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11 delusions about a climax

Climax – process of fading of reproductive function of an organism in process of its aging. At women the main sign of its approach is the termination of a menstrual cycle. Officially the menopause is diagnosed when periods are not observed within 12 months. Age changes quite often are followed by emotional failures, disturbance of thermal control and sweating, dizzinesses and headaches, tachycardia and other unpleasant phenomena. This complex of symptoms is called a menopausal syndrome.

В каком возрасте начинаются климактерические изменения?

The climax is considered quite natural state, but many women perceive perspective of its approach as accident. The numerous delusions connected with approach of a menopause and change of a hormonal background are the reason. Let's try to dispel the most known of them.

1. Climacteric changes begin at the age of 40 years

The age of approach of a menopause is very individual. Influence affects this parameter:

  • Heredities;
  • Existence of chronic diseases (in particular, hormonal pathologies, failures of a metabolism, cardiovascular illnesses, malignant new growths);
  • Geographical factor (at the women living in hot climate, the menopause comes earlier);
  • Social and economic circumstances. In those countries where women do hard manual work or have a large number of children, average age of approach of a climax is really close by 40-43 years. Most of modern female residents of economically developed states of Europe, Asia and America feel the first signs of a climax for 10 years later;
  • Psychological instability, frequent stresses, existence of mental disturbances;
  • Behavioural factors (addictions, features of sexual activity).

Cases of both very early, and late approach of a climax are known. The age of a menopause fluctuates ranging from 36 up to 60 years.

2. After the termination of periods it is impossible to become pregnant

Reproductive function at the woman dies away not at once. The probability of conception remains within two years after approach of a menopause. Therefore to refuse at once contraceptives extremely improvidently.

It is very important to understand that age changes of a hormonal background demand individual selection of new contraceptives. In order to avoid harming health of the woman the doctor has to be engaged in purpose of the corresponding drugs.

3. The climax is a failure of work of endocrine system

The climax is a natural state. It is not pathology. A hormonal background it becomes valid not such, as in youth. There is a deficit of hormones of ovaries causing changes in a metabolism, work of some bodies and systems.

The amount of women's hormones in an organism can be corrected by means of correctly picked up medicines that will make changes in an organism less sharp and will improve health.

4. At a climax health of the woman catastrophically worsens

The menopause does not provoke development of serious failures in an organism. However its symptoms are perceived very individually. They can create a certain discomfort and worsen a condition of the woman, especially in that case when she and had before problems with health.

If inflows, dizzinesses, emotional instability and other signs of a climax thoroughly reduce quality of life, prevent to be engaged in usual things, the woman has to see a doctor. The gynecologist-endocrinologist will estimate her condition and will pick up gormonozamestitelny therapy taking into account specific features of an organism.

5. A climax – the beginning of an old age

It is incorrect. Arrival of a menopause does not mean either approach of physical decrepitude, or working capacity falling, or negative changes of outlook. Many women during this period live especially actively, carry out treasured plans, are implemented professionally and socially.

6. It is possible to facilitate climax symptoms only by means of drugs

Modern gormonozamestitelny therapy is rather effective to reduce intensity of symptoms of a climax to quite tolerant level. For women who for any reasons cannot or do not want to accept hormonal drugs, an exit is too. There are many folk remedies facilitating unpleasant feelings which arise at a menopause. Among them reception of broths and infusions of officinal herbs, use of vitamin teas, carrying out hydrotherapeutic procedures. Long foot walks, occupations swimming, use of the calming and tonic aromatherapy can be serious help.

Some plants (red clover, tsimitsifug, etc.) contain gormonopodobny substances. On the basis of these herbs dietary supplements which are widely advertized as means, "completely removing unpleasant symptoms of a climax" are created. Unfortunately, it not absolutely so. To some women similar means really give temporary relief, but such reaction is very individual. Besides, dietary supplements are not subject to obligatory certification. Their structure and action (including collateral) are not always predictable. It is impossible to consider their reception full and safe gormonozamestitelny therapy. In the absence of allergic reactions the woman can try to fight against climax symptoms by means of independently prepared drugs of these plants. Approach to such treatment has to be very careful: the slightest disturbance of a compounding or the schedule of reception is capable to do harm to health, and the positive effect (considering individual reaction) is not guaranteed.

7. The menopause brings exclusively negative changes

Fading of reproductive function by many women is perceived without any chagrin. Too very few people are sorry about disappearance of menstrual bleedings, especially if they were regularly followed by pain, weakness, dizzinesses and other, in a varying degree signs known to all women.

As for the indispositions characteristic of a menopause, they arise not at all. Hard cases of a menopausal syndrome meet infrequently, and corrections by modern medicines, as a rule, give in.

8. The climax surely spoils appearance of the woman

Changes of a hormonal background really not in the best way affect a condition of skin, hair and mucous membranes. Covers become dry and lose a tone, mimic wrinkles go deep. Some women gain excess weight.

It is possible to cope with these troubles. Certainly, such care of a body what the famous actresses during a menopause keeping a figure use is available to not everyone and the person is able to which young girls can envy. However there is a large amount of anti-aging cosmetics which any woman is capable to afford. You should not neglect also national methods of preservation of beauty, the benefit many herbs, fruit and vegetables have tonic and nutritious effect on skin and hair. Sports activities, hydrotherapeutic procedures and healthy food will help to put in order a figure.

Климакс: самые распространенные заблуждения

9. The menopause fatally affects sexuality

If the woman is healthy and watches the state, the climacteric is not reflected in her sexual life in any way. Some discomfort can arise in connection with the increased dryness of mucous membranes in intimate zones. This problem is easily solved with the help of special creams and ointments.

10. Hormonal drugs and late childbirth can delay approach of a climax

The medicines capable to prolong reproductive function, do not exist. Late pregnancy has no such effect too. However it is noticed that many women who became mothers at rather mature age (40 years and more), seldom complain of the indispositions connected with approach of a climax. Perhaps, the abundance of positive emotions well affects their health and helps to transfer unpleasant symptoms easier.

11. A climax – purely women's issue

Age reorganization of an organism happens also at men. During the period from 45 to 60 years men quite often suffer from the indispositions connected with changes of a hormonal background. Characteristic symptoms are sleep disorders, the strengthened sweating, sudden inflows of heat to the head, headaches, a bystry set of weight. Also the emotional failures which are expressed in attacks of irritability or apathy can be observed.

The indispositions connected with a climax give in to correction both at women, and at men. It is important to pay attention to deterioration in a physical and emotional state in time and to address the specialists capable to conduct high-quality examination and to appoint adequate treatment.

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