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8 facts which need to be known about aspirin

Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) – one of those drugs which are known literally to all. It is available in each home first-aid kit, and many accept it at the first signs of an indisposition, often without having a fair idea of properties and therapeutic effect of drug. Meanwhile, impact of aspirin on a human body is very various, and is not always favorable. About it it is important to foreknow, in order to avoid emergence of problems with health.

1. Aspirin reduces risk of development of some types of cancer

It is established that the people who for a long time were regularly accepting small doses of acetylsalicylic acid become more rare the victims of the following types of malignant new growths:

  • Colorectal cancer (tumors of a direct and large intestine), and also repeatedly arisen precancerous polyps (at those patients who underwent operations on removal of similar educations);
  • Breast cancer. In this case it is not only about decrease in risk of developing of a tumor, but also about significant improvement of the forecast of survival among sick women, and also about reduction of probability of emergence of metastasises;
  • Gullet tumors;
  • Prostate cancer.

It is necessary to understand that aspirin is not antineoplastic means, and it is impossible to cure cancer only with its help. However regular reception of acetylsalicylic acid reduces risk of development of a number of malignant new growths and increases chances of treatment at some patients having cancer.

Аспирин снижает риск развития некоторых видов рака

2. Reception of aspirin helps to avoid pressure-jumps at pregnant women

In small doses aspirin is appointed sometimes in the second trimester of pregnancy:

  1. For reduction of viscosity of blood at risk of development of a varicosis;
  2. For prevention of spasms of peripheral vessels;
  3. At suspicion on existence of an anti-phospholipidic syndrome (the heavy complication leading to spontaneous abortions).

Specialists note that at pregnant women who accepted drugs of acetylsalicylic acid the risk of development of the complications connected with differences of arterial pressure decreased approximately by 10%. However it is worth to remember that use of drug is unsafe: aspirin can get through a placental barrier and lead to disturbance of fetation, and also provoke massive bleedings at the time of delivery.

Прием аспирина помогает избежать скачков давления у беременных

3. The people taking aspirin have Alzheimer and Parkinson's diseases less often

The positive effect of aspirin which is shown in reduction of risk of a course of a disease of Parkinson is revealed only at women: it is enough to them to accept drug within one-two months at least two weekly that the probability of developing of an illness decreased by 40%.

An opportunity to be protected from Alzheimer's disease by means of acetylsalicylic acid is real too: at long regular reception of small doses the risk of development of a disease decreases by 13%.

Люди, принимающие аспирин, реже страдают болезнями Альцгеймера и Паркинсона

4. The aspirin combination to an ibuprofen prevents a stroke

Aspirin does blood of more liquid, reduces quantity of thrombocytes. This property allows to use drug for the help to the people inclined to disturbance of cerebral circulation. Results of the researches conducted by the American doctors showed that treatment by acetylsalicylic acid in combination with an ibuprofen quite reliably prevents repeated strokes at most of the patients who transferred "blow".

Сочетание аспирина с ибупрофеном предотвращает инсульт

5. Aspirin reduces probability of a disease of asthma

At women 45 years aspirin reception at least are aged more senior than once in two days reduces risk of development of asthma by 10%. However, use of this means demands care: at the persons suffering from asthmatic attacks, drug can aggravate disease.

Аспирин снижает вероятность заболевания астмой

6. Reception of aspirin can provoke problems with a stomach

Acetylsalicylic acid negatively influences a condition of walls of a stomach, destroying a mucous membrane. For people with a hyperoxemia of a gastric juice the risk of development of a peptic ulcer or gastrointestinal bleedings at long administration of drug is quite high.

Прием аспирина может спровоцировать проблемы с желудком

7. Aspirin affects women more weakly, than men

Some researchers note that effect of aspirin depends on a sex of the patient. For example, the decrease in predisposition to heart attacks noticeable at the men who are regularly accepting acetylsalicylic acid at women is almost not observed.

Аспирин действует на женщин слабее, чем на мужчин

8. Aspirin cannot be taken at a viral infection, especially to children

At some viral infections effect of aspirin strengthens negative action of viruses therefore it categorically is not recommended to be accepted in this case. Especially dangerously to it in pediatric practice: reception of aspirin against the background of a viral infection can cause Ray's syndrome – a heavy complication at which the liver and a brain are injured, bringing into 20% of cases by a lethal outcome. As parents cannot independently differentiate a viral infection from other diseases, it is better for children not to give aspirin absolutely, at least, it is not necessary to do it without appointment of the pediatrician.

Аспирин нельзя принимать при вирусной инфекции, особенно детям

Aspirin is on sale without recipe of the doctor. Medicine is perceived by many people as absolutely harmless. It is quite misleading. Acetylsalicylic acid is the strong means having very versatile action and mass of side effects. It cannot be accepted uncontrolledly, without having ideas of features of a condition of the organism. Reasonable approach to use of drugs such assumes preliminary survey and consultation of the specialist. Besides, aspirin can have various trade names and be a part of many drugs (including those which are widely advertized and positioned by producers as effective and safe). Not to do harm to the health and to avoid problems, it is necessary to consider these circumstances at acquisition and reception of the medicines containing aspirin.

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