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5 myths about the correct use of drinking water

It would seem, about it there can be no disagreements: water is necessary for a human body for normal life activity, and about how and when it should be drunk, all know. It turned out that the situation is not absolutely so: for many years there are very persistent delusions connected with this question. Let's consider the most widespread of them.

1. It is necessary to drink 2 liters of water a day

In this statement there is a grain of truth. In any case, it will better be coordinated with reality, than the recommendation to consume on one liter on each 30 kg of body weight. Having followed it, the person having weight about 60 kg will normally feel, but the fat man weighing over 100 kg risks to die from water intoxication, and the girl inclined to anorexia – from dehydration. To receiving two liters of liquid a day, the result of the calculation recommended by the American Academy of Sciences on average comes nearer: not less than 1 ml of water on each kilocalorie received by an organism with food.

Generally, council most is reasonable to listen to signals which are given to the person by his body and to drink water at emergence of feeling of thirst. However you should not forget that not only drinks, but also that liquid which the person daily absorbs as a part of all eaten dishes have to enter norm of consumption.

Миф 1: необходимо выпивать 2 литра воды в сутки

2. During a diet it is necessary to reduce water consumption

The most harmful delusion capable to lead to very sad effects. Any food restriction is a stress for an organism. In combination with deficit of liquid the diet can thoroughly affect the health. Besides, water promotes removal from an organism of decomposition products of fats and proteins, and in attempt to lose weight this process becomes more active. Therefore it is necessary to use normal amount of liquid at a diet, otherwise the person risks to get intoxication.

Many women try to drink less water, being afraid of emergence of hypostases. It is incorrect and absolutely inefficient too: the liquid delay in fabrics happens not because of its overconsumption, and owing to presence at food of excessive amount of salt and hot spices, or failures in work of kidneys. The healthy person can make dishes of the diet less salty and acute and minimize risk of emergence of hypostases. And that who has diseases of bodies of an urinary system, it is not necessary to keep to the diets intended for weight loss in general – it is very dangerous.

Миф 2: во время диеты следует сокращать потребление воды

3. It is impossible to wash down food with water

The myth that using water during a meal we complicate digestion of food in a stomach, exists recently. Actually, in the presence of liquid the food which got into a digestive tract becomes softer and more plastic, and its processing is facilitated. Water really does a gastric juice less concentrated, but it does not prevent digestion of food as total quantity of the emitted hydrochloric acid remains invariable. Besides, a considerable part of liquid very quickly leaves a stomach in intestines, and does not influence process of processing of dense food.

So to drink water for an hour to a meal or during meal not only it is not harmful, but it is even useful. But it is necessary to agree with the statement that it is not necessary to finish a lunch with a glass of compote, juice or a cup of tea. After two hot dishes and salad the stomach is already crowded, and the additional volume of liquid promotes unnecessary extension of its walls.

Миф 3: нельзя запивать пищу водой

4. To drink water before going to bed it is harmful

Opinions on the best time of water consumption there is great variety. Prohibition on evening drink is connected, most likely, with fear of hypostases, but during the normal work of kidneys their emergence is improbable. The general rules about when it is necessary to drink water, can be formulated so:

  • During the day it is necessary to use liquid in process of emergence of feeling of thirst. It is regularly the best of all to do it, small portions (up to 1-2 throats through small intervals of time);
  • It is very useful to drink on an empty stomach a glass of water of room temperature with several drops of lemon juice. It is possible to place a lemon slice in water for the night, and by the morning excellent vitamin infusion will turn out;
  • It is good to accept a glass of herbal tea for an hour till a lunch. It dulls feeling of hunger and helps to avoid an overeating;
  • In hot season it is more preferable to satisfy thirst with drinking or mineral water, broth of officinal herbs, an unsweetened fruit drink or compote, cold green tea. These liquids should be drunk small drinks, distributing reception for a long time. Such mode well is reflected in a condition of ureters and kidneys;
  • The water use before going to bed is harmless to the healthy person.

Миф 4: пить воду перед сном вредно

5. Reception of water during the trainings prevents to lose weight

This delusion is connected with the fact that at exercise stresses the body really loses a part of weight due to the strengthened release of water with then. With weight loss process this phenomenon has nothing in common.

Trainings cause the strengthened sweating, fervescence, increase in viscosity of blood. Without urgent completion of the lost liquid such situation is fraught with developing of blood clots and development of a number of heavy pathologies. Therefore it is impossible to limit itself in water consumption during sports activities at all.

At active trainings doctors recommend the following drinking mode:

  • Glass of water in one and a half-two hours prior to the occupations;
  • Still a half-glass in 30 minutes prior to a training;
  • During loadings on 100 ml every 15 minutes (it is possible to be guided by existence of feeling of thirst, and to miss the next reception of water if does not getting thirsty);
  • Upon termination of classes in 150 ml through everyone a quarter of hour, to a full recovery of losses of liquid.

Миф 5: прием воды во время тренировок мешает похудеть

Deficit of liquid in an organism leads to development of big problems with health. No good intentions (desire to lose weight, the aspiration to avoid hypostases, etc.) justify such risk. The healthy person has to listen to the body and drink water in process of emergence of feeling of thirst. The patients suffering from the disturbances of work of kidneys, a diabetes mellitus and other diseases connected with disturbances of water-salt balance or a metabolism should control constantly consumption and release of liquid and to follow medical recommendations.

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