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12 myths about the milkwoman

Life activity of one-celled fungi of the sort Candida, related to yeast is a proximate cause of development of candidiasis (milkwoman). Normal these microorganisms are a part of the microflora living in an oral cavity and intestines of most of people and also in a female genital tract. The pathological phenomena are observed when fungi begin to breed too violently. At the same time there is an inflammatory process affecting mucous membranes and which is shown very unpleasant symptoms: the itch, burning, pain and plentiful allocations having a specific appearance. The problem is very widespread: according to about 30% of people at least once in life were ill the milkwoman.

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In spite of the fact that the illness is successfully diagnosed and treated, there is also a large number of delusions in its occasion. In this article we will try to dispel the most famous myths about the milkwoman.

Any vaginal allocations demonstrate presence of the milkwoman

It's not true. Vaginal allocations can be very different including not connected with any pathologies. At the milkwoman of allocation have slivkoobrazny or curdled structure. They are dense, are painted in white, is more rare – grayish or greenish color, almost do not smell. Existence of a pungent, unpleasant smell, as a rule, demonstrates that rapid development of fungi is combined with other infection.

Close linen is the reason of development of candidiasis

Major factor of emergence of the milkwoman is the hormonal failure creating the environment favorable for rough reproduction of fungi in a genital tract. Not without reason about a half of cases of vaginal candidiasis falls on an initial stage of pregnancy. Close linen does not provoke development of the milkwoman, however greenhouse effect which arises in intimate area of a body at long wearing the pulling together shorts made of synthetic fabrics can promote creating favorable conditions for strengthening of pathological process when it already began.

To reduce risk of strengthening of activity of fungi, it is worth choosing the linen made of cotton or linen fabric. Also shorts from natural silk will approach. As for a linen style, the classical cut is safest. Shorts thongs and very close shorts can be worn only occasionally.

Special personal hygiene means warn the milkwoman

The myth is implemented and strenuously support the firms producing detergents which allegedly have antibacterial activity. Actually, the best hygienic means for an intimate zone is usual warm water. Regular use of any kind of soap or gel leads to change of acidity of internal environment of a vagina with the subsequent growth of colonies of pathogenic microorganisms. If detergent really provides antibacterial effect, at its use first of all useful microflora perishes that gives an excess scope for development of causative organisms.

Many women, aiming to get rid of the milkwoman, resort to vulval syringings. It is very harmful! The water stream actively washes away the useful microflora limiting growth of pathogenic fungi.

Once you pay attention and to such personal hygiene means, panty liners. They should be changed as often as possible not to create accumulation of pathogenic microorganisms in an intimate zone. At the choice of "ezhednevka" it is important to give preference to the options which are not processed by wet impregnations and fragrances.

It is difficult to diagnose candidiasis

Reliable diagnosis of the milkwoman can be carried out in any laboratory. Microscopic examination of a vulval smear and assessment of bacterial crops are for this purpose used. The analysis is shown by existence in contents of a genital tract of a fungus and intensity of growth of its colonies. Such research is quite reliable and inexpensive.

The milkwoman is treated by any antifungal means

Today there are many medicines which operating components are active against a wide range of pathogenic fungi. However in some cases treatment is ineffective. In such situation the doctor appoints the additional laboratory researches allowing to define precisely a kind of Candida which became responsible for a problem. By results of the analysis select the medicines having narrower action spectrum.

The candidiasis medicine appointed by the doctor can be reused

The statement has some reasons. Really, some of antifungal means successfully work for treatment of the milkwoman when she arises in the second, and even for the third time. However you should not forget that fungi can adapt to influence of medicines and make strains, steady against treatment.

Besides, numerous repetition of attacks of candidiasis has to become the reason of carrying out the general inspection of an organism. Such phenomena demonstrate existence of the permanent factor increasing activity of pathogenic microflora. As a rule, it is the chronic disease which demands specific treatment.

Antifungal drugs for a single dose completely cure the milkwoman

Completely it is impossible to save an organism from fungi. The medicines intended for a single dose are very convenient. At competent selection they quickly save from unpleasant symptoms, but, unfortunately, do not destroy the prime cause of emergence of a problem. To achieve long-term lack of aggravations, it is necessary to find out what factors provoke them and to undergo complex treatment.

It is possible to get rid of candidiasis by means of a special diet

The diet helping to cure the milkwoman or to prevent her development does not exist. Specialists note some communication between activity of pathogenic fungi and excess of bystry carbohydrates in a diet, but this factor begins to work only when candidiasis already is.

For the persons suffering from a diabetes mellitus, the risk of development of the milkwoman is increased. It is connected with instability of a hormonal background characteristic of such patients. The diet assuming reduction of amount of simple carbohydrates in food reduces displays of diabetes and respectively, reduces probability of development of candidiasis in diabetics.

Candidiasis can provoke premature births

The milkwoman at the pregnant woman – very unpleasant, but alas, the frequent phenomenon. The illness cannot cause premature births, but risk of infection of a fruit, undoubtedly, creates. Besides, future mother cannot accept the majority of the medicines intended for treatment of candidiasis. At emergence of symptoms of a disease the woman has to see urgently the doctor conducting pregnancy for purpose of treatment, safe for a fruit (as a rule, local).

Кандидоз может спровоцировать преждевременные роды: так ли это на самом деле?

The milkwoman is an immunodeficiency sign

At the people having chronic candidiasis decrease in immunity is often observed, however the milkwoman is not an immunodeficiency symptom. It is possible to consider that weakening of protective forces of an organism increases risk of development of candidiasis, but is not it a proximate cause.

Too frequent sexual contacts and change of sexual partners promote development of candidiasis

Contrary to popular belief, the milkwoman is not specifically women's issue. Men have candidiasis too, and transfer of fungi from the sexual partner is quite possible. However the illness arises not because of sexual intemperance or illegibility. Such condition of an organism at which the fungi living in a genital tract begin to breed excessively is its reason.

It is necessary to treat both sexual partners for the milkwoman

Fungi of the sort Candida can exist decades in the owner's organism, without causing it any inconveniences. The situation when the milkwoman torments one of sexual partners is quite real, and another at the same time is healthy. Considering that completely it is impossible to remove fungi from an organism, and therapy is directed to decrease of the activity of their reproduction (that is bringing their quantity to normal level), treatment of that from partners which is only the carrier of opportunistic microflora, is represented useless.

The person who regularly have candidiasis has to think seriously of the health. Not the milkwoman, but the reasons leading to its development is dangerous. In this situation simple stopping of attacks will not yield the necessary result, it is only temporary solution of a problem. Comprehensive inspection and adequate complex treatment is necessary.

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