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5 most unusual allergic reactions

From the failure of work of immune system which is shown in the form of an allergy, statistically, more than 40% of the population of the globe suffer. In most cases pathological reactions cause the substances which are contained in food stuffs, hair of animals, medicines, goods of household chemicals, cosmetics, pollen of plants, etc. On the one hand, the disease such is capable to spoil quite thoroughly to the person life. With another – it is not so difficult to be protected from it. It is only necessary to limit as much as possible contacts with the factor causing painful reaction. However there are types of an allergy (fortunately, seldom meeting) literally making life a misery of those who suffer from them as completely is not possible to eliminate contacts with the substances provoking an exacerbation of a disease. Five the most exotic of them we present to yours.

1. Allergy to money

Pathological reaction to various alloys (including of what do coins), meets not so seldom. The people subject to an allergy of this kind get used not to take small change in hand that, in principle, not really difficult presently. The female resident of Britain Yvonne Simon in this sense was not lucky at all: she has an allergy not only to nickel, but also to the paint used when printing banknotes. In addition the woman's organism painfully reacts also to latex so she cannot touch money through rubber gloves too. The only thing that helps out Yvonne – a possibility of payment of goods and services online or by means of cash cards.

Аллергия на деньги

2. Intolerance of polyethyleneglycol

Extremely seldom found state especially unpleasant to that substance which in this case provokes the answer of immune system is applied literally continually today. Polyethyleneglycol is a part of the majority of perfumery and cosmetic goods and products of household chemicals which are widely used in any house, office and the public place.

Fortunately, only three cases of an allergy of this kind are around the world known. Patients are strongly limited in movements and contacts with other people, experience difficulties with socialization, employment and just in life.

Непереносимость полиэтиленгликоля

3. Total food intolerance

Allergens contain in many products. Leaders in provoking of pathological reactions are the eggs, a citrus, chocolate, berries having bright red coloring (for example, strawberry), nuts, honey, seafood. However the people having food allergy always have exit: it is possible to refuse one types of food, having replaced them with others.

The allergy to all groups of products is diagnosed for six-year-old Caleb Bassenshut from Australia. Any food causes in it pain and vomiting. The mucous membrane of a digestive tract of the boy is covered with numerous ulcers. Doctors manage to support the child's life by means of specially developed nutrient solution which is entered into a stomach via the probe in the portions on 1-2 grams.

Тотальная пищевая непереносимость

4. Allergy to sperm of the sexual partner

Some people have an allergy to latex of which condoms or on the gels and lubricants which sometimes are applied at sexual contacts are made. Such state is unpleasant, but it is simple to cope with it: if necessary contraception can just use in a different way and to refuse gels and lubricants, or to replace them. It is much worse if the woman's organism patholologically reacts to semen of the sexual partner. It means not only the fact that the unprotected sex (and, therefore, and conception in the natural way) for couple is impossible. The attempt to use the EKO procedure in this case is doomed to a failure too: most likely, the immune system of future mother will tear away even the ovum impregnated by "hostile" sperm out of an organism.

Pathology meets very seldom, but such partners can become happy parents only by means of adoption.

Аллергия на сперму полового партнера

5. Intolerance of any exercise stresses

Sometimes, the charter strongly, we joking we say that we have an allergy to work. For American Ruth Hoylord such statement is not so ridiculous: its organism really patholologically reacts to any physical effort. (Up to an acute anaphylaxis) foot walk, attempt to lift a bag, the weighing couple of kilograms, rise without elevator on one-two floors can cause hypostases, suffocation and other life-threatening symptoms in the woman. Ruth is deprived of an opportunity to get a job, and needs the daily help of close people.

Непереносимость любых физических нагрузок

To the people suffering from the described types of an allergy, usual antihistamines do not help. Fortunately, similar pathologies meet extremely seldom.

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