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10 pharmaceutical drugs which can be used in the cosmetic purposes

The cosmetics intended for improvement of a condition of skin, nails and hair are used by each woman. Expenses on regular acquisition of the fashionable widely advertized products of well-known companies for many become very notable and significantly burden the family budget. Meanwhile, there is a number of inexpensive pharmaceutical drugs which can quite be applied in the cosmetic purposes. At the same time the effect of their use is often more noticeable, than result of use of the most expensive creams and lotions.

1. Zinc oxide ointment

One of the most effective drugs capable very quickly and effectively to cope with spots. It is enough to apply for the night a thin film of ointment on the problem place and to allow it to dry. Next morning from the inflamed red spot on a face there will be no trace left also.

Drug strongly dries up integuments. To apply it on extensive sites of skin and to apply too often it is not recommended. After disappearance of a spot it is necessary to process a face the moisturizing nutritious cream.

2. Retinoic ointment

Contains a concentrate of Retinolum (vitamin A) which is one of the substances which are successfully preventing aging of skin. Means raises a tone of integuments, smoothes wrinkles, has the noticeable rejuvenating effect. Besides, ointment calms, removes reddening and irritation, reduces displays of an acne.

It is very important to remember the following: the leather processed by Retinolum drugs should not be affected by ultraviolet rays: at their hit on a face an ugly nevus pigmentosus can appear. Therefore retinoic ointment should be applied only for the night.

3. Aspirin

Widely known febrifugal drug (acetylsalicylic acid) can be used as the means tightening skin. It is enough to crush one tablet, to mix powder with a teaspoon of sour cream and to put on a face for 15 minutes. Lifting effect is swept up after one procedure: the skin tone raises, the obvislost disappears, depth of wrinkles decreases.

Means is very strong. It cannot be applied on the inflamed and angry