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How to keep health of kidneys: 10 habits which it is necessary to refuse

Kidneys perform the most important function of clarification of blood from those products of metabolic processes which cannot be used by an organism for obtaining energy and construction of new cells. With the urine produced by kidneys from a body of the person the bulk of the toxins getting to it with food and water is removed. Normal functioning of kidneys provides removal from an organism of excess liquid and maintenance of optimum ionic balance. At emergence of failures in work of secretory system, toxic agents are late in an organism that becomes the reason of heavy complications, and in the started situation can lead to death.

As well as all important bodies, kidneys have big resistance to harmful effects, and for some time work normally, without reacting to disturbances of food, the raised loadings and other aggressive factors. However such situation cannot be eternal. Sooner or later the habits having an adverse effect on a condition of secretory system lead to emergence of disturbances, sometimes irreversible. Therefore each person has to know about how to keep kidneys healthy.

1. Smoking and alcohol intake

About 10% of the nicotine absorbed by the smoker get to blood in not changed look and is transferred by kidneys to urine. Besides, poisonous pitches and other products of combustion of tobacco are filtered. All these substances it is destructive affect the most important structure of a kidney – a basal membrane. Its permeability is as a result broken, proteins begin to get to urine, and the renal failure develops over time. The risk of emergence such heavy renal pathologists as a glomerulonephritis, for usual smokers is 18 times higher, than for non-smoking. Also direct dependence between consumption of tobacco and cancer of a kidney is established: after several years of smoking the probability of its emergence is doubled.

Alcohol intake creates huge additional loading, forcing secretory system to function in the strengthened mode. As a result the organism is dehydrated, blood becomes more dense that as much as possible complicates work of kidneys on its filtering. Not without reason, after active libations many people feel the pulling, persuasive back pains. So kidneys react to really ruthless operation. If similar episodes repeat regularly, injuries of kidneys are inevitable.

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2. Sleep debt

During sleep there is a recovery of cells of an organism including renal fabric. The chronic sleep debt leads to the fact that this process goes insufficiently actively. People who find for a dream less time than it is necessary, quite often have a hypertension. Blood pressure in vessels is directly connected not only with cardiovascular system, but also with kidneys, chronic exceeding of norm provokes gradual development of a renal failure.

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3. Excessive use of caffeine

Caffeine is strong diuretic. Surplus it in an organism provokes dehydration and increase in viscosity of blood. It has an adverse effect on functioning of kidneys.

Contrary to popular belief, caffeine of people receives not only from coffee. Contains in tea of this substance at all not less. Also many soft drinks (especially tonics), and also chocolate are rich with caffeine.

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4. Refusal of the products rich with B6 vitamin

The greatest number of B6 vitamin (pyridoxine) contains in meat, eggs, an offal, milk, cabbage (especially in color and broccoli), sea fish (a tuna, a cod), garlic, a melon, wheat bran. The adult needs daily to receive from 2 to 2,3 mg of this substance.

The pyridoxine participates in exchange of proteins and synthesis of nucleic acids. Its deficit in an organism leads to development of many serious pathologies, including a nephrolithiasis.

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5. Slow-moving way of life

Sedentary work, the day regimen which is not including foot walks, lack of exercise stresses badly affect all bodies and systems of an organism. In particular, these factors promote stagnation of liquids, reduction of speed of a blood-groove, change of composition of blood and by that to complication of work of the removing system.

Normal kidneys every day miss through themselves more than 1500 liters of blood. Education about 2 liters of the urine containing toxins and end products of metabolism is result of filtering. At the person avoiding exercise stresses and the excess movement, the blood stream is slowed down. Because of it kidneys cannot purify blood completely. It gradually gets oversaturated harmful substances that, in turn, forces renal filters to work with the raised loading. As a result the organism can undergo intoxication, and kidneys – prematurely to wear out. Specialists note that the people leading a slow-moving life often have inflammatory diseases of secretory system and a nephrolithiasis.

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6. Delays of bladder emptying

In vanity of city life of people often not at once reacts to signals which are sent by the crowded bladder. Meanwhile, regular delays of its emptying are fraught with development of a renal failure, and also an urine incontience.

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7. Hobby for salty food

Table salt is necessary for a normal metabolism, but its receipt in an organism should not exceed 5 g a day. Unfortunately, most of people excessively are fond of salty products: chips, croutons, dried and salty fish products, meat delicacies, smoked products, canned food, and also fast food. The modern citizen, as a rule, receives from 10 to 20 g of salt a day. Its surplus in a diet causes a liquid delay in an organism and seriously complicates work of kidneys. The problem is solved simply: it is necessary to use as seldom as possible products and dishes of industrial production and to slightly salt insufficiently home-made food.

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8. Inadequate use of diets

In the aspiration to find an ideal figure, women quite often abuse diets. The chronic disease of secretory system can become result.

The matter is that kidneys are surrounded with a fatty layer. Low-calorie diets lead to the fact that the organism begins to use internal fatty stocks for obtaining necessary energy. At unlimited weight loss of a kidney lose natural protection, but also, there can be their omission (ptosis) – the heavy pathology which is causing severe pains and seriously reducing qualities of life of the patient.

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9. Excess of protein in a diet

Today the proteinaceous diets providing the strengthened use of protein to the detriment of carbohydrates and fats are very fashionable. At such diet of a kidney work with excess loading. The surplus of decomposition products of protein in blood becomes the reason for the increased concentration of calcium in urine, and, therefore, high risk of development of a nephrolithiasis.

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10. Water consumption restriction

Some people consider that reducing water consumption it is possible to avoid hypostases. Actually, to use less than 2 liters of liquid a day it is very risky. Such mode nasty affects composition of blood, worsening its rheological properties and increasing viscosity. It becomes very difficult to kidneys to filter harmful substances which remain in a blood channel and poison an organism. As for hypostases, not excess of liquid, but disturbance of its removal is usually guilty of their emergence.

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Each person can support the kidneys in working order. For this purpose it is enough not to overcool, lead active lifestyle, not to allow unjustified disturbances of food and to refuse addictions. Certainly, at emergence of unpleasant feelings in a waist, problems with an urination, discoloration and structures of urine it is necessary to see a doctor at once.

Whether you know that:

In Great Britain there is a law according to which the surgeon can refuse to do to the patient operation if he smokes or has excess weight. The person has to refuse addictions, and then, perhaps, he will not need an operative measure.