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Popular myths about antibiotics

Long time antibiotics were considered as a panacea from all diseases and were appointed even at insignificant symptoms of an infection. Even now not everyone knows in what force of antibiotics how and when they should be accepted. Let's discredit 7 popular myths about such drugs.

Миф №1: Все лекарства являются антибиотиками

Myth No. 1: All drugs are antibiotics

Often antibiotics by mistake call all antimicrobic means including streptocides. But it not so, streptocides are absolutely synthetic drugs, their principle of impact on bacteria and on an organism completely differs from antibiotics.

Myth No. 2: Antibiotics can be accepted for prevention

Antibiotics influence a bacterium when it is. If to accept such drugs at their absence to the healthy person, except side effects you should not expect anything.

Myth No. 3: Antibiotics can be accepted from time to time

At such approach it will not be possible to reach optimum concentration of substance in an organism, therefore, effect of drug will be insignificant and he will cope will be able only with the weakest microorganisms. The others will begin to adapt, and thus at bacteria active ingredient resistance is developed.

Therefore it is extremely important to observe strictly the reception mode, duration of a course and a dosage of drug as at insufficient amount of active agent bacteria have an immunity, and at too long reception there can be side effects and allergic reaction.

Myth No. 4: At the choice of antibiotics it is better to rely on responses of acquaintances, than on recommendations of the doctor

This extremely incorrect opinion. Absolutely different diseases can have identical symptoms, and at such approach you will only waste time, money, start a disease and you will create excess load of a liver.

Myth No. 5: If there is an infection, it is always necessary to accept antibiotics

Antibiotics act only on a bacterium and if viruses or fungi, treatment are such drugs an etiology will not bring any result. Therefore at flu, ORZ and a SARS antibiotics register only if the disease passed into a bacterial form. Besides, antibiotics it is not the most harmless and harmless drugs and to begin their reception really serious occasion is necessary.

Myth No. 6: It is possible to stop accepting antibiotics if there occurred improvements

It is not necessary to refuse reception of antibiotics at all even if you "recovered" for the second or third day after the beginning of reception. At interruption of a course the disease can will renew, and the same drugs will not help any more as bacteria already have to them stability.

Myth No. 7: Expensive antibiotic is always more effective than a cheap analog

The cost of drug depends on very many factors and is not always a quality indicator therefore it is better to be guided by structure and concentration of active agent in drug, but not on the known name.

Электронный справочник ГЭОТАР – специальный ресурс для фармацевтов

Foolishly not to leave the large sum of money in a drugstore and not to do much harm to the health, always study information on specific drug. All necessary data on the manufacturing company, the application instruction, contraindications, indications, a dosage and other valuable information it is possible to find on a special resource for druggists - the electronic reference book of GEOTAR It is only enough to hammer into a search line the name of drug and to choose necessary from the offered list. Remember that it is worth taking antibiotics and other serious medicine after obligatory consultation with the doctor or the druggist. You should not trust blindly advertizing and to be guided by councils of acquaintances, such negligent attitude to health can turn back deplorable effects. Take care and good luck!

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