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Fatty diet: whether it is effective?

Что такое жировая диета?
What is a fatty diet?
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At first sight fatty diet (LCHF power supply system) looks extremely doubtfully as means food products with the high content of fats and a minimum of carbohydrates. At the same time the way to treasured weight loss lies through consumption of any yum-yum, including fat meat, cheeses, bacon and even creamy sauces. Nevertheless results of researches showed that the diet can be effective, only not everyone will suit it.
В чем секрет?
In what secret?
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Fatty diet – not the first power supply system based on restriction of carbohydrates. Its innovation is in what is for the first time staked on natural vegetable and animal fats, but not on protein.
Что можно есть?
What can be eaten?
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The list of the products allowed for the daily use includes: fat cheeses, sour cream and cream, bacon, eggs, meat and fish, sauces on the basis of cream, the vegetable oils, mushrooms, vegetables growing on the Earth's surface. It is possible to use all these products without restriction (reasonably).
Ограничения и табу
Restrictions and taboo
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The use in a small amount of nuts and berries, pastries is allowed (from flour with the low content of carbohydrates). Partially it is necessary to exclude milk, kefir, fruit and root crops from a diet. Under a total ban there are traditional flour products, sugar, grain, rice, porridges, potatoes, margarine, dry breakfasts and the fat-free products.
Что можно пить?
What can be drunk?
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It is possible to have tea and coffee without sugar, at will adding cream. In small amounts hard alcoholic beverages are resolved: whisky, tequila, rum, cognac, vodka, and also dry wines. Under a total ban is any sweet drinks, including gassy.
Как действует жировая диета?
How the fatty diet works?
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Substitution of carbohydrates natural fats, leads to the fact that decomposition products of fats (ketonic bodies) become the main source of energy for an organism. At the same time lack of fluctuation of level of sugar in blood leads to the fact that the feeling of hunger comes later, and the organism ceases to be frightened it and does not lay calorie "in store". It allows to leave extra kilos without effort.
Результаты исследований
Results of researches
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Results of researches showed that at the equal caloric content of a diet, the people adhering to a fatty diet much less often hunger and quicker lose extra kilos, than those who apply classical diets.
Плюсы диеты: уровень сахара в крови
Diet pluses: sugar level in blood
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Lack of jumps of level of sugar in blood allows to grow thin without hungering painful. It is possible to indulge himself tasty delicacies at any time and not to suffer anguish from lack of food. At the same time in a diet there are no bystry carbohydrates and harmful trans-fats.
Плюсы диеты: состояние волос и кожи
Diet pluses: condition of hair and skin
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At observance of a fatty diet the condition of hair and skin does not worsen at all, unlike many other ways of weight loss. Thanks to a nourishing diet, the metabolism is not slowed down as it occurs at the majority of diets.
Минусы диеты: начальная реакция организма
Diet minuses: initial reaction of an organism
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The organism can painfully react upon transition to a new power supply system. In the first several weeks process quite often is followed by a headache and nausea.
Минусы диеты: дорогие продукты
Diet minuses: expensive products
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In the Russian realities it should be noted high cost of a fatty diet. Especially as today it is very difficult to find a qualitative bird, meat and fish in sale.
Минус диеты: контроль питания
Minus diets: control of food
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As a diet rather tasty, it is necessary to control constantly itself not to overeat. Besides, it is necessary to watch that enough cellulose for the correct work of intestines came to an organism.
Минус диеты: ограничения по здоровью
Minus diets: restrictions on health
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If the person suffers from disturbances of outflow of bile and other diseases of the alimentary system, the fatty diet is capable to lead to deterioration in its state. Besides, there is a real chance to lose some vitamins and vegetable antioxidants.
Кому подходит жировая диета?
Who suits a fatty diet?
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The fatty diet is recommended to people in the form of a long-term power supply system in the presence of 10 and more extra kilos of weight. At the same time gourmets and fans of meat should not refuse the favourite stake flavored with fat sauce. Besides, there is no need is on hours and to count calories.
Кому противопоказана жировая диета?
To whom is the fatty diet contraindicated?
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The diet categorically will not suit the vegetarians, people fasting and having disturbances of work of a gall bladder and a digestive tract. Also the fatty diet should not give preference to people who like to jam a stress and to chew something from there is nothing to do. This power supply system also does not suit sweet teeth who also cannot live day without tasty roll.


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