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Urological products will facilitate life of the sick person

It is pleasant to state a possibility of improvement of quality of life of people with problems of functioning of secretory system. Efforts of talented inventors created products which will be able to provide normal life activity of clients with moderate degree of a disease, it is essential to facilitate the help to patients with strongly expressed disturbances.

Показания к применению подгузников для взрослых

Products from textile materials

This group of goods is represented:

  • traditional pampers for adults,
  • diapers in the form of pants,
  • special laying,
  • hygienic sheets, diapers.

All urological products are made of textile cloths multilayer. The outside upper layer is natural, is taktilno pleasant, has the passing ability. The sublayer is received from synthetic polymeric fabrics, does not pass moisture, does not slide, as well as internal has big mechanical durability. Between layers material from the cellulose which underwent a raspushivaniye is placed. Distances between fibers of polysaccharide are artificially increased. In material a capacious time in which allocations collect are formed. The gel weight which is not exhaling smells is as a result formed. The volume of possible absorption is various, specified on marking.

Traditional pampers have the different sizes. Important before purchase to learn the patient's size. Discrepancy can result in inconveniences when using.

The active active person with urological problems needs to get diapers in the form of pants. They are reliably fixed, repeating natural outlines of a body.

At many difficulties in work of secretory system the person has enough laying. They have the considerable differentiated capacity which is specified in marking. Men and ladies can get laying taking into account specific features.

At care of slow-moving patients diapers, sheets can be necessary. At disguise, bathing of the person with bad coordination his bed is required to be protected the moisture absorbing multilayer products. In assortment sheets, diapers of various producers, the sizes are presented.

Hygiene cosmetics

High-quality care of skin of the sick person will be provided by specially developed clearing structures, creams washing and protective. Sometimes, not to disturb the patient, it is enough to wipe the contaminated skin with the special napkin impregnated with natural antiinflammatory structures.

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