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6 myths about extensions

Striya (extension) are the defects of skin having an appearance of direct or wavy strips from 1 to 10 cm long and 1-5 mm wide. In most cases at women of a striya are located on a stomach, hips, a breast or buttocks. At athletes they can appear on shoulders and the internal surface of forearms. At initial stages of development of an extension have red or lilac color, but over time their coloring turns pale, and strips become whitish, getting a nacreous shade.

Striya appear owing to microtraumas of inside layers of skin and hypodermic cellulose. Health hazard of an extension is not constituted, but are considered as a resistant lack of appearance.

There is a number of the cosmetic procedures intended for fight against extensions. These methods do not destroy a striya completely, but help to make strips on skin less noticeable. Specialists, as a rule, successfully cope with this task, but many women continue to trust myths about extensions, and try to solve a problem independently. Usually it does not bring notable benefit. We will try to cover the most popular beliefs in extensions in this article.

Растяжки на коже: самые распространенные мифы

1. Extensions arise because of a state of disrepair of skin

The changes of a condition of skin connected with fluctuations of a hormonal background (a surplus of sex hormones, hormones of adrenal glands and a thyroid gland) are the main reason for emergence of extensions. Striya can confirm existence of the following pathologies:

  • Gipekortitsizma (including youthful);
  • Marfan's syndrome;
  • Icenco-Cushing syndrome;
  • Adrenal hyperplasia;
  • Diencephalic syndrome.

Except a hormonal imbalance, one of major factors of emergence of striya is too bystry stretching of skin. For this reason they develop at most of future mothers during incubation of a fruit, at the athletes accepting hormonal drugs at intensive trainings and also at the children and teenagers inclined to rapid enrollment of weight against the background of hormonal problems. Existence of skin diseases at the same time at all is optional.

2. Emergence of extensions can be prevented

In the presence of genetic predisposition, completely it is impossible to avoid emergence of striya. However the people entering into risk groups (the pregnant women, teenagers, patients having hormonal dysfunctions and tendency to obesity, etc.) can minimize risk of development of extensions. For this purpose it is regularly necessary to carry out the procedures promoting strengthening of skin and increase in its elasticity.

In house conditions it is the simplest to take daily an alternating douche, to mass problem zones a rigid bast, and then to apply the cosmetics having the moistening and nutritious effect on skin. Very useful processing is considered essential oils. At the same time it is worth to remember that similar means can provoke allergic reactions, and at their selection it is necessary to consider a factor of individual portability.

3. It is easy for Striya to remove

The problem of removal of extensions is very difficult. Success of treatment in many respects is defined by the term of its beginning: the earlier the patient will ask for the qualified help, the probability of a positive solution will be higher.

The striya which appeared no more than half a year back, and did not change initial coloring yet are considered as young people. Radical methods, including surgical intervention are necessary for removal of the old (turned white) extensions.

4. Laser grinding – the easiest way of disposals of striya

It's not true. The effect of the procedures based on use of the laser is often exaggerated, and possible harm for health is tried to be ignored. Even the fact that carrying out laser grinding of skin requires use of a local anesthesia already testifies to complexity of such treatment and existence of contraindications. Besides, there are also other types of saloon impact on problem zones:

  • Wrapping seaweed. It is applied to removal of rather small, recently appeared extensions. The cosmetic effect is swept up after 6-12 procedures;
  • Photopigmentation. The way is absolutely safe and малотравматичен. Activation of processes of production of natural collagen and regeneration of cells of skin is result;
  • Microdermabrasion. The procedure represents grinding of problem zones by means of a current of air, sated with small grains of sand. Optimizes blood supply of fabrics, does an upper layer of skin smooth;
  • Injections of enzymes. The method is very effective. Extensions practically disappear. Unfortunately, effect of enzymes is short-lived. In 2-3 years after the procedure cosmetic defects are shown again;
  • Abdominoplastika. The surgical intervention consisting in radical removal of the damaged sites of skin on a stomach together with a hypodermic fatty tissue.

In house conditions for fight against striya usually apply self-massage, and also various masks, compresses and srubs prepared from natural ingredients. Funds from coffee, yogurt, milk, broths of officinal herbs, aloe juice, essential oils of rosemary, almonds and orange, sugar, table salt, a mummy, beekeeping products, and also cosmetic clay are most popular.

Each of the described methods can have side effects. Success of treatment strongly depends on features of the patient. Therefore the way of fight against extensions has to be selected individually.

5. The probability of emergence of striya depends on build

There is no feedforward between risk of emergence of extensions and build. For example, at stout and thin pregnant women they appear equally often.

On the other hand, at painful leanness thinning of a hypodermic of a fatty tissue is quite possible, and existence of excess weight can be a sign of a hormonal imbalance. The risk of development of striya increases in both cases.

6. At men of extensions does not happen

Many consider striya exclusively women's issue. It's not true. Extensions can appear at the young men and girls inclined to excessive completeness, during puberty. Athletes, both men, and the woman, face too this trouble when resort to reception of hormonal drugs, aiming to build up muscle bulk quicker.

У мужчин растяжек не бывает - один из распространенных мифов

It is necessary to approach a solution of the problem of extensions reasonably and competently. Considering prevalence of this trouble, it is regularly necessary to carry out preventive procedures in house conditions to reduce formation of striya. If they appeared, it is necessary to address the experienced specialist cosmetologist as soon as possible and to follow his advice. In this case there is an opportunity to make this cosmetic defect almost imperceptible.

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