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5 techniques of "aerobics for brain"

The nature does not stand stagnation and monotony. It is known that tissues of a human body atrophy if do not receive necessary loadings. It fully belongs also to a cerebral cortex: when it is not given full-time job, it begins to function worse. As a result memory decreases, the person becomes less bright, acquires information more slowly, hardly switches from one thought to another. There are problems at work, difficulties with communication and career development. These troubles can be avoided, having provided a constant brain, and, the main thing, with various work. The complex of special exercises which specialists call neyrobiky or "aerobics for a brain" is based on it.

1. We carry out usual duties in a new way

Life of modern people is painted on minutes. Daily they make the same actions in the identical sequence. It nasty affects memory state and process of thinking (even when the person is engaged in intellectual work).

For cerebration activation specialists advise from time to time to violate the usual schedule, to change conditions of everyday life. It is the simplest to do it in the morning. At the person who has to come every day at the same time to work the ritual of awakening, a breakfast and collecting is fulfilled to automatism. It is enough to change an operations procedure that cells of a brain became more active. There is a sense also to try to include new dishes in the morning menu: it will be useful not only for a brain, but also for digestion.

Выполняем привычные обязанности по-новому

2. We change the settled routes

Extremely busy person usually chooses daily routes so that to spend as little as possible time for the road to work. However and it is necessary to make changes to this settled habit periodically. Try to pass a part of a way on foot, to change at other metro stations. You are afraid to be late for work? It is possible to change a route which you arrive home after day of work. Several excess minutes spent on the way will do you good if at the same time cells of a brain perceive and process new information.

Меняем устоявшиеся маршруты

3. In a different way we have objects on a desktop

Can seem that having traded places objects, necessary for work, you complicate to yourself life and will become is less productive to work. It's not true. Certainly, the first minutes it is necessary to strain memory, but these efforts completely will pay off: the brain will begin to work more productively and it will very quickly affect result.

Besides, it is worth trying to activate thought process, using action of various aromas. Having placed on a desktop a small container with essential oil of a lemon or tangerine, you will be able to feel cheerfulness and rise in working capacity, and smells of cinnamon or a muscat will increase ability to concentrate attention and to make the weighed decisions.

По-другому располагаем предметы на рабочем столе

4. We read aloud

Parents who read to the children books for the night, claim that this occupation not only does not seem to them tiresome, but also gives some inflow of forces allowing to complete successfully household chores. There is no wonder: reading aloud forces to become more active not only the zone of a brain which is responsible for assimilation of information, but also the extensive sites of bark connected with memory, hearing and the emotional sphere.

Today the tradition of family readings fiction is almost forgotten, but it was very widespread in families of our grandmothers. This fine pastime, much more useful, than viewing of movies or telecasts, computer games, etc. Reading aloud in the family circle rallies close people, helps them to understand better each other, enriches a lexicon and expands emotional range.

Intellectual board games behind which representatives of different generations can spend evenings are not less useful. Children grow in those families where such occupations are usual, more responsible, reading, thinking. They show good progress and successfully develop the talents.

Читаем вслух

5. We choose various hobbies

For a long time was considered that the best way to support a brain in a tone is solving of crossword puzzles and other puzzles, and also learning by heart of poetic and prosaic fragments. Actually it not absolutely so. Activity of cells of bark increases not because of a large number of the recorded information and because the brain should solve constantly different problems, switching from one subject to another. It means that the intellectual human life is more various, the longer it holds in remembrance and ingenuity.

Therefore it is very important not to go in cycles in usual things, and to find new spheres and areas of application of the energy, it is desirable, not having direct link with professional knowledge and skills. As the most useful of "collateral" hobbies are considered:

  • Room floriculture, gardening and truck farming. These occupations not only demand serious acquaintance with biological features of plants, but also a certain physical tension that too is useful (if not to be overstrained and dose loading taking into account a condition of the health);
  • Occupations singing, dances, playing musical instruments. You should not think that to the adult late to begin to play music or dance. It is quite worthy and available, considering that various courses and circles of starting level are very widespread today;
  • Intellectual sports (chess, го, backgammon, etc.). It is useful to learn them always, and universal development of the Internet gives the chance to compete not only with computer programs, but also with other people far off;
  • The thematic tourism promoting obtaining new information (ecological, gastronomic, rural, sports and many others);
  • The most different types of needlework, including also those which were widely adopted recently (a decoupage, quilting, scrapbooking, floristics, beadwork, production of toys, etc.). Most of them not only enrich is information, but also demand to develop constantly small motility of fingers of hands that too promotes activation of certain zones of a brain. It is possible to get acquainted with bases of the majority of types of needlework by means of the master classes which are posted online.

Выбираем разнообразные увлечения

A variety of occupations and hobbies does the person healthier, active, sociable and successful. The more you load a brain, the longer hold in remembrance, physical and intellectual effeciency.

Whether you know that:

Human bones are stronger than concrete four times.