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22 easy having a snack for cheerfulness and working capacity

For most of the working people the problem of having a snack is particularly acute enough. Sooner or later there is a question: what can be eaten quickly between a breakfast and a lunch or a lunch and leaving from service so that to receive necessary power feed, but not to overload an organism with harmful components or excess calories? We bring to your attention the list of products which quite conform to these requirements.

1. Apples

Have low caloric content. Are vitamin-rich also the microelements promoting inflow of forces and increase in a tone of an organism. Not without reason say that to the person eating at least one apple a day, doctors are not necessary.

Besides, it is convenient to carry these fruit with itself, they are rather dense not to deteriorate during the day. And at cost apples are one of the most available products, even in cold season.


2. Bananas

It is difficult to imagine more successful option of having a snack. The starchy substances and sugar which are an energy source and the potassium contributing to normalization of arterial pressure and cardiac performance are a part of bananas. Besides, these fruit contain the substances stimulating allocation with an organism of endorphines (so-called hormones of joy). Bananas are quite caloric, but one banana will not spoil a figure, but will help to lighten the mood and to take off fatigue.


3. Red sweet pepper

It is vitamin-rich C and A, antioxidants and lycopene. Such set of useful substances well affects appearance of the tired person, gives him cheerfulness. However, to gnaw red pepper not too conveniently, but it can be cut in the morning, to lay in a container, to fill with a small amount of olive oil and apple cider vinegar and to hire. Tasty salad with a pleasant fresh smell will become pleasant having a snack and will quickly remove feeling of hunger.

Красный сладкий перец

4. Hummus

This traditional east dish is prepared from razvarenny seeds of chick-pea and vegetable oil, with the most various additives. Extremely nutritious paste containing a large amount of protein, iron, food cellulose and useful unsaturated fats turns out.

As having a snack the dish is convenient in the sense that even its small amount is very caloric, and combining among themselves additives (spices, fried vegetables, garlic, sesame, nuts, cocoa, cheese feta, etc.) it is possible to create every day paste with new taste.


5. Dark chocolate

In this product high caloric content is combined with a set of useful qualities. Chocolate stimulates production of endorphines, promoting improvement of mood, contains the antioxidants lifting a tone of an organism and strengthening immune system.

For the sweet teeth who are constantly buying cakes, candies and bars, dark chocolate for having a snack – the most successful replacement to all these harmful products. It is the best of all to choose the natural bitter chocolate which is not containing additives and fillers. It is necessary to remember that the product contains a lot of sugar therefore consumption of dark chocolate should not exceed 60 g a day.

Темный шоколад

6. Pumpkin sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds contain less fats, than nuts, but are very rich with protein, vitamin K, calcium and iron. They perfectly are suitable for small having a snack in the second half of the working day. It is enough to eat one-two handfuls of pumpkin sunflower seeds to feel empowered.

Certainly, it is inconvenient to gnaw sunflower seeds at work. Packagings of already cleared seeds come to the rescue. Upon their purchase it is important to pay attention to a period of validity: sunflower seeds which have no skin quickly enough lose the useful qualities. It makes sense to buy the goods in small packing made by the famous producer.

Тыквенные семечки

7. Carrots

It is during the day good to eat one-two small carrots. It contains useful cellulose, sugar and vitamins. Grated carrots in combination with fats so in advance made sour cream or vegetable oil salad quite will approach as tonic and nutritious having a snack are especially useful.


8. Celery

It is about a petiolar celery which green stalks are vitamin-rich also carbohydrates, have antiinflammatory property, are useful to digestion. Vegetable can be used separately or as additive to hummus.

People whose work is connected with traveling have to know that stalks of a celery possess strong diuretic action. In this case it is undesirable to use them for having a snack in operating time.


9. Vegetables cream soup

If at office there is a kitchen where employees can warm up the food brought from the house, vegetable cream soup will become one of the dishes, most suitable for having a snack. Taste it can be made any, depending on the included ingredients. Such food is nutritious and saturated vitamins. In cold season she warms, creates inflow of energy and strengthens protective forces of an organism.

Суп-пюре из овощей

10. Water with a lemon

It is proved that the feeling of fatigue is often connected with organism dehydration. Water with lemon juice – one of the most useful drinks. It contains the vitamins giving to the person forces and the essential oils creating feeling of cheerfulness and increasing intensity of work of a brain.

Water with a lemon can be drunk cold or hot at any time.

Вода с лимоном

11. Porridge

The porridge from oat flakes eaten for breakfast loads an organism with cheerfulness at several o'clock. During the day the portion of porridge can become useful and pleasant having a snack, especially if to add to it vanilla, cinnamon, fruit or berries.

