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5 most dangerous recipes of traditional medicine

In consciousness of our many compatriots idea that folk remedies if are no more effective, than medicinal "chemistry" strongly took roots, then are precisely less harmful. Unfortunately, it is not always fair: some methods of treatment consecrated with "century national experience" can work so on the patient that it will need urgent intervention of physicians.

Рецепты народной медицины, опасные для здоровья

In this article we will acquaint the reader with those national recipes which use is connected with direct health hazard.

1. Treatment of a burn urine or fat

To put councils to a fresh burn a bandage with urine or to smear the affected place with oil, likely, each person heard. Many follow similar instructions, without having ideas of what at the same time happens to fabrics, undergone thermal influence.

The effects for health arising at a burn depend on the area and depth of defeat. In most cases danger can be reduced, having quickly reduced temperature of affected fabrics. Only a certain way to make it independently – to influence the burned place by means of cold water or capacity with ice. Certainly, at a burn, severe and big on the area, the victim has to ask for medical care, and will apply medicinal ways of healing to a burn, but also primary help at competent approach can significantly reduce sufferings and accelerate recovery.

Fat, when drawing on the burned surface, creates the dense film interfering cooling of the damaged fabrics. The bandage with urine works even worse: strong solution of the salts which are contained in it dehydrates an affected surface, and bacteria which got to it can become the infection reason. In both cases similar "national treatment" aggravates a problem and complicates the subsequent therapy.

2. Reception of soda from heartburn or for weight loss

Solution of baking soda has alkali reaction and really lowers acidity of contents of a stomach. Feature in this case consists that the acid neutralization test alkali occurs not in a test tube, and in an organism. At reception of soda of people, having heartburn, at the first moment lightens, but then sharp reduction of acidity of contents of a stomach provokes the strengthened allocation of the gastric juice containing hydrochloric acid. If the patient accepts soda regularly, it usually leads to development of gastritis and destruction of a mucous membrane of a digestive tract with ulceration.

The patients having the stomach pathologies leading to developing of heartburn have to reduce sharpness of heartburn by means of special drugs which are selected by the doctor. At the healthy person accidental heartburn can be removed by means of the food capable to envelop and soften stomach walls (oat kissel, vegetable cream soup, etc.). Also the products having alkalescent reaction help with such situation: small polished crude carrots, ginger root, milk. A cup of warm milk with the pinch of the dry crushed ginger stirred in it – the main Ayurvedic means against heartburn.

Recently the way of weight loss based on daily reception of soda gains popularity. It is offered to be drunk for the night or since morning, on an empty stomach. Perhaps, the probability of loss of extra kilos at the same time exists (though it is not proved), but, considering high risk of development of pathologies of a stomach, such option of correction of a figure does not belong to safe.

3. Potato inhalations

In the list of folk remedies for cough, cold and a pharyngalgia inhalations the ferry of svezhesvarenny potatoes are high on the list. Supporters of a method refer to its availability and high concentration of useful substances in curative steam.

Actually, such treatment is shown not everyone, and potential danger of the procedure many times over surpasses its therapeutic effect. In attempt to breathe over a saucepan with potato the patient risks to receive:

  • Burns of a mucous membrane of upper respiratory tracts, nasal courses, oral cavities, and also thermal damages of eyes;
  • Throat hypostasis;
  • Obstruction (overshoot) of respiratory tracts;
  • Activation of inflammatory process.

It is impossible to breathe hot steam at the increased body temperature: the procedure can provoke faints, especially at children. The method does not suit for treatment of kids whose cough is caused by an infection (for example, at whooping cough).

Inhalations have to be coordinated with the doctor. It is much safer to carry out them by means of the special device (the nebulizer or an inhaler), observing the appointed mode and concentration of medicinal substances.

Народные средства, которые могут навредить

4. Urinoterapiya

That only do not try to treat, accepting inside urine! Female diseases, infectious diseases, obesity, infertility and even cancer. Besides, some women try to use urine as contraceptive (for syringing after sexual contact).

The substances which are contained in urine are not necessary to an organism. These are decomposition products which have to be removed from a body and return back them simply harmfully. The urine use inside or use as solution for vulval syringing is always fraught with risk of infection.

5. Reception of vegetable collecting for weight loss

Today the person interested various vegetable teas, according to producers are suggested to lose weight, capable miraculously to save the person from excess weight. Unfortunately, in most cases these statements are unfair advertizing: the vegetable raw materials which are a part of such mixes possess laxative and diuretic action, but are not capable to influence fatty accumulation. Regular reception of teas for weight loss breaks water-salt balance and functions of intestines that leads to development of serious pathologies.

Not all recipes of traditional medicine are effective, and some of them are frankly dangerous. Before using any "grandmother's" means, it is worth discussing it with the doctor.

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