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10 most known thermal resorts of the world

People know that thermal sources have salutary force long ago. Treatment by natural waters is one of the most ancient methods of disposal of the most different diseases. Bathtubs, souls, wrappings and inhalations, in combination with water reception inside help to improve a condition of the patients suffering from disturbances of work of a musculoskeletal system, bodies of digestive tract, cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory and secretory system, skin and endocrine pathologies. Hydrotherapeutic procedures are effective at treatment of complications of infectious diseases, effects of physical and emotional stresses.

Any geothermal source possesses unique composition of waters and range of temperatures therefore each balneological clinic is intended for a certain set of illnesses. Get acquainted with features of ten most known thermal resorts.

1. Dead Sea (Israel)

Concentration of mineral salts in the Dead Sea is extremely high. Not only water, but also the sulphidic ground dirt abounding with compounds of iodine and bromine possesses medical action. The combination of hydrotherapeutic and mud procedures makes literally magic impact on skin, and inhalation of the air sated with a suspension of salts of bromine well is reflected in a condition of nervous and respiratory system.

Stay in a Spa clinics of the Dead Sea is especially useful for the patients having bronchopulmonary illnesses, pathologies of skin and a musculoskeletal system. Also just recreational rest which is taking off strong fatigue and effects of a stress is effective.

It is possible to be treated on the Dead Sea at all seasons of the year. Resorts are very convenient for people with gentle skin as the evaporations saturated with salts absorb a solid part of ultraviolet rays and interfere with an obgoraniye.

Мертвое море (Израиль)

2. Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic)

The popular balneological resort founded around 12 mineral sources. Waters have temperature from 30 to 72 degrees and various degree of a saturation carbon dioxide, but all contain high concentration of compounds of sodium, iron, magnesium, bromine and lithium. The therapeutic complex consists of bathtubs (oxygen, radonic and t. e), massage, procedures using curative dirt and reception of waters inside.

Treatment is shown to the patients having diseases of the digestive system (intestines, a stomach, a liver), obesity, a diabetes mellitus and other disbolism. The majority of procedures well all the year round, but some sources for the winter are closed.

Карловы Вары (Чехия)

3. Vichy (France)

Sulphurous sources of Vichy are known from antiquity. Here centuries the medical, recreational and cosmetology infrastructure extremely popular in Europe formed. The resort is visited by the patients having pathologies of a musculoskeletal system, skin and bodies of a GIT and also people who want to receive the procedures promoting improvement of appearance and rejuvenation of an organism.

Besides, in Vichy the well-known company on production of cosmetics which basis is curative dirt is located. The resort works all the year round, but local procedures are not recommended to be adopted to the patients having a hypertension. It is possible to carry to shortcomings also the high cost of treatment and stay.

Виши (Франция)

4. Heviz (Hungary)

The medical effect of water of the thermal lake Heviz is caused by high content in it gaseous substances, and also impact on an organism of ground calcium-sodium dirt. Bathing in an open reservoir perhaps at all seasons of the year as water temperature does not fall lower than 23 degrees.

In Heviz musculoskeletal system diseases (especially problems with a backbone), the gynecologic sphere, chronic inflammatory processes, pathologies of venous blood circulation treat. Local procedures are contraindicated to children.

Хевиз (Венгрия)

5. Wiesbaden (Germany)

One of the famous European resorts using therapeutic properties of hloridno-sodium thermal waters. The complex of procedures includes bathings in the sources having temperature from 14 to 67 degrees, various compresses and wrappings, inhalations, and also water reception inside. Here help to cope with diseases of the digestive system, breath, joints, cardiovascular system, and also skin and gynecologic problems.

The resort is considered one of the most prestigious that explains quite high cost of treatment.

Висбаден (Германия)

6. Lutraki (Greece)

Thermal waters of the resort of Lutraki contain salts of bromine, magnesium, sodium and potassium. Here it is possible to receive the complex of therapeutic procedures including bathing in pools, massage, mud cure, physical therapy and an aromatherapy at all seasons of the year.

Treatment is shown to the patients suffering cholelithic and an urolithiasis, pathologies of nervous, alimentary and cardiovascular system, gynecologic and skin problems. The people wishing simply to spend vacation prefer to come here in the summer when recreational procedures can be combined with sea bathings and rest on the beach.

Лутраки (Греция)

7. Blue lagoon (Iceland)

Hot (not less than 40 degrees) waters of volcanic sources of the Blue lagoon are saturated with quartz, mineral salts, microscopic algas, and contain a suspension of curative white clay. This mix extremely effectively softens and clears skin, and also raises the general tone of an organism.

Blue lagoon – one of the best resorts for the people having skin diseases. Besides, the specific medical cosmetics made on the basis of local clays and dirt is produced here.

Голубая лагуна (Исландия)

8. Leykerbad (Switzerland)

Thermal waters of Leykerbad stream on a surface, passing through an array of the Alpine granite, and gain exclusive recreational and tonic properties. Hydrotherapeutic procedures in combination with the purest mountain air make salutary impact on an organism, helping to cope with fatigue, a stress and the lowered immunity.

Leykerbad is considered the ideal resort for elderly people, and also patients having pathologies of a respiratory organs and a musculoskeletal system. The youth attracts here an opportunity to combine recreational bathings with alpine skiing rest.

Лейкербад (Швейцария)

9. Ischia (Italy)

The territory of the small Italian island of Ischia abounds with exits of underground thermal sources and fumarola (fountains of natural gases). Resorts specialize in treatment of problems of the musculoskeletal device, skin, the gynecologic and urological sphere.

Also the rejuvenating influence of waters and dirt Ischia is widely known. There is production of popular medical cosmetics. The combination of hydrothermal therapy, soft Mediterranean climate and a quiet situation attracts on the island of fans of family rest.

Искья (Италия)

10. Nyoto-onsen (Japan)

The word "onsen" in Japan call any warm source of mineral water. Eight such objects (gassy, ferruterous, salt and hydrosulphuric) which are near the mountain Nyoto are a basis of the balneological resort. He specializes in treatment of gynecologic and skin problems, and also vascular pathologies.

Sources of the resort of Nyoto-onsen have quite high temperature therefore bathing in them is considered unsafe for the people having cardiac illnesses. But it is difficult to revaluate recreational and fortifying effect of local waters. Many visitors are especially attracted by a condition of peace of mind and tranquility which arises at reception of hydrotherapeutic procedures in an environment of the untouched nature.

Нёто-онсэн (Япония)

Treatment by geothermal waters very popularly. Mineral composition, temperature, a saturation gases of waters of each natural object are so specific that there is an opportunity to choose an optimal variant of the vacation spot and a personal complex of procedures for each patient. Certainly, at the choice of the balneological resort it is necessary to consult with the attending physician – it will help to use in the best way possibilities of the resort and to avoid the problems connected with possible contraindications.

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