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5 reasons to enter olive oil into the diet

Olive oil – the product capable to make a powerful contribution to health of the person if it includes it in the diet. The rich vitamin composition of oil does it by a product number one from many diseases including from deadly. Only two tablespoons of oil from olives in day prevent emergence of diseases of vessels and heart, cancer, problems with digestion, presenilation, a depression and many other illnesses which treatment would demand a lot of time and forces. Let's consider in more detail – what diseases can be avoided if to give this useful and tasty product to a table.

1. Oncological diseases

Secret of human health, preferring the Mediterranean kitchen – seafood and olive oil which is a valuable supplier in an organism of oleic acid. This substance is active and absolutely non-toxic blocker of oncogenes whose efficiency is often compared to anticarcinogenic therapy. According to researches, oleic acid not only suppresses growth and reproduction of cancer cells, but also increases efficiency of drugs which treat a tumor. A share of oleic acid in olive oil (and also oil of a sasankva, hazelnut, almond oil) - 60-85% thanks to what the product is considered one of available means for prevention of cancer (for comparison, the content of oleic acid in sunflower oil – less than 30%).

The oil having antineoplastic properties is the fresh product of the first cold extraction (marked Extra Virgin) eaten within a month after production. At the same time it must be kept in mind that anticarcinogen efficiency of olive oil at thermal treatment is lost completely.

Онкологические болезни

2. Diseases of vessels and heart

The cholesterol corking gleams of vessels is one of the main reasons of atherosclerosis and its complications – a stroke and a heart attack. Clarification of vessels from cholesteric plaques – one more useful property of olive oil reached thanks to effect of the unsaturated fatty acids which are contained in it (olein, linoleic, palmitic, the Omega 3, etc.). The components which are their part slow down process of oxidation of lipids, protecting the vessels from atherosclerosis and which are contained in olive oil polyphenols prevent excessive viscosity of thrombocytes. It is considered that daily reception of three tablespoons of olive oil on an empty stomach not only will protect from diseases of vessels and heart, but also will save from atherosclerosis of vessels of the first and second stages.

Болезни сосудов и сердца

3. Improvement of mental capacities

The effect of improvement of mental capacities (the increased learnability, memory strengthening, high efficiency of a brain) at the use of olive oil is reached, according to scientists, thanks to effect of antioxidants (vitamin E, phenols, carotinoids) eliminating oxidizing damages of cells of a brain by free radicals. Efficiency of a product as hangover medicines is based on property of neutralization of toxins. Besides, oleokantat substance, found in olive oil, promotes a rassasyvaniye of beta and amyloid plaques (protein clots in brain cells), warning a course of a disease of Alzheimer – an illness which is at the moment incurable. It is recommended to include in a daily diet this oil everything, but especially to children from 3 years, to the old men and people subject to intellectual loadings.

Улучшение умственных способностей

4. Delay of aging of an organism

The majority of the listed useful substances as a part of olive oil (unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants) are construction material for cellular membranes, protecting them from destruction. The use of this product inside allows to improve health at the cellular level, and use outwardly – to find external youth. Rubbing in of olive oil in skin humidifies, keeping its elasticity, saturates with vitamins, allows to get rid of allergic rash, wrinkles, inflammations, a peeling and extensions.

Замедление старения организма

5. Female health

Low level of estrogen – the hormones produced in ovaries is responsible not only many disorders of a female genital, but also a natural menopause. In the power of estrogen balance of a hormonal background of the woman, her ability to conceive, youth and health of all organism. By 40-50 years of the woman ovaries, the main supplier of estrogen in an organism, stop the work. It becomes the reason of approach of a climax with everything that accompanies it (increase in weight, "inflows", headaches, differences of mood, etc.). The vegetable analogs of hormones (phytoestrogen) which are contained including in olive oil come to the rescue. The daily use of olive oil during fading of reproductive function will allow to keep a condition of an organism of the woman normal.

Женское здоровье

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