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9 mistakes of fans of the diets causing metabolism delay

The metabolism at each person proceeds in own way. However between the speed of this process and disposal of excess weight after all all have a dependence. Unfortunately, the people inclined to try on itself numerous "miracle" diets, not always consider this circumstance and with the most resolute intentions begin to eat so that artificially slow down the metabolism instead of to accelerate it. Except quite clear disappointment, incorrectly picked up power supply system can do essential harm to health. In this article we will consider the most widespread mistakes connected with such unsuccessful choice.

Голодание - одна из ошибок, вызывающая замедление метаболизма

Refusal of tea and coffee

The use of these drinks for persons interested to lose weight is associated with various "vkusnyashka" which are indispensable components of any tea - or a kofepitiya. Besides, many prefer to use tea or coffee with sugar. In practice, exactly pastries, candies and other sweets (including sugar) are also responsible for set of excess weight, and drinks, on the contrary, have property to urge on metabolism. It is established that one cup of coffee accelerates a metabolism for 5-8%, and a kind portion of strong tea – for 12%.


Supporters of diets usually explain full refusal of food with need of clarification of an organism from slags. Actually long starvation leads to two equally harmful effects. On the one hand, bodies and body tissues as if lose skill of digestion of nutrients. It is fraught with development of deficit of muscle bulk, dehydration, disturbance of hormonal balance and braking of a metabolism. With another – the organism perceives the termination of receipt of food as force majeure, and at an exit from a hungry diet begins to accumulate urgently energy sources (namely fats), for a case of repetition of just had stress. Both options are as a result fraught not with weight reduction, but its set.

Use of warm water

The human body in any situation has to receive enough liquid, and in case of observance of a diet – especially. For weight loss it is the best of all to drink usual water. It is known to all, but the few know that the liquid consumed during the day has to be preferential cold. In such look it promotes metabolism acceleration, and warm water in this sense is rather useless.

Restriction of amount of protein

It is one of the most dangerous mistakes which the person dreaming to lose weight can make. At deficit of protein work of almost all bodies and systems is broken, there are hormonal failures, digestion of nutrients stops. It leads to decrease in intensity of metabolism. Besides, processes of recovery of the muscular tissue almost entirely consisting of protein are slowed down. In practice it means not only decrease in working capacity, but also difficulty with transferring of exercise stresses. If to consider that for acceleration of a metabolism it is necessary to go in for physical culture, swimming, walking in the fresh air, then for weight loss the diet with the lowered content of proteins is contraindicated.

When forming a diet it is necessary to remember that its proteinaceous component has to be as much as possible various. Transition to the proteins which are contained in plants (nuts, bean etc.) can nasty affect the state of health as these products do not contain all amino acids necessary for the person.

Refusal of carbohydrates

The majority of diets is based on seriously to limit consumption of carbohydrates, but it is impossible to refuse all products containing these substances. Only simple carbohydrates with which are rich flour and confectionery, sugar, candies, jam, and also grapes slow down metabolism. The wholegrain porridges, special types of bread, pasta made of firm grades of wheat vegetables and fruit deliver in an organism complex carbohydrates, and including cellulose without which normal function of intestines is impossible, so and problems with a metabolism are provided.

The full refusal of carbohydrates is possible only for several days, and under control of the doctor. If carbohydrate starvation continues more than a week, there can be a serious failure of metabolism which will demand afterwards prolonged treatment.

Exception of a diet of the products rich with iron

Iron contains in those products which often exclude from a diet because of their high caloric content (for example, bean, meat, a liver). This way you should not act as this microelement promotes acceleration of exchange processes in an organism. Besides, at deficit of iron the hemopoietic function suffers that can strongly weaken an organism and prevent the active sports activities necessary for weight loss.

Restriction of the use of milk food

The normal metabolism is impossible without enough calcium, and his person substantially receives from dairy products. To limit their consumption it is harmful, but it is possible without any effects for a figure to give preference to the fat-free grades having the minimum caloric content.

Отказ от молочных продуктов - еще одна ошибка диет, вызывающая замедление метаболизма

Artificial creation of deficit of vitamin D

Fat grades of fish (tuna, salmon), eggs and seafood are rich with this vitamin. Deficit of vitamin D leads to easing of immunity and decrease in concentration of calcium in blood that in turn reduces exchange speed. Chronic shortage of this substance can lead to a course of a disease Krone which is shown in the form of the inflammatory process taking the most part of intestines.

Alcohol intake

Alcoholic drinks are very caloric. At their use the organism uses as fuel the received bystry carbohydrates instead of burning fatty stocks. Besides, libations are followed by uncontrollable consumption of various snack which, as a rule, have nothing in common with healthy and low-calorie food.

So, by drawing up the diet promoting weight loss it is necessary to consider not only quantity and caloric content of products, but also influence of the substances which are contained in them on metabolism speed. In this case the diet will be more effective and will not do harm to health.

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