonal processes at the person. Today in medicine more than 30 hormones which are produced in various departments of a human body are known:

  • The hypophysis produces a large amount of hormones, including thyritropic, gonadotropic, luteinizing, melanostimuliruyushchy, Somatotropinum (growth hormone), prolactin;
  • The hypothalamus develops oxytocin and vasopressin;
  • Thyroid gland - triiodothyronine, a calcitonin;
  • The pancreas is responsible for production of insulin;
  • Adrenal glands produce adrenaline and noradrenaline, cortisol and Aldosteronum;
  • In gonads sex hormones are produced: estrogen, oestradiol, progesterone, testosterone.

Hormones are responsible for a huge number of processes – from human height before its reproductive activity. The fact that the woman is capable to conceive and take out the child is regulated by her hormonal background too. Interesting fact: men's hormones – androgens – too are present at a female body, but at small quantities. Their surplus can cause growth of excessively large number of hair in the face and a body, emergence of an acne, disturbance of a menstrual cycle. And in hard cases – even infertility.

What is PMS and as to fight against it

PMS is a premenstrual syndrome which is in a varying degree expressed at each woman. It is considered to be that it is shown generally in mood swings of the fair sex before periods, however in practice its symptoms can be much wider. It and fluctuations of weight, hypostases, abdominal distention, a severe headache, discomfortable feelings in heart, and even temperature increase. Whether it is easy to enjoy life in the presence of such strange bouquet of symptoms?

ПМС – одна из причин изменчивого женского настроения

It is considered that the arising hormonal imbalance – the wrong ratio of estrogen and progesterone is the reason of development of PMS. It is curious what, appears, and men can have hormonal failures connected with testosterone level – and this state SMI (syndrome of male irritability) is called. So in certain cases drowsiness, fatigue and nervousness at the stronger sex can be connected with this problem.

Meanwhile PMS at women arises every month and if not to pay attention to it, the state can be aggravated over time. Once again we will repeat – to fight against PMS by means of will power it is unreal, this state is caused by a hormonal background. In hard cases the doctor can appoint for simplification of PMS diuretics, hypotensive drugs, and even antidepressants. But you should not reach such state.

The best prevention of PMS is the sport and healthy nutrition. The sport (exercise stresses) strengthens production of endorphine, the hormone improving mood and thus saves from a stress. At this time it is better to reduce consumption of meat and fats, having given preference to fish, vegetables and fruit, whole-grain bread. Salt can lead to hypostases as liquid in an organism detains, and sugar increases excitability of a nervous system. By the way, during PMS it is necessary to reduce also amount of caffeine, and especially not to use the drinks energy drinks supporting him: caffeine strengthens tension and concern. And alcohol breaks carbohydrate metabolism and can lead to increase in level of estrogen.

How to learn that hormones not as it should be

If you caught yourself that quite often you test irritability and nervousness, break on people around for no reason at all, definitely it is worth thinking of the hormonal nature of such phenomenon. If it occurs before monthly, and then all unpleasant phenomena disappear, it is necessary just to remember PMS and to try to adjust its course by means of a diet and physical activity.

However if differences of mood do not depend on a cycle, apathy, decrease in sexual desire is observed, then it makes sense to be inspected not only on the content in blood of sex hormones, but also hormones of a thyroid gland. In that case it is necessary to address not only the gynecologist, but also the endocrinologist.

Men want to wish patience – ladies really are intolerable during the hormonal failures. But these failures are not harmless for health therefore in case of need send the darling to the profile doctor – only, please, not to the psychiatrist. Now you know that hormones manage her mood.

Whether you know that:

Except people, only one living being on the planet Earth – dogs suffers from prostatitis. Here really our most loyal friends.