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Art therapy: music which treats

Musicotherapy – a treatment method which caused and causes a set of a controversy concerning its efficiency. However the facts are relentless: during the numerous researches curative impact of music on an organism was scientifically confirmed. Since then in a number of the countries the technique is included complex therapy of diseases of cardiovascular and respiratory system, dorsodynias and a backbone, psychosomatic disturbances and many other illnesses. The musicotherapy in pediatrics is especially widely applied, at treatment and rehabilitation of children with limited physical and intellectual capacities, deviations in development, difficulties in communication.

Музыкальные инструменты и их влияние на организм

According to doctors, the sphere of treatment by music is so extensive that allows to find for it application practically in any field of medicine. At the same time it is possible to use the curing properties of music not only in clinic, but also in house conditions, having relaxed and having adjusted on a harmonious harmony. In spite of the fact that the musicotherapy cannot replace completely medical procedures, the technique is capable to lower medicinal loading, to reduce pain, to raise a tone and to accelerate recovery.

Musical instruments and their influence on an organism

The method of a musicotherapy is based on ability of a nervous system of the person to react to a musical rhythm which harmonizes physiological processes in an organism. The strongest and combined effect on the person the body – a keyboard wind instrument with powerful sounding possesses. It is considered that it harmonizes a psychoemotional condition of the person, clarifies mind, exempting it from fears, concerns and the notions of compulsion.

According to conclusions of researchers, some tools, unlike body, are capable to make pointed impact on specific members of the body and to stabilize their work:

  • The piano – adjusts functions of kidneys, a bladder, a thyroid gland;
  • The flute – clears lungs and bronchial tubes, well affects a blood stream;
  • The violoncello, harp, guitar – harmonize action of the heart;
  • The accordion, accordion, bayan – activate digestive organs;
  • Cymbals – counterbalance activity of a liver;
  • The pipe, trombone – eliminate bronchopulmonary diseases;
  • The saxophone – treats diseases of uric system;
  • The violin – calms mentality;
  • Hand bells – eliminate melancholy, a depression.

Except musical instruments, nature sounds possess the running-down impact on an organism: splash of waves, singing of birds, rain noise. Specialists recommend to listen to similar compositions to residents of big cities from time to time, and also to include them to uneasy kids.

Pieces of music and diseases

For years of researches the interrelation between diseases and works of the composers promoting their treatment was established:

  • For removal of a headache – Khachaturian, Liszt, Mozart;
  • For stabilization of a cordial rhythm – J. Verdi's aria;
  • For overcoming neurosises, irritability – P. Tchaikovsky "Seasons";
  • From a depression – Mozart the Symphony No. 41 (re-minor), Beethoven of the Symphony No. 5, 9;
  • For a quiet dream – Schubert "Serenade", "Ave Maria", Beethoven "Moonlight Sonata", Tchaikovsky "Barcarole";
  • For treatment of diseases of intestines, a liver, at an appendix inflammation – Mendelssohn "A wedding march".
  • At rheumatism − Bach "Toccata".

Except musical instruments, nature sounds possess the running-down impact on an organism: splash of waves, singing of birds, rain noise

The chief composer for children's development Mozart whose works, according to researches, activate practically all sites of a cerebral cortex is considered. The sounds of high frequency alternating in beat it is silent-is loud which is most inherent in the nature of the movement of biocurrents in a human brain, stimulate processes of thinking and strengthen memory. According to doctors, Mozart's listening at the time of delivery and in a puerperal period allows to reduce risks of development of complications in the woman in labor and the child, and also promotes more bystry adaptation of premature babies to the world around.

Арт-терапия для детей

How it is correct to be treated by music?

Unlike the majority of the improving techniques, the musicotherapy approves and welcomes self-treatment. However to be necessary to remember that successful healing in house conditions demands observance of some conditions:

  • It is necessary to choose only classical works. It is established that impact of pop music and fate, especially heavy, on an organism has rather negative character. Today there are collections of works of classics which are picked up for treatment of various diseases. It is possible to use them or to make the program independently, being guided by information offered in article and the preferences;
  • Quiet condition of mentality. During the session of people has to feel comfortable, it is weakened. It is better to sit down in an easy chair, to cover eyes. Not to be distracted by a talk, the privacy is desirable. It is better to carry out treatment without earphones though the microearphones making impact on acupuncture points are allowed.
  • Session duration – 30-40 minutes. Normalization of a state usually requires the course of treatment consisting of 15-20 sessions.

At last, the main condition of successful result – feeling of pleasure when listening. At treatment it is important that music was pleasant and caused pleasant associations. If sessions are followed by rejection, it is better to use other methods of art therapy: drawing, a molding from clay, dances, communication with the nature, etc.

Whether you know that:

The weight of a human brain makes about 2% of all body weight, however it consumes about 20% of the oxygen coming to blood. This fact does a human brain extremely susceptible to the damages caused by shortage of oxygen.