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Acid, salty, bitter: what will tell smack in a mouth about?

Smack in a mouth can arise in the natural way – as a result of lack of morning hygiene or reception of the corresponding food. However in certain cases its existence is a sign of certain pathologies, and allows to reveal an illness at an early stage. Depending on character of aftertaste – acid, salty, bitter, sweet – distinguish also diseases which accompany it. Our task at emergence of smack in a mouth to understand its nature and at suspicion of a disease to see a doctor. Let's consider what disturbances in an organism smack can demonstrate.

Привкус во рту: о чем он может рассказать?

Acid smack

If acid aftertaste in a mouth is not caused by reception of acid food, as causes of infringement with a bigger share of probability serve digestive tract diseases. The most widespread of them – gastritis with a hyperoxemia. The smack reason in a mouth in this case – the excess of hydrochloric acid accompanying an illness. If the specified symptom is combined with heartburn, as the prime cause the reflux esophagitis – the disease connected with periodic throwing of a gastric juice in a gullet can serve. Sometimes acid taste and nausea can be caused by an overeating, being followed by frustration of a chair, vomiting and a "rotten" eructation. The rotten eructation in itself speaks about problems with a pancreas.

In addition to digestion disturbances, acid smack in a mouth is caused by pathologies of an oral cavity (periodontosis, caries), reception of some medicines, and also pregnancy – in connection with load of the increased uterus of digestive organs. If such aftertaste is followed by dryness in a mouth, organism dehydration can be its possible cause. If bitterness – it is possible to suspect the disturbance of system of a zhelchevydeleniye connected with the excess use of smoked and fat products.

Bitter smack

The frequent reason of emergence of bitter smack in a mouth – abuse of the food provoking the strengthened production of bile or diseases of biliary tract. Usually it is interconnected, surplus of salty, fried, marinated products in a diet can lead not only to bitter aftertaste, but also to disturbances of a liver and gall bladder: to chronic cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, dyskinesia of biliary tract which are followed by a regular unpleasant smell from a mouth.

Bitter smack in a mouth is not always connected with disturbances in an organism – sometimes it is a frequent effect of reception of antibiotics, antiallergic drugs, and also the uses of a large number of alcoholic drinks and smoking.

Salty smack

Salty aftertaste in a mouth – the phenomenon quite rare. The most common cause of disturbance the deficit of liquid caused by the excess use of some drugs, and also tea, coffee, Coca-Cola – drinks which dehydrate an organism is considered. To eliminate a symptom, it is enough to drink a day not less than 7-9 glasses of pure drinking water more carefully to brush teeth.

If above-mentioned measures do not help, it is necessary to look narrowly more attentively at a condition of an oral cavity and nasopharynx – it is considered that salty smack can be a consequence of inflammatory and fungal diseases of a nose, for example, of sinusitis. The symptom can also testify to the inflammation of sialadens caused by hit to canals of a streptococcal, pneumococcal, staphylococcal infection. For its elimination it is necessary to visit the stomatologist and to undergo treatment.

Sweet smack

Sweet aftertaste in a mouth not always speaks about pleasure – it can be the certificate of heavy pathologies of an organism. One of such diseases is the diabetes mellitus which is followed by development disturbance by an insulin pancreas therefore sugar collects in a lymph and gets into saliva. Not to allow probable complications of a disease, at emergence of resistant sweet smack in a mouth it is necessary, without postponing, to address the endocrinologist and to make blood test on sugar.

Paradoxically, but sweet smack can be also a symptom of the "unsweetened" life sated with emotional shocks and stresses. In this case sweet saliva becomes right after emission of adrenaline which, for the purpose of successful overcoming a stress, causes increase in glucose in blood. It is considered also that sweet aftertaste often accompanies refusal of smoking.

Poisoning with chemicals (phosgene, pesticides) – one more serious reason. At contact with poisons which is followed by sweet smack in a mouth nausea, deterioration in health it is necessary to see a doctor urgently.

Сладкое послевкусие во рту - один из признаков сахарного диабета

Metal smack

If the mentioned smack is not connected with existence in a mouth of metal crowns, it is worth looking narrowly at the organism more attentively. Whether he tests a hypovitaminosis whether he suffers from anemia? The most frequent pathologies connected with metal aftertaste are frustration of a metabolism and digestive tract (a diabetes mellitus, dysfunction of a gall bladder, chronic cholecystitis), however in certain cases the symptom can be observed at dental diseases (periodontosis, diseases of gums and others). Poisoning with arsenic, mercury salts, copper, zinc, lead is the most dangerous reason. If the person had contact with toxic agents and tests smack of metal in an oral cavity, the address to the doctor has to be immediate.

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