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5 exercises for strengthening of an ankle

Weakness of an ankle joint – very widespread problem. Its existence is demonstrated by tendency to a podvorachivaniye of legs when walking on heels, frequent painful sprains, pain on average and anonymous toes even after small loadings. Usually people with such pathology take off unpleasant effects by means of the anesthetizing pulverizing and ointments, but it does not lead to radical elimination of a problem. Meanwhile, at the known persistence it is possible to strengthen an ankle in house conditions. Specially developed set of exercises which we bring to attention of readers is for this purpose intended.

Эффективные упражнения для укрепления голеностопа

Walking on different sites of feet

This exercise is known to all. Warm-up on exercises in kindergarten and school begins with it. Everything is very simple: doing household chores, you move on the apartment, serially attacking different sites of feet. For example, you go to kitchen on fingers, and back to the room – on heels. Then it will be necessary to involve the internal and outer side of feet. It is necessary to carry out exercise barefoot. If a floor in the apartment not really warm, it is worth putting on thick socks or knitted slippers - "sledochka".

Roundabouts by feet

Sit down on a sofa or on a chair, having extended and having slightly raised legs. Rotate feet, holding them on weight, at first in the direction to each other (inside), and then in the opposite direction. For receiving muscles and a linking of necessary loading need to be made till 15-20 movements in each party. However, this standard is very individual. Experienced trainers advise to carry out exercise before emergence of feeling of weak burning in joints.

Walking barefoot

It is useful to go barefoot not only for strengthening of muscles and a linking of an ankle. On ступнях legs there is a set of points of acupuncture, impact on which strengthens protective forces of an organism, improves a condition of internals, reduces hypostases and spasms, takes off effects of fatigue. Besides, this procedure helps to improve blood circulation in the lower extremities and it is essential to reduce risk of development of a varicosis.

To receive real advantage of this occupation, it is necessary to choose correctly a surface for walking barefoot. The floor covered with the linoleum or tiles made of the pressed raw materials on the basis of synthetic pitches for this purpose hardly will approach. It is established that walking by the following types of coverings positively influences an organism:

  • To grass or straw mats;
  • To bamboo mats;
  • To pith plates;
  • To the boards made of an array of trees of various breeds;
  • To sand;
  • To small pebble;
  • To dense short grass.

Can seem that owners of dachas have more opportunities to use the correct massage surfaces, but it not so. In any city apartment it is possible to organize the training corner equipped with a mat or the superficial tray filled with smooth medium-sized pebble. Also the ready massage rugs having several sites with different surfaces are very convenient. Upon purchase of such adaptation it is necessary to give preference to the rug made of natural, environmentally friendly materials.

Raising of objects toes

One more exercise familiar since the childhood strengthening an ankle. Its performance will require small firm objects (pebble, glass balls, buttons, etc.) and low capacity. Sitting on a chair it is necessary to collect objects from a floor, taking them on one toes and to transfer to a basin or a box.

Exercise can be carried out and standing on one leg (to periodically change legs). In this case it will serve not only for improvement of a condition of an ankle, but also for a training of a vestibular mechanism and coordination of movements.

Exercises with rubber bandage

Pharmaceutical rubber bandage – one of the most successful devices for the strengthening trainings. With its help it is possible to do the exercises improving a condition of muscles and a linking of an ankle:

  • Sitting on a chair, put feet closely to each other and tie with their bandage, having fixed a node from above. Now put heels on a floor, and raise socks of feet. In such situation try to part several times socks in the parties, pulling bandage;
  • Fix bandage the same as in the previous exercise. Cross feet, put heels on a floor and again stretch bandage several times, trying as it is possible to remove further socks from each other;
  • Fix a bandage node on a support (for example, on a case leg). Pass a foot sock throughout the turned-out loop (a heel on a floor) and several times pull it on yourself, overcoming bandage resistance. The movements can be carried out each leg separately or both together.

Прыжки через скакалку - эффективное упражнение для голеностопа

For an ankle jumps through a jump rope are considered as excellent exercise. Specialists recommend to jump, without bending knees: in this case the ankle joint receives the necessary loading.

Weakening of muscles and linking of an ankle is fraught with frequent injuries of the lower part of legs. If such trouble occurred, it is necessary to pick up correctly footwear for an exit from the house. The rigid boots which are well keeping a form will be suitable for usual walk or work. Also orthopedic insoles are very useful in this case. For active recreation it is worth putting on the high sneakers holding a joint in the fixed situation. Certainly, in case of an injury of an ankle it is necessary to see a doctor and to discuss with it not only questions of treatment, but also the choice of the strengthening exercises.

Whether you know that:

During sneezing our organism completely stops working. Even heart stops.