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How to lift immunity to the child?

The immunity role in growth of the child is invaluable. The proteins-immunoglobulins produced by immune system preserve the child against the diseases capable − owing to an organism weak still − to serve as a stressful factor, to become the reason of many complications and delays in development of the kid. If the immune system weakened, health of the child is under direct threat and needs active actions for strengthening of protective forces of an organism − preferably non-drug.

Признаки ослабленного иммунитета у ребенка

Signs of the weakened immunity

Any disturbance of an organism including the condition of an immunodeficiency developing gradually is followed by characteristic signs which any observant parent will be able to distinguish. It is possible to carry to them:

  • Increased fatigue, frequent headaches, pallor, blue circles under eyes;
  • The dim, whipped hair, fragile nails;
  • Sleep disorders (sleeplessness or drowsiness);
  • Frequent catarrhal and viral diseases (more than 5 times a year). At the same time during a disease at the child temperature seldom rises;
  • Painless increase in cervical and axillary lymph nodes;
  • Dysbacteriosis (disturbance of a chair, abdominal distention);
  • Loss of appetite, body weights;
  • Food allergy.

At detection at the child of one or several of the listed symptoms it is recommended to address the pediatrician as some of them can be symptoms of dangerous diseases (for example, blood diseases). If the diagnosis is confirmed, it is necessary to help immune system the means resolved by the doctor.

Methods of increase in the general immunity

The condition of immune system has complex character and depends on a set of factors - "bricks". It is only not enough to temper the child, without providing an organism with all necessary substances, or only fully to feed, neglecting exercise stresses. In strengthening of immunity are especially important:

  • Balanced food. Together with food the child has to receive the amount of vitamins and microelements corresponding to its age. In a diet presence of fresh fruit, vegetables, juice, fishes, dairy products is obligatory;
  • Observance of a day regimen. It is recommended to be in a bed to the child already at 9 o'clock in the evening. Both too early, and late awakenings − optimum time for morning raising of 7-8 o'clock in the morning are not recommended. The day dream is shown to children of preschool age;
  • Elimination of the centers of persistent infection (timely treatment of carious teeth, antritis, tonsillitis, etc.);
  • Prevention and treatment of helminthic invasions;
  • Elimination of dysbacteriosis. It is known that in intestines there is a notable part of immune system − about one million immunocompetent lymphoid organisms which in a condition of an imbalance of the intestinal environment do not perform the functions.

Effective remedy of strengthening of immunity the hardening − douche cold water, rubdown by a towel, an alternating douche, walking barefoot, visit of the pool is considered. Pediatricians do not recommend to begin a hardening close in the tracks of a disease, and also in cold season − formation of immunity requires not less than 2 months of regular procedures. It is necessary to attend to the tempering actions till the period of autumn and winter colds: in the spring or in the summer, since douche by water of room temperature, easy gymnastics, walking by bare feet on warm sand.


To strengthen immune system after a serious illness and an operative measure quicker and more effectively drugs immunomodulators allow. Treat them:

  • Interferona (Viferon, Kipferon) protecting from viral infections;
  • Stimulators of development of natural interferon in an organism (Anaferon, Arbidol, Tsikloferon);
  • The bacterial means made of the neutralized contagiums (Likopid, Riomunil, IRS-19);
  • Drugs of a plant origin (Immunal, Bioaron C).

Pediatricians do not recommend to begin a hardening "close in the tracks" of a disease, and also in cold season − formation of immunity requires not less than 2 months of regular procedures.

Any immunomodulator − it "heavy artillery" which use has to be carried out only in cases if vitamin therapy, the hardening, exercise stresses and other methods of increase in the general immunity did not yield result. It is allowed to accept immunomodulators only according to the recommendation of the doctor; the frequent or uncontrolled use of stimulators can cause converse effect − exhaustion of immune system. Besides, similar drugs does not consult to give to children aged up to 1,5 years.

Folk remedies and recommendations

Basis of some immunomodulatory drugs are extracts from officinal herbs, berries, fruit and other gifts of the nature. Some of them can be eaten without restrictions (these are vegetables, buckwheat, peas, garlic, wheat sprouts, walnut), but the majority − medical courses (broths of a nettle, camomile, a dogrose, a melissa, a St. John's Wort, hawthorn, purple cone-flower).

The most effective means for increase in immunity − broth of grains of oats, to them is recommended to give to drink to the child in warm season within a month. Reception of means can cause some ease of a chair therefore the dose of broth has to be corrected depending on individual reaction of the child to drink.

Народные методы укрепления иммунитета

Experienced doctors recommends to use such recipe for immunity strengthening: the lemon, walnuts and raisin in equal parts need to be crushed, mixed with honey and to give to the child 3 times a day 2 teaspoons.

The regular use of honey (in the absence of allergic reactions), and also parsley leaves will help to strengthen an organism. Only 1 teaspoon of the crushed fresh plant will provide the child with a daily stock of the majority of vitamins and minerals necessary for it.

The immune system at the child finally forms by the puberty period, and up to this point its organism is still weak and needs strengthening. However to start them, in order to avoid harm, follows with care (especially practicing a hardening, reception of immunomodulators and officinal herbs), surely coordinating the actions with the pediatrician.

Whether you know that:

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