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6 most widespread myths about a human brain

The brain of the person is studied not one hundred years, but the quantity of the riddles connected with this body increases rather, than decreases. Perhaps, numerous delusions concerning a structure and functioning of a brain are explained by it, many of which arose long ago, but continue to exist and today. Such we are ready to acquaint readers with the most widespread myths.

Ткань головного мозга имеет серый цвет - один из мифов о человеческом мозге

"Tissue of a brain has gray color"

From where this statement undertook, it is unknown, but most of people are really sure of its justice. Actually living tissues of a brain have red color, and gray coloring is characteristic of the dead marrow extracted from a cranium.

"The dead of a cell of a brain are not recovered"

Cells of any tissue of human body live during certain time, and then die off, and cells of a brain are not an exception. This process accelerates under the influence of stresses, the use of harmful substances (alcohol, nicotine, etc., diseases and other negative factors). However the brain has remarkable ability to regeneration: its cells are recovered even when very extensive sites of bark are exposed to destruction. Return of the vital functions at the patients who had a stroke or became victims of serious craniocereberal injuries is explained by it.

"Intensity of work of a brain weakens with age"

Such phenomenon is really observed: at many elderly people memory weakens, ingenuity and ability to perceive new information decreases. However intensity of this process depends not so much on the number of the lived years how many from a way of life, lack of addictions and a constant (till an extreme old age) intensive activity, it is desirable – reasonable and bringing to the person satisfaction.

A large number of long-livers who met the centenary in a condition of such intellectual activity to which many young people can envy is known.

"The intelligence of the person directly depends on the brain sizes"

The belief that with a large head or highbrow people it is the most smart other, occurs from an extreme antiquity, but has nothing in common with reality. Intellectual opportunities of the person do not depend neither on the weight of his brain, nor on skull volume in any way. It is confirmed by numerous researches which authors compared the specified parameters of a brain of the famous scientists, writers, artists and politicians.

"Damage of tissue of brain leads to emergence of cavities"

Many consider that any mechanical injury of the head connected with penetration in a skull of a firm subject leads to formation of a cavity in a brain. It's not true. The consistence of marrow is similar to jelly, quickly filling emptiness. Certainly, about instant recovery of the functions lost in such cases the speech does not go: it is difficult process which speed and result depend by nature injuries, the sizes and an arrangement of the affected site of bark, and also the help which is given to the patient.

"Actively no more than 10% of cells of a brain work"

Myth source, apparently, are not absolutely considered or incorrectly understood conclusions of several scientists made at the end of XIX – the beginning of the 20th century. Perhaps, the statement it would not gain wide popularity if science fiction writers. The idea that certain unknown contain nine tenth brains of the person, but very perspective opportunities which are so far in the sleeping state turned out so attractive that became a basis of many literary plots, and gradually began to be perceived as a scientific axiom.

Активно работает не более 10% клеток - один из мифов о человеческом мозге

In the last 100-150 years the large number of researches which disproved this opinion was conducted. For example, it was established that the brain is divided into zones, each of which exercises control over certain vital signs (that is all zones are equally active in each timepoint). Besides, on the example of a brain of the patients having neural diseases it was found out that those cells of bark which because of an illness are excluded from the general process of work degenerate. If the statement about 10% reflected the real situation, the picture of large-scale dying off of cells of bark would be observed when opening a brain of any adult. You should not forget also about the evolutionary party of a question: the nature usually gets rid of bodies which are a little operated, and provides advantage to those individuals at whom such bodies atrophy. In a case with a brain it means that the percent of the people having the small volume of bark has to increase in each next generation, but the similar phenomenon is not observed.

Many aspects of work of a brain of the person remain not studied so far. Perhaps, in the near future scientists will find answers to some questions, and it will give the chance to open the new page in treatment of the patients having many heavy illnesses.

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