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Why the kid bites a breast: 6 reasons of difficulties when feeding

Maternal milk is the best food for the newborn. It is the unique natural product containing an optimum set of nutrients, and which is best adapted in order that the baby normally developed and it was protected from harmful factors of external environment, unusual for it. Unfortunately, breastfeeding process not always does without complications. Sometimes, that the kid begins to bite a breast, giving to mother an essential inconvenience. Some women even reduce the feeding period because of it, ahead of time separating the crumbs from a breast. Such result can be avoided if to understand the reasons which force the child to bite a breast, and in time to eliminate them.

1. Cold at the child

When at the baby the nose is put, he cannot normally suck, chokes during feeding and can bite a nipple. If the kid attached to a breast begins to gasp, twirl convulsively by a head and to complain, it can demonstrate existence of cold at it. It the baby needs to be shown urgently to the pediatrician to begin treatment. Until the child recovered, he should be fed in vertical position that slime did not block the nasal courses.

Насморк у ребенка

2. Teething

Many kids begin to bite a breast in the period of a teething. The reason of it is simple: the baby tests a severe itch in gingivas and tries to bite everything that gets to it to a mouth. It should not become a reason for the breastfeeding termination. That the child got rid of unpleasant feelings and acquired skills of chewing, it needs to give special devices (teethers for teeth). Besides, there are folk remedies helping to endure this period without problems. For example, soft massage of gums with honey or broth of the officinal herbs possessing antiseptic action is very effective (camomiles, calendulas, a sage, etc.).

Прорезывание зубов

3. Wrong applying

The young mother who does not have experience of feeding can incorrectly put the newborn to a breast. In this case the kid takes only the edge of a nipple, and bites it not to lose in the course of suction. It is easy to correct a situation: the woman has to consult with the experienced pediatrician or the patronage sister and learn to hold the child during feeding so that he took a mouth all nipple and a part of skin around it.

Неправильное прикладывание

4. Habit to a pacifier

Happens that the baby bites a breast, having mixed a nipple with a baby's dummy. It does not distinguish a toy from a food source yet. Experienced doctors advise in such cases periodically to interrupt process of feeding and to renew it in a few minutes. If the baby has no other reasons for biting of a nipple, he will wean it over time to do.

Привычка к соске-пустышке

5. Shortage of milk

When the organism of the feeding mother produces not enough milk, or the grown-up child lacks a natural source any more, the baby can begin to bite a breast, trying to receive more food. It is possible to define it tracing as the kid puts on weight. If it really lacks for nutrients, it is necessary to stimulate a lactation or to consult with the pediatrician concerning maintaining an artificial dokorm.

Нехватка молока

6. Deficit of attention from mother

In the course of breastfeeding mother not only supplies the newborn with the food which is the most suitable for it. She calms the kid, inspires in him feeling of security, learns to communicate and enjoy life.

If the woman during feeding is distracted by foreign affairs (phone conversations or communication on the Internet, viewing of e-mail, reading, etc.), the child feels it. It can bite a breast to attract attention mothers and to receive missing feelings of comfort and safety. The baby will become quieter if mother during feeding begins to talk tenderly to it, to iron, confirming the interest and attention.

Дефицит внимания со стороны мамы

The kid aged up to 5-6 months is not able to be capricious and express the emotions really yet. Each deviation from normal behavior demonstrates that the baby has real problems. Mother's task – to understand the reasons and to liquidate what causes discomfort and it, and the child.

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