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6 fraudulent methods of treatment

The medicine promptly develops, and the fact that else quite recently it seemed by miracle can now. We are not surprised any more to the fact that people with artificial joints and extremities can play sports, organ transplantation became a routine, and the latest cancer medicine allowed to achieve reduction of mortality in tens of times. Miracles of plastic surgery thanks to which people in 60 years are in the flower of beauty and freshness, too not a sensation any more. Surprisingly another – in parallel exist and even the treatment methods which are not maintaining any criticism, based on dense theories, and the main thing – not providing any result, and sometimes and damaging health enjoy popularity. To distinguish fraudulent methods of treatment for the presents not so difficult: they promise full treatment quickly and rather cheap, and the same means is offered hardly from all diseases.

1. Urinoterapiya

It is hard to say to whom to the first the idea to be treated by urine came to mind, but it is known that in Russia experiments on the urine use inside as remedy were made at the beginning of the 20th century, and reached wide scope. Among patients known at that time Zamkov's urinoterapevta there were Soviet figures of such scale as Maxim Gorky and Vyacheslav Molotov. Unfortunately, celebrities can be deceived as well as all others, but their participation and protection gives to charlatanism unprecedented popularity. That sobering up was more convincing: any proof of effectiveness of a method was not received, the clinic of an urinoterapiya of doctor Zamkov was closed, it is banished to the camp, and a story about the state support of treatment is bashfully suppressed by urine and if it is mentioned, then only as an example of how be convincing charlatans can and gawks are trustful.

Actually together with urine the organism gets rid of substances toxic and just not necessary to it. It is absolutely unreasonable to return back them, not to mention the esthetic party of a question. By the way, recently scientists from the Chicago university disproved one of postulates of supporters of an urinoterapiya on sterility of urine. It turned out that urine is not sterile even at healthy people, not to mention those who have infectious diseases of urinary tract.

It is necessary to make a reservation that external use is fresher than urine (processing of small burns, cuts, stings of insects) can be effective. It is explained by presence of corticosteroid hormones which with urine are removed from an organism – they have wound healing effect (for example, hormone Prednisolonum is a part of medical ointments).

Шарлатанские методы лечения: уринотерапия

2. Treatment by kerosene

Kerosene – technical liquid, the oil refining product with a characteristic smell applied in old times in oil lamps. Still filled with it a kerosene stove, a prototype of the present gas stove – great-grandmothers remember what unique "aroma" the dishes prepared on a kerosene stove had. In traditional medicine kerosene was traditionally used "for treatment of a throat", i.e. for processing of a throat at tonsillitis and diphtheria and also as outside cure for psoriasis. As well as many other technical liquids, kerosene it is an antiseptic agent, probably, and also the fact that it always was near at hand and cost little, and explains its use as medicine.

Modern healers went further. They are not limited to treatment by means of kerosene of quinsy or skin diseases, by no means. Wonder-working kerosene, it appears, it is possible to treat almost everything – for age changes to cancer (the drug "Todikamp", notorious among oncologists, representing kerosene infused on black nut).

Actually kerosene is poisonous. At intake it strikes first of all a nervous system, both peripheral nerves, and a brain. The organism gets rid of kerosene, bringing him through respiratory tracts and with urine, at the same time both lungs, and kidneys are injured. If once accepted dose is big (the toxic dose makes 20-50 ml), or poisoning occurs small doses regularly, damage of kidneys accepts irreversible character, the renal failure develops. At external use kerosene is toxic too: regular influence it on skin causes heavy dermatitis, and sometimes and eczema.

3. Treatment by soda

Unlike previous "drugs" soda has no unpleasant smell, besides it is non-toxical, it is possible to buy it in any grocery store, and there is a soda pack as much how many loaf of bread – whether is wonderful drug. Soda offers to treat cancer, obesity, and still there is a lot of everything. In popularity of soda as drugs were resulted by the theory about need of alkalinization of blood: such blood gains magic property "running" on an organism, to cure everything on the way.

Actually soda (as well as any other substance getting to an organism through a digestive tract) does not get into blood at once at all. It gets into a stomach where there is a gastric juice having acid reaction at the expense of the hydrochloric acid which is contained in it. At interaction of acid to alkali there is a neutralization test – that is alkali neutralizes acid. Acidity of a gastric juice decreases, and it loses ability to qualitatively digest food. Besides, now in it bacteria that earlier, at normal acidity, could not be survive. If it occurs regularly, emergence of diseases of the alimentary system is inevitable. Once again: soda does not get to blood, and cannot get. That soda got to a blood stream, it needs to be entered into an organism intravenously (Attention! It is life-threatening). But even if also got, then the theory about magic alkaline blood is deprived of any bases as blood already has alkali reaction.