Rough flakes which need to be cooked are the most useful. The porridge of a fine crushing which is not demanding boiling is more convenient in the use, but almost does not contain useful substances.


12. Water-melon

Contrary to popular belief, the water-melon should not be used as a dessert. Its pulp and juice which got into a full stomach cause the fermentation processes which are followed by the heavy feeling strengthened by gas generation, and sometimes and pain.

As cold having a snack it is possible to eat a water-melon slice in one or one and a half hours after a breakfast or a lunch. It will give forces and will refresh, especially in hot summer day.


13. Coconut milk

Today many shops of healthy food offer the juice of young cocoes poured in cardboard packagings. It is the useful drink rich with microelements and possessing ability to save an organism from toxins.

Кокосовое молоко

14. Vegetables and greens salad

Any mix of fresh vegetables seasoned with vegetable oil, apple cider vinegar or lemon juice – fine option of having a snack at any time. It is an energy source and vitamins, and also the cellulose optimizing work of digestive organs.

Such salad can be cooked not only in the summer (from cucumbers, tomatoes, pepper and various greens). Not less successful dish turns out in the winter from crude cabbage, beet and carrots.

Салат из овощей и зелени

15. Pineapple

The same as the water-melon, pineapple should be used separately from other products. However it is dangerous to eat this fruit on an empty stomach: in its pulp there is a lot of acid which can damage stomach walls therefore it is better to eat it after other dish after a while.

Enzyme бромелайн, positively influencing process of digestion and promoting an organism detoxication is a part of pineapple.


16. Bilberry

It is widely known as the product which is increasing visual acuity, stirring up brain activity, improving memory and loading an organism with energy. Doctors recommend to eat daily at least a half of a glass of this useful and tasty berry.

The frozen bilberry completely keeps food and curative properties so it can be used all the year round.


17. Avocado

Fruit is very nutritious. It contains a large number of a cellulose, vitamins and useful fats, the N cholesterol exchange positively influences. Several pieces of avocado help to satisfy quickly hunger and to take off fatigue.

Avocado has specific taste which is pleasant to not everyone, but it can be added to salads or to use instead of oil gas station (in the wiped look).


18. Herbal tea

The cup of the fragrant tea prepared from herbs and flowers perfectly satisfies thirst, and replaces having a snack when the feeling of hunger is shown not really strongly. For this purpose it is possible to use ready teas (for example, a karkada or rooibos), or to make mix independently, having included in it such components as dried leaves of raspberry, currant and wild strawberry, hips, jasmine flowers, a grass of a marjoram, a thyme, a melissa lemon, mint and other plants.

Such tea, though does not contain caffeine, warms, loads with cheerfulness, speeds up work of a brain and increases working capacity.

Травяной чай

19. Dried fig

Curative and nutritious properties of a fig are known since the most ancient times. It is considered one of the best means for improvement of composition of blood, optimization of process of digestion and removal of toxins from an organism.

The fig can be eaten daily, at any time, in a fresh or dried look. In case of purchase of dried fruit it is necessary to be convinced that the producer did not use sugar, preservatives or other nutritional supplements at their production. The dried fig is quite caloric therefore at its use it is necessary to observe moderation.

Вяленый инжир

20. Strawberry

For summer having a snack of berry of strawberry – ideal option. They contain the vitamins which are taking off fatigue (including folic acid), and also the biotin improving a condition of skin, nails and hair.

It is necessary to remember that seasonal berry picked shortly before the use has a complex of the curative and strengthening properties. Import strawberry which is on sale in our latitudes in the winter is very beautiful, but is almost useless. Besides, it is not excluded that for its long storage the gaseous preservatives capable to do harm to health are used.


21. Fresh cucumbers

Cucumbers are rich with silicon. As having a snack they tone up, resupply moisture in an organism and give the chance quickly (though for a while) to satisfy hunger. Can be used as separately, and as a part of summer salads.

Свежие огурцы

22. Sauerkraut

Source of the probiotics, ascorbic acid and vitamins of group B promoting increase in physical and intellectual activity. Sauerkraut olive oil salad – the pleasant and invigorating after-dinner having a snack.

Квашеная капуста

If need for intermediate meals arises regularly, the most successful option is the use of the dishes prepared independently from useful ingredients. This way of removal of fatigue and increase in activity during the working day is simple and available to each person who cares for the health.

Whether you know that:

In Great Britain there is a law according to which the surgeon can refuse to do to the patient operation if he smokes or has excess weight. The person has to refuse addictions, and then, perhaps, he will not need an operative measure.