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Feeling of dryness in a mouth: 8 main reasons for discomfort

(Xerostomia) many people consider feeling of a xerostomia small and easily removable inconvenience. This delusion: the symptom can demonstrate existence of serious diseases. It is worth to remember also that saliva performs important functions in an organism: clears the surface of teeth of a food plaque, growth of pathogenic microorganisms oppresses, normalizes acid-base balance, liquefies food and helps to split the carbohydrates which are contained in it. Chronic deficit of saliva leads to big problems with health.

The reasons provoking emergence of a xerostomia can be the most different. Let's consider the most widespread of them.

Основные причины сухости во рту


The drying-up effect of alcohol and products of its disintegration (in particular, an atsetalyaldegida) is familiar to each person, at least once in life abused alcoholic drinks. Not only the general dehydration of an organism, but also oppression of function of sialadens becomes result of similar immoderation.

Similar action also practically all narcotic substances possess.

Trouble breathing

The people suffering from a chronic congestion of a nose, and also an apnoea of a dream or night snore often feel in the mornings dryness in a mouth and irritation in a throat. The discomfort is connected with the fact that breath through a mouth promotes too bystry evaporation of liquid from mucous membranes.


Effect of nicotine and products of combustion of tobacco is shown by decrease in production of saliva. Besides, these substances cause the general intoxication of an organism and irritation of mucous membranes at direct contact with tobacco smoke.

For smokers with an experience the feeling of dryness in a mouth becomes usual.

Errors of a feeding behavior

Peresushivaniye of a mucous membrane of an oral cavity is provoked by not only salty food, but also excessively sweet, fat or hot dishes, that is any food which digestion requires the strengthened salivation.

In this sense chips, croutons, fish delicacies "to beer" (dried or dried), various sweet bars, lollipops, chewing candies and other "yum-yum" are considered especially harmful. These products except excess amount of salt or sugar contain the flavoring additives making negative impact on work of sialadens.


The list of the illnesses capable to cause a xerostomia is very wide. Enter it:

  • The SARS, flu and other infections which are followed by fervescence;
  • Diseases which cause diarrhea, and, therefore, organism dehydration;
  • The pathological processes provoking strong sweating. Heart attacks, strokes, arthritises, etc. concern to them;
  • The states worsening function of sialadens (AIDS, oncological diseases);
  • Inflammatory processes in sialadens or surrounding fabrics as a result of which saliva outflow is broken (channels of glands are blocked);
  • Injuries of the head and neck;
  • Diabetes mellitus (including gestational);
  • Alzheimer's disease;
  • Shegren's syndrome (the autoimmune disease, one of symptoms of which is drying of all mucous membranes);
  • Pathologies of bodies of a digestive tract (stomach, liver, pancreas).

Age changes

The women suffering from disturbances of thermal control in the period of a menopause (the testing so-called inflows) lose a lot of liquid with then. This state can cause a feeling of dryness in a mouth.

With age reaction of a brain to the signals sent by various bodies weakens. Therefore at very elderly people false lack of appetite or thirst is often observed (while water and food are necessary for them). If the person in such situation does not use water in quantity necessary to an organism, there is a xerostomia.


The organism strenuously loses liquid during exercise stresses. Besides, dryness in a mouth arises at long stay in the open sun or indoors with an unsuccessful microclimate (for example, at an air peresushivaniye in the room electric heating devices).

Обезвоживание - одна из причин сухости во рту

Drug intake

Many drugs can cause a xerostomia. Such property a row antibacterial and antihistamines, the antidepressants anesthetizing drugs has. Information on side effects of this sort is usually entered in the instruction to drugs.

The person who is regularly feeling feeling of dryness in a mouth has to see a doctor and undergo the inspection recommended to them. It will help to find the discomfort reason, to estimate existence of pathologies and in time to begin their treatment.

Whether you know that:

In our intestines are born, millions of bacteria live and die. They can be seen only at strong increase, but if they gathered, then would be located in a usual coffee cup.