Justified use of soda only somehow inside, its this use at heartburn – for the purpose of neutralization of a gastric juice. However doctors do not recommend it to do: interaction of alkali with acid happens to liberation of gas that does not improve feelings in angry heartburn a gullet at all. It is better to apply the medicine heartburn intended for treatment and if they are absent near at hand – to drink a cup of warm milk.

Шарлатанские методы лечения: терапия содой

4. Bioresonant therapy

This method of treatment differs from previous in scientism, misleading ingenuous followers who consider that time a method is described by difficult scientific terms, and for treatment the "up-to-date" equipment is used, efficiency it does not raise doubts. 

The bioresonance – mysterious ability of biological objects, including a human body to enter a resonance with certain, emitted special devices, electromagnetic (as option, the torsion) fields. Adjusting certain frequencies, it is allegedly possible to try to obtain changes in an organism – both positive, and negative. On an assurance of followers, the bioresonant medicine just is also engaged in positive changes (to complete the picture it is necessary to add that, according to the same theory, negatively influencing radiations use all hostile forces, depriving of people of health).

The phenomenon of a bioresonance was not scientifically proved, but as a method of treatment it was not once disproved. Any confirmed treatment case by method of a bioresonance does not exist, but business selling devices for bioresonant therapy including for house use prospers. What waves generate these devices what frequency what they influence – is unknown as the method is recognized pseudoscientific, so, this equipment is not subject to standardization, obligatory for all medical devices, and certification. 

5. Homeopathy

Speaking about charlatanism in medicine, it is impossible to ignore homeopathy. Surprisingly, but this method, at absolutely unproven efficiency rather at completely proved inefficiency, worried centuries.

The homeopathy is a treatment by strongly divorced poisons, but generally will not be mistake to tell that this treatment by strongly divorced everything, for example, nozody the itch (scraping from the skin affected with an itch mite) crushed by clay, an extract from plants, etc. – the only condition that means was natural.

Supporters of homeopathy in vain spend time, trying to disprove ruthless criticism of supporters of evidential medicine – the one who will produce the incontestable evidence of effectiveness of homeopathic remedies, many years the prize in one million dollars expects. It is better to direct the forces to receiving an award, at the same time and critics of homeopathy will be prostrate.

In some countries the homeopathy is prohibited, in others – is resolved, but separated from official medicine. Unfortunately, doctors of the former Soviet Union actively use homeopathic remedies in the practice along with usual medicines as their appointment is regulated by nothing. What they at the same time are guided by, it is necessary only to guess.

Шарлатанские методы лечения: гомеопатия

6. Treatment by Dietary supplements

 Dietary supplements, or dietary supplements – one more group of drugs, popular, but useless in treatment. It is known that the majority of substances of people, necessary for an organism, uses with food. Are designed to enrich food and to create favorable conditions for fight of an organism against diseases (or for their prevention) additives. Ideally by means of dietary supplement it is only possible "to feed up" an organism useful substances, they have no other effect and should not. Dietary supplements do not undergo certification, obligatory for drugs, their structure is not investigated also by anything, except the summary provided by the producer, is confirmed.

Dietary supplements were widely included into our life, and the same as homeopathic remedies, are willingly appointed doctors to the patients. Very few people know, but vitamin complexes are too Dietary supplements as contain vitamins B doses much below than therapeutic. It means that vitamins are not enough there to have any effect on an organism, but it and to the best – because high doses of mix of vitamins could lead to serious frustration.

Шарлатанские методы лечения: БАДы

Supporters of the listed methods will object that it personally, and also it very much helped their acquaintances, so, in efficiency there are no doubts. It's not true. An effective remedy it not that which helped someone, and which has more or less identical effect if not on all, on the majority. Neither the belief, nor knowledge of the mechanism of effect of the medicine at the same time is required – for example, aspirin forces down temperature irrespective of, you believe in it or not. It is established that placebo, dummy drug, "works" approximately in 10% of cases. It means that 10% of people, using inside the sugar piece imitating a tablet feel sense of relief, and sometimes and recover, such is mentality force. Why action mechanism purely mental? Very simply. Fraudulent wonderful means are not used by veterinarians – there is no effect, the organism does not react properly, and noodles to ears animal, unlike the person, do not perceive.

Whether you know that:

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