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5 ways to reduce temperature without drugs

High temperature − frequent symptom of such widespread diseases as SARS, quinsy, pneumonia, etc. To reduce heat, having facilitated a condition of the patient, doctors recommend to accept antipyretics, however their use is not always possible. Too frequent use of these drugs can lead to allergic reactions, and also overdose, causing poisoning. It happens also that there are no antipyretics simply in the house. In these situations it is pertinent to use non-drug, but from that not less effective ways of decrease in temperature. Here a little from them.


Rubdown for the purpose of decrease in temperature is carried out by cool water. For this purpose the sponge or a towel are moistened in water, wrung out and carefully rub off skin of a trunk, the person, extremities. To the liquid droplets which remained on skin allow to dry independently. For strengthening of effect in water it is possible to add several drops of a table sting, or vodka to proportions 1:1. It is better for children to do rubdown by water of room temperature (otherwise the procedure can provoke the shock and febrile spasms caused by a vasospasm).

The procedure of rubdown by water even of room temperature gives effect of decrease in heat by 1-2 degrees within 1-1,5 hours.


Ice applying

For decrease in temperature ice is split small pieces, put in a plastic bag and put to places of a projection of large vessels: to a forehead, axillary areas, inguinal folds, popliteal spaces. To be protected from overcooling, between skin and ice lay the curtailed cotton towel. Applying of ice is better not to continue more than 5-7 minutes; through a quarter of hour the procedure can be repeated.

Прикладывание льда

Cool enema

Febrifugal enema − not palatable procedure which is recommended to be carried out if all other ways of decrease in temperature are unacceptable or did not yeild tangible results. For these purposes use warm water, as a rule, 2 degrees below, than body temperature at present, with salt (from calculation ½ teaspoons on 100 ml of water). The amount of liquid for an enema depends on age:

  • 1 year − 120 ml;
  • 2 years − 200 ml;
  • 5 years − 500 ml;
  • 10 years − 1 liter are more senior.

All above-mentioned physical methods of decrease in body temperature (rubdown ice applying, an enema) are contraindicated to children about one year − especially with tendency to spasms, heart diseases. Besides, these procedures are forbidden to be used at a cold hyperthermia (a fever, ice extremities, cyanotic skin color) − in this case they will only aggravate a condition of the patient.

Прохладная клизма

Plentiful drink

Plentiful drink at high temperature of a body is recommended in order that to the patient was what to sweat − and sweat, as we know, possesses the high cooling action. The expanded drinking mode during a disease actively removes toxins, and also allows to fill the liquid reserves lost when sweating. At treatment of a SARS it is recommended to take the drinks rich with vitamin C: broth from a dogrose, dried fruits, cranberry drink, tea with a lemon, orange juice. Tea with raspberry jam and other antipyretics strengthens sweating, however before its use it is necessary to drink still something. Drinks should be drunk slowly, small drinks not to cause vomiting. At feeling of heat drink has to be warm (about 30 ̊ C), and at a fever − we heat. That to an organism was where to give heat, air in the room has to be cool (no more than 18 ̊ C).

Обильное питье

Natural antipyretics (febrifugal)

Natural antipyretics are the fruits and plants capable to fight against temperature thanks to the febrifugal properties.

The first group of plants contains the salicylic acid which is a part of aspirin, only in smaller concentration. It is strawberry, raspberry, cherry, black and red currant, prunes, oranges. It is possible to use berries and fruit in any kind, but it is better as fruit drinks and the jam added to tea.

The second group of antipyretics − plants with sudorific effect: marjoram, birch kidneys, calendula, lime color. For their use it is better to prepare broth: 2 tablespoons of dry raw materials to fill in 200 g of boiled water and to insist within 2 hours.

Usual honey is the antipyretic and both containing salicylic acid, and having sudorific effect. Besides, honey strengthens immunity, thereby providing antibacterial and antiviral effect. Any natural antipyretics should be used with care as all of them are capable to cause an allergy.

And in conclusion It should be noted that decrease in heat non-drug means is authorized as measures of the emergency help or in case of the resistant hyperthermia which is not giving in to drugs. However decrease in temperature does not exclude the address to the doctor for purpose of treatment.

Натуральные жаропонижающие средства

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