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We struggle with a hypertension: 5 best folk remedies

About 20% of the population of our planet have a hypertension (permanent increase in arterial pressure). This disease has an adverse effect on the standard of living, reduces working capacity, and in the absence of systematic treatment threatens with such complications as a myocardial infarction, a stroke and other heavy illnesses which can result in disability or sudden death. Most of patients for maintenance of pressure at more or less acceptable level accept the medicines appointed by doctors. However it is possible to struggle with a hypertension also folk remedies. Five the most effective of them we also present to yours.

1. Honey and products of beekeeping

Bee honey is unique biologically active product which part the set of the substances which are favorably influencing a human body is. It soothingly affects a nervous system, reduces sclerotization of vessels, reduces viscosity of blood, contributes to normalization of work of kidneys. Similar properties also other products of beekeeping have: propolis, beebread, uterine milk.

It is interesting that honey not just possesses hypotensive action, and optimizes arterial pressure, that is reduces it at increase and raises at decrease. Therefore it is useful to accept its drugs when pressure jumps. For fight against a hypertension honey is recommended to accept in mix with a beebread or with the berries having the expressed diuretic effect (for example, with cowberry or a cranberry). Contraindications can arise when the patient is inclined to allergic reactions to honey and products of beekeeping.

Пчелиный мед - уникальный биологически активный продукт

2. Sunflower seeds

As foodstuff sunflower sunflower seeds and the oil extracted from them are known to all. But seeds of sunflower are capable also to give invaluable help to hypertensive persons: they contain a large amount of the niacin helping to expand vessels and to optimize a blood stream.

Medical broth is prepared the next way: two glasses of the crude crude sunflower seeds fill in with two liters of cold water and cook on slow fire within two hours. The filtered broth needs to be drunk within a day, having divided 100 ml into portions. Regular reception of that means provides normalization of arterial pressure and has practically no side effects.

Семена подсолнечника - источник никотиновой кислоты

3. Plantain leaves

This unpretentious plant is widely known as wound healing and antiulcerous means. Spirit infusion of leaves of a plantain at long reception lowers the content of cholesterol in blood, improves a condition of vessels, lowers arterial pressure and optimizes cardiac performance.

For drug preparation 4 tablespoons of leaves fill in 250 ml of vodka and insist in the dark place within two weeks. Infusion is accepted on 30 drops by three times a day.

Спиртовой раствор листьев подорожника - средство, улучшающее состояние сосудов

4. Beet juice

Hypotensive effect of red beet is known long ago. The effect of pressure decline is provided with a unique combination in a root crop of vitamins, microelements, amino acids and mineral salts. Besides, beet possesses moderate diuretic action, and the cellulose which is its part interferes with cholesterol absorption by intestines that promotes sclerotization of vessels.

Crude beet juice as hypertension medicine is accepted in mix with honey, or juice of carrots and horse-radish, or simply diluted with water in the ratio 1:1. Beet is remarkable also the fact that it is very easy to use it. In other words, to be treated, rather regularly to eat a root crop. It is proved that at people who eat every morning boiled red beet salads pressure remains at optimum level throughout the day. Not less useful option of use of a root crop is preparation of beet kvass. This pleasant refreshing drink is also capable to give relief at an idiopathic hypertensia.

Use of beet has contraindications. The people having gout, a diabetes mellitus, an urolithiasis and some gastrointestinal pathologies cannot use drugs and dishes from this root crop.

Свекольный сок - средство с гипотензивным действием

5. Pharmaceutical phytodrugs

From the medicinal plants which are on sale in pharmacy chain are applied to fight against a hypertension:

  • Hawthorn fruits;
  • Ninety-knot grass;
  • Lettuce leaves of sowing;
  • Roots of a skullcap Baikal;
  • Berries and bark of a guelder-rose;
  • Calendula flowers;
  • Grass of a shepherd's bag

Fine means for pressure decrease are berries of a honeysuckle, blackcurrant and a black-fruited mountain ash, walnuts, onions and garlic.

At treatment of a hypertension folk remedies it is necessary to remember the following: completely it is impossible to get rid of an illness. It is only possible to support pressure at optimum level, but long continuous reception of the chosen drugs for this purpose is required. Not less important and the fact that before similar therapy it is necessary to consult with the attending physician.

Лекарственные растения для борьбы с гипертонией

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