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10 facts about curative properties of goat milk

A little more than a century ago goat milk was a traditional food stuff of most of Russians. Unfortunately, today on tables of our compatriots it appears extremely seldom. The reason that the use of so useful product practically came to naught, not only in very modest volumes of its production and, respectively, rather high cost. Potential consumers are just insufficiently informed on unique properties of goat milk and that advantage which it is capable to bring to an organism.

1. Safety at a lactose intolerance

Quite common form of an allergy connected with intolerance of milk sugar (lactose) does not allow many people to eat cow's milk and products of its processing. In goat milk of lactose it is not enough, and people with a lactose intolerance can drink it without risk. Besides, according to specialists, in some cases the daily use of goat milk is capable to save from a lactose intolerance completely.

Безопасность при непереносимости лактозы

2. Increase in immunity

Goat milk is vitamin-rich groups B and Retinolum. The unique structure of a product helps the people who had serious infectious diseases to recover forces and working capacity quicker. The product is recommended to the oncological patients who transferred a course of radiation therapy for elimination of side effects and simplification of process of rehabilitation. It is proved that the use of one glass of goat milk in days significantly reduces risk of a disease of seasonal infections.

Повышение иммунитета

3. Advantage for TB patients

Goat milk by right is considered one of the best prophylactics and treatment of pathologies of a respiratory organs. It contains a unique set of proteins in which patients with bronchitis, pneumonia and pulmonary tuberculosis are in great need. The matter is that result of metabolism of some amino acids coming to an organism with this product are the substances having high antibacterial and antiinflammatory activity.

Польза для больных туберкулезом

4. Dietary value

Caloric content of goat milk is quite high that does not prevent it to be considered as a dietary product which regular use does not threaten with emergence of excess weight. Milk of a goat contains 4,4% of fat which structure strongly differs from a fatty component of cow's milk. The first stage of processing of fat in an organism is crushing of its particles. In a case with goat milk this process is extremely simplified: balls of fat are very small (by 10 times more small those which contain in cow's milk). Such feature allows a human body to acquire nutrients of this product effectively. Therefore goat milk is recommended to include in structure of the diets applied to weight loss.

Диетическая ценность

5. Strengthening of bones

Goat milk contains a large amount of calcium and vitamin D. These substances are necessary for growth and strengthening of a bone tissue. Inclusion of this type of milk in a diet of kids is more senior than one year protects from development of rickets. For elderly people the regular use of a product can serve as prevention of osteoporosis. Reception of goat milk during recovery after injuries is especially effective: for essential acceleration of process of merging of bones it is enough to have a glass of milk daily.

Укрепление костей

6. Treatment of a diabetes mellitus

To the patients suffering from a diabetes mellitus of the second type recommend to include in the menu goat milk and products of its processing (especially during the periods of an exacerbation of a disease). This food practically does not contain monosaccharides (glucose and a galactose), and its use very well affects a metabolism and content of sugar in blood. Besides, goat milk is acquired quicker and more stoutly, than cow, does not add to an organism of excess fatty deposits that it is extremely important in those frequent cases when diabetes is complicated by the uncontrollable growth of body weight.

Лечение сахарного диабета

7. The help at gastrointestinal diseases

The lysozyme – the natural antibiotic having the high healing effect is a part of goat milk. Therefore such milk contributes to intestinal microflora normalization, suppression of life activity of pathogenic microorganisms, healing of injuries of a mucous membrane of a stomach.

The patient having gastritis with a hyperoxemia recommend to use within three weeks on an empty stomach 150-200 ml of the goat milk having temperature of 15-20 degrees, and one more same portion to drink in as far as receptions during the day. The course helps to neutralize excesses of hydrochloric acid and to reduce probability of development of a peptic ulcer.

At cholecystitis and hepatitis the use of products of processing of goat milk helps to diversify a rigid diet and to saturate a diet with necessary proteins and microelements without risk of emergence of the undesirable phenomena.

Помощь при заболеваниях ЖКТ

8. Sight improvement

Goat milk and whey were since ancient times used in ophthalmologic practice. Made curative drops of them (with sesame broth addition) which were applied to treatment and prevention of a cataract and other eye diseases. According to modern specialists, daily reception of goat milk helps to increase visual acuity and for many years to keep health of eyes.

Улучшение зрения

9. Advantage for cores

Goat milk contains a large amount of the potassium necessary for optimization of a cordial rhythm, maintenance of water and electrolytic balance and removal from an organism of excess liquid. The cottage cheese made of this milk is considered a basic product of a so-called potassium diet which is quite often recommended to the patients having a heart and renal failure. Besides, the use of goat milk helps to stabilize cholesteric exchange and to reduce risk of development of atherosclerosis of vessels.

Польза для сердечников

10. Use in the cosmetic purposes

The unique components which are contained in goat milk allow to use widely this product in cosmetology. The lotions and creams made on the basis of milk and serum improve a condition of skin, reduce irritation and acne rash, fight against age changes, humidifying covers and increasing their elasticity. Similar shampoos help to increase elasticity, volume and a hair shine.

Применение в косметических целях

Goat milk – a unique source of nutrients, vitamins and microelements. Many scientists consider its structure to the most corresponding physiological needs of the person. Not without reason in those regions where goat breeding products for centuries were a basis of a daily diet, the record number of the long-livers, till an extreme old age keeping high physical and intellectual activity lives. For the person aiming at a healthy lifestyle, inclusion of goat milk in a diet is very reasonable decision.

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