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7 regular inspections which there has to undergo a woman

Visit of doctors – business not the most pleasant, and many people do not hurry to undergo necessary planned inspections. Such behavior is extremely thoughtless and improvident. Our health is necessary not only to us: wellbeing of darlings, children, grandsons and aged parents directly depends on as far as we are vigorous and able-bodied. Therefore in time to be inspected – a duty of any modern person. Specialists consider that 7 regular surveys and diagnostic procedures are especially necessary for women.

1. Mammography

Among oncological diseases which can develop at the woman cancer of mammary glands wins first place on frequency. It is very artful illness which is capable not to be shown by unpleasant symptoms for a long time. Situations when by the time of the address to specialists the tumor already gives metastasises in other bodies are frequent and the forecast becomes not too optimistical.

It is surprisingly simple to avoid sad succession of events: it is necessary to pass mammography regularly. It can be made free of charge in any medical institution without the preliminary direction from the doctor. The procedure is available, painless, absolutely easy and has no contraindications. Diagnosis of new growths of a breast on early terms is result. To women 40 years are more senior it is recommended to pass mammography at least once a year.

Маммография - исследование, позволяющее выявить новообразования груди на ранних сроких

2. Survey at the dermatologist

Skin of the person constantly is affected by various environmental factors, many of which have cancerogenic activity. With age the risk of emergence of malignant skin new growths or pathological regeneration of already available birthmarks, spots etc. increases. Not to start an illness, it is necessary to carry out as often as possible self-surveys not a subject of detection of noticeable changes of an integument. Once a year it is necessary to visit the dermatologist who will be able to estimate the general condition of skin and to see specific characters of pathologies which the nonspecialist can pass.

Осмотр у дерматолога

3. Check of a condition of a thyroid gland

Disturbances of work of a thyroid gland as a fatal image affect the general hormonal background, health and appearance. With age the risk of such failures increases: they are observed at 10% of women 50 years are more senior. From this age it is necessary to take annually a blood test on the analysis of hormones of a thyroid gland. The matter is that it is very easy to mix primary symptoms of pathologies of this kind (drowsiness, increased fatigue, sharp changes of weight, excessive sweating, dryness of integuments) with signs of a set of other diseases or just to write off for age changes and fatigue. Results of a blood analysis on hormones will give the chance to assume existence of malfunctions, and further inspection at the endocrinologist will help to make the right diagnosis and to timely appoint necessary treatment.

Проверка состояния щитовидной железы

4. Visit of the oculist

That it is necessary to check sight regularly, all know, but only the people who already have problems such do it, as a rule. And meanwhile, constant use of electronic gadgets, work at the computer and lead style of modern life to the fact that eyesight at modern people is damaged much quicker, than at their grandfathers and grandmothers. The statistics shows that such diseases as glaucoma and a cataract steadily look younger. In time it is possible to notice a problem and to keep high working capacity only in one way: regularly visiting the oculist. Those who already wears glasses should do it at least once a year, and the rest can be limited to one inspection in two years.

Осмотр у окулиста

5. Blood tests on cholesterol and sugar

Consumption of the foodstuff made in the conditions of industrial production attracts the increased risk of accumulation of "bad" cholesterol in an organism. It is fraught with sclerotization of blood vessels and its especially unpleasant effects: strokes and heart attacks. It is necessary for people who have no such problems yet at least once in 5 years to take a blood test on determination of level of cholesterol.

It is correct to support carbohydrate balance in an organism today too the little manage. From emergence of such troubles as obesity and a diabetes mellitus of the second type nobody is insured. The annual blood analysis on sugar helps to control exchange of glucose and to timely take necessary measures if it is broken.

Анализ крови на сахар и холестерин

6. Cytologic smear

The most dangerous illness – cancer of a neck of uterus, one of the most frequent types of tumors at women. Its specifics such is that it develops absolutely asymptomatically for a long time. The patient begins to feel discomfort only after the tumor gave numerous metastasises, but the possibility of successful treatment at this stage is problematic. Therefore women aged up to 30 years have to hand over annually a cytologic smear which research allows to notice cancer of a neck of uterus at an early stage. With age the risk of development of a disease decreases, and the analysis can be done more rare.

Цитологический мазок - исследование, позволяющее выявить рак шейки матки на ранней стадии

7. Kolonoskopiya

Intestines research – very important procedure. It is one of the most informative methods allowing to find various pathologies of a GIT (including oncological). Since fifty-year age, the kolonoskopiya should be passed to each woman at least, than once in 10 years (if problems with digestion are absent). It it is difficult to call a research pleasant, but the competent specialist will see off it almost without serious consequences and most comfortably for the patient.

You should not neglect regular inspections if it is able to save from a set of troubles in the future. It is important to choose reliable specialists, and the result will pay back expenses and the spent time. Health of the woman is worth it that about it to see to it, and she has to take care of herself.

Колоноскопия - метод, позволяющий обнаружить различные патологии ЖКТ

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