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The man on childbirth: pro or contra?

Childbirth is the most important event in life of each woman. We are women we give birth to the new little man on this light. Now the tendency to that was outlined, as men want to participate in labor too. But there is a question and whether it is worth allowing the husbands on childbirth?

Роды с мужем

Pluses of partner childbirth

Many pregnant women want that the husband took the most active part in their pregnancy, namely: went on all doctors, to ultrasonography, plowed open spaces of counters of children's shops in search of given for the kid. And as the culmination of all these actions, took part in labor. However on a question of doctors why the woman of it wants as governed, one answer sounds: "That supported me!".

But, dear future mummies, believe, support, of course, is important, but it will be better at distance. When process of childbirth will begin, to you will be not to the husband and his talk at all. It is necessary to listen only to the doctor and the midwife.

And let's look at all this process with the man's eyes. Yes, it is valid, having seen as you suffer during the pains, your husband will feel sorry for you. And even after the delivery, he will realize what work you did that your general kid was born. It is, certainly, plus.

In addition, when at you pains will only begin, the husband will be able to massage to you a back, you will be able to talk to him, to distract. It is second "plus". But as pains will accrue, to you will already have no time for a talk and massages.

The third and, in my opinion, the main positive moment, presence of the husband on childbirth that the newly made young father will be able to take the child on hands at once, to press it to itself, to share with you this huge happiness. Your kid, your treasure was born!

Minuses of childbirth together

But all this has also minuses. In addition to joy which will be felt by your man upon termination of childbirth for him it will be a big stress. It is already scientifically proved that the mentality of the man is more vulnerable, than women.

Минусы родов с мужем

Quite often there are such situations that men cease to perceive young mothers as women. As they saw all this process, saw sufferings of the beloved, they have a psychological barrier. They begin to perceive you only as mother of the child, but not as the beloved. The problem can affect further family life and lead to a divorce that is just awful stress for children.

But after all let's not forget that there are such men who aim to get on childbirth even if the woman opposes. In this situation even it is not necessary to think, everything was already solved by the man!

Summing up the result, I will address future mummies. Dear mummies, if you conceive to invite the husband on childbirth, think well, to cock everything pros and cons, and make a right choice. In any good luck cases all and easy childbirth!!

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