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11 most unusual cosmetic procedures in the world

Health and attractiveness - eternal values, pursuing which people often use the most unusual ingredients and technicians. Let's consider 11 most exotic and sometimes not most pleasant Spa procedures to which the person in a pursuit of beauty and youth agrees.

Snake massage

For the first time massage by reptiles appeared in day spa of Israel and since then is not tired to shock impressionable clients. Nevertheless, advantages of snake massage outweigh possible fear of reptiles: it is shown to the people inclined to frequent exercise stresses, headaches, chronic fatigue, a depression, neurosises. The effect of curative influence is reached by snakes thanks to their smooth movements on skin: they deeply weaken, calm, kill muscle pain, recover a cordial rhythm. The procedure is peculiar, but is efficient and has no contraindications, except hostility to its direct participants.

Змеиный массаж

Beer bathtub

Here where real paradise for fans of intoxicated drink! The bathtub represents the big capacity filled with warm mineral water, hop, malt and natural oils. Half-hour bathing in beer relaxes muscles and joints, cleans pores and improves blood circulation of skin, enriching it with vitamins of group B and minerals.

Пивная ванна

Facial massage by slaps in the face (boxing massage)

The weighty slap in the face as a way to get rid of wrinkles is offered in one of beauty shops in the USA which was secrets of the Thai acupressure the basis for the procedure. A series of telling blows and tinglings in problem areas of skin, according to the master, improves blood circulation, making the deep rejuvenating impact which effect remains long time. It is known that the masseurs capable to carry out the procedure professionally, only ten - and all of them were trained in the Thai gurus who received a secret boxing massage from the wise grandmother.

Массаж лица пощечинами

Peeling small fishes

This pleasant procedure is made by live small fishes of family of cyprinid garra rufa who perfectly feel in saloon aquariums. In warm water the keratosic sites of skin are softened, and small fishes begin their cleaning, eating exclusively died off fabrics. The peeling small fishes promotes relaxation of a nervous system, treats skin diseases, saving from an acne, a fungus of feet. The enzymes emitted by garra rufa saliva rejuvenate foot skin, doing it to the soft and deprived pigmentation. However contraindications to the procedure also exist: it is thrombophlebitis, a psoriasis erythrosis and a lupus erythematosus.

Пилинг рыбками

Mask from a bird's dung

For cosmetic procedures excrement of the nightingale living on the island of Kyushu is considered as the most valuable raw materials. Bird's waste dries ultraviolet, mixes with rice bran and parts with water. Mix with unusual ingredient is put on a face in the form of a usual mask: speak, it perfectly peels the keratosic parts and adds to skin softness and healthy gloss.

Маска из птичьего помета


Slime of snails - one more exotic means used in cosmetology for care of face skin. Thanks to cordianine - the substance which is present at slime with the high recovering and rejuvenating effect - the procedure softens dry skin, heals its microdamages, and also eliminates superficial wrinkles. For people, not persons interested to set up the person to mollusks, cosmetologists offer more sparing leaving alternative in the form of cream with extract of snail slime.


"Burning" of wrinkles

The essence of this a little shocking procedure consists in firing of the towel moistened in special solution and imposed on the necessary parts of a body: back, legs and even face. Several seconds of influence of fire are enough that skin was smoothed, got a tone and healthy color. For obvious reasons specialists extremely do not recommend to use this method of controlling with wrinkles in house conditions.

Сжигание морщин

Face pack with a sheep placenta

As the rejuvenating means for face skin the sheep placenta - connecting fabric rich with nutrients between a germ and an animal organism acts. The mask with extract of biomaterial belongs to quite strange, but intensive means of rejuvenation: it perfectly feeds, moistens skin, reduces manifestations of puffiness and smoothes wrinkles.

Маска для лица с плацентой овцы

Girudoplastika (face rejuvenation by bloodsuckers)

Session of a girudoplastika of the person – method of controlling with signs of aging of skin by means of live medical bloodsuckers. Thanks to a collagenase – enzyme of saliva of the worms sticking to certain points of the person – "age" collagen collapses and processes of cell regeneration are stimulated, essentially slowing down aging of skin. Despite the shocking outward, the procedure is completely painless and gives instant effect of rejuvenation.


Massage by cactuses

For this exotic massage use flat leaves of a free prickly pear - a plant of family cactaceous which in Mexico is even eaten. The leaves cleared of prickles moisten with spirit tincture of an agave, warm and spread on problem sites. Moistening skin with tequila, the massage therapist makes the easy stroking movements by cactuses, without forgetting to treat the client with the same drink. Technology of massage by cactuses is less extreme, than massage by snakes, but is more pleasant - it is the fact.

Массаж кактусами

Gemmatoterapiya (massage by gemstones)

The procedure differing in the refinement means use in technology of massage of gemstones from the point of view of bio-energetics. Curative influence of stones allows to neutralize negative energy and to softly activate "congestive" zones. Results of the massage performed on chakras (power channels of the person) are the deep relaxation, recovery of a metabolism, activation of immune system and the general improvement of an organism.


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