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5 reasons to regularly use alkaline water

The state of health of the person in many respects depends on chemical composition of biological liquids of an organism. Specialists consider that PH value of these solutions has to be in range of 7,35-7, 45. The deviation in the smaller party (so-called "acidulation") is fraught with development of many heavy illnesses, failures in work of immune system, decrease in working capacity and deterioration of life. To avoid serious fluctuations of acidity of internal liquids it is necessary to adhere to a reasonable diet, in particular, to observe balance between products of an animal and plant origin. An essential role in fight against acidulation is played by composition of liquids which the person uses daily. Using alkaline water in the food purposes, it is possible to achieve noticeable improvement of the state of health.

1. Positive influence of alkaline water on cardiovascular system

Contrary to popular belief, "bad" cholesterol is not the only responsible for a state of disrepair of vessels provoking development of disturbance of cerebral circulation, idiopathic hypertensia, stenocardia, etc. Many pathologies of cardiovascular system arise owing to an inflammation of large vessels which proximate cause it becomes frequent a hyperoxemia of biological liquids. The regular use of alkaline water reduces risk and helps to avoid development of diseases, life-threatening.

Положительное влияние щелочной воды на сердечно-сосудистую систему

2. Breath process improvement

Excess of acid in tissues of lungs and bronchial tubes leads to the raised susceptibility to catarrhal diseases. The people suffering from acidulation of an organism often complain of a breath zatrudnennost, an asthma, weakness, fatigue at the minimum exercise stresses. Transition to alkaline water quickly enough optimizes process of gas exchange in lungs and improves respiratory function.

Улучшение процесса дыхания

3. Improvement of work of a GIT

From all digestive organs the pancreas most of all suffers from deficit of alkali. It has to develop the bulk of digestive enzymes, and at the increased acidulation of biological liquids it is impossible.

Use of alkaline drinking water and cooking improves appetite and helps to avoid many diseases of digestive tract (especially those from them which are connected with development of inflammatory processes).

Улучшение работы желудочно-кишечного тракта

4. Strengthening of immune system

Alkaline water contains the increased quantity of ions of hydroxylic group (IT-). Its action for increase in concentration of antioxidants in blood and to the general improvement of an organism is explained by it. The people supporting optimum acid-base balance of biological liquids are better protected from seasonal infections.

Positive influence of alkaline water on immune system is connected also with the following fact: it is known that the human body spends many forces for increase in pH of blood to optimum level in case of its increased acidulation. Enriching a diet with the alkalizing elements received with food and drink we facilitate this process that allows to concentrate protective forces and to use them for fight against causative organisms.

Укрепление иммунной системы

5. Support of work of an urinary system

The main function of kidneys consists in purification of blood of decomposition products and formation of urine which then is brought out of an organism through secretory system. When acidity of blood is increased, this process is at a loss. Trying to avoid failures of work of kidneys, the organism begins "to take away" alkaline elements from the only available source – a bone tissue. Not only pathological fragility of bones can result (osteoporosis), but also urolithic or pochechnokamenny diseases as insoluble salts which have to be removed with urine at the same time are formed in excess quantity. Alkaline water delivers missing ions in an organism and helps to avoid emergence of similar problems.

Поддержка работы мочевыводящей системы

It is easy to receive the water having alkali reaction and suitable for constant use in house conditions. The easiest way is winterizing of usual tap or purchased butylated water. There are also other methods, for example, insisting of water on the crushed egg shell or wood (birch) ashes. It is possible to use and the alkaline water extracted from natural sources (Borjomi or Yessentuki No. 4) previously having removed from it gas. It is necessary to remember that such drinks should be bought only from the most reliable suppliers, having convinced of high quality and authenticity of the acquired goods. Besides, today on sale there are also special devices allowing to receive the ionized water having a certain pH level in house conditions.

For the general improvement, strengthening of immunity and decrease in risks of development of heavy pathologies, it is enough to healthy person to accept daily on one glass of alkaline water on an empty stomach. The good effect gives also use of such liquid in the culinary purposes (for preparation of soups and various drinks). It is considered that only fresh alkaline water therefore at house production it is desirable to do it in the small portions which will be used within 2-3 hours possesses positive action.

At all width of positive impact on an organism, alkaline water is not medicine, and it is impossible to treat it already available heavy pathologies. You should not forget also that use of similar means has contraindications. For example, water with the increased pH level is not recommended to accept to diabetics, and also the patients having some gastrointestinal diseases and urinary tract. To the person who does not have chronic illnesses it is worth undergoing inspection before the beginning of reception of alkaline water too and to consult to the doctor.

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