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10 phobias, most widespread in the world

Phobia – the persuasive fear of a certain contents shown in a specific situation against the will of the person. Concepts of a phobia and fear are similar, however if the fear is natural protective function of mentality, then the phobia is its deviation. So the person can feel the unaccountable, baseless fear accompanied with neurotic symptoms (perspiration, a shiver, a fever) before any ordinary phenomenon – for example, a trip by the subway or a simple dog. Psychotherapists revealed more than 500 various phobias which however are most often found in modern life no more than dozen from them. Let's consider rating ten the most widespread of them.

Nyctophobia (fear of darkness)

The most popular fear of the present which does not have neither age, nor gender distinctions. Eight of ten children have fear of darkness; after 18 years ten people from hundred admit the fear of nightfall. The nyctophobia is shown in the form of panic state not before darkness per se, and those terrible pictures which the imagination of the patient painted on its background. If fear of darkness as it often happens, does not pass in children's age, the uncontrollable nyctophobia can become a releaser for cardiovascular pathologies and disturbances of the central nervous system.

Никтофобия (боязнь темноты)

Arophobia (fear of height)

Fear of height - the second for popularity, striking mentality more than 7% of all population of the planet. The arophobia proves in the form of unaccountable alarm in the situations provoking neurosis: air flight, a travel on the ropeway, a look from a window of the high-rise building. According to patients, during panic attacks they cannot control either the thoughts, or actions, and some of them struggle with persuasive desire to jump down though in everyday life tendency to suicide acts at such people is absent.

Акрофобия (страх высоты)

Aerophobia (fear to fly by airplanes)

The fear to fly by airplanes complicates life to every tenth air passenger. Frustration is shown in the form of the alarm concentrated on fear of possible accident and can be provoked by other phobias - fear of height or thanatophobia (fear of death). The first symptoms of an aerophobia - tension, desires to vomiting, a headache - begin before flight and reach the apogee at take-off, being followed by attacks of panic and unaccountable desire to leave transport.

Аэрофобия (боязнь летать самолетами)

Claustrophobia (fear of the closed space)

The most striking example of claustrophobia - fear of trips in the elevator. Suffering from this frustration experience in the closed rooms the whole range of negative emotions - from insignificant increase of pulse to unconscious states. Statistically, about 5-7% of the population of Earth suffer from a severe form of claustrophobia accompanied with panic attacks - at the same time symptoms of frustration of such people can be provoked even by wearing close clothes or excessively hard tie.

Клаустрофобия (боязнь замкнутого пространства)

Akvafobiya (fear of water)

According to psychotherapists, the psychological injuries connected with water endured in the past are the most common cause of an akvafobiya. Unaccountable fear of this attribute of daily life complicates life to every second person, faced accident on water. Heavy symptoms of physiological hydrophobia in the form of deglutitory spasms and impossibility to take a sip of liquid can be observed at patients with tetanus and rage.

Аквафобия (боязнь воды)

Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes)

Almost each fastidious person is a little офидиофоб, however, the fear of snakes at the patient suffering from ophidiophobia lies with broader range. Pathological fear of snakes is followed by the notions of compulsion about a possibility of penetration of a reptile into the dwelling, a poisonous sting, etc., and in certain cases, being death strengthened by fear, takes the form of a heavy mental disorder.

Офидиофобия (боязнь змей)

Hematophobia (fear of a type of blood)

The increased heartbeat, perspiration, pallor of the person, hypotonia, faints – signs that natural disgust at the sight of blood turned into the pathological fear needing psychological assistance. The main reason of a hematophobia consider genetic predisposition, however emergence of a disease owing to unqualified medical actions and children's injuries also quite often and makes more than 40% of all cases of an illness.

Гематофобия (боязнь вида крови)

Thanatophobia (fear of death)

Thanatophobia – the difficult psychological frustration which is closely bound with vital philosophy of the patient. The condition of uncontrollable fear of physiological death and its attributes can be caused by the psychological injury connected with loss of relatives, religious beliefs of the person. Also thanatophobia often serves as unsuccessful completion of crisis of middle age therefore correction of a disease is often complicated.

Танатофобия (страх смерти)

Autofobiya (fear of loneliness)

The frequent reasons of the autofobiya which is not giving in in modern society - the psychoinjuring situations connected with loss of the loved one and also the mistakes in education made at children's age. The phobia gains popularity among residents of megalopolises who, staying in the atmosphere of constant employment, alone begin to feel boredom, discomfort, uneasiness, feeling of own uselessness. In hard cases symptoms of a phobia are complicated by the panic attacks and even attempts of a suicide.

Аутофобия (боязнь одиночества)

Glossofobiya (fear of public statements)

Nervousness before a public statement, according to psychologists, visits more than 95% of people, being natural state of human mentality, however the real glossofob among them no more than 3%. Feature of a phobia is the unaccountable fear before any performance on public, accompanied with a shiver, change of arterial pressure, loss of ability to speak - even if it is necessary to perorate before well familiar audience. As the frequent reasons of a glossofobiya serve the low self-assessment, negative children's experience, and also an introspective warehouse of mentality.

Глоссофобия (боязнь публичных выступлений)

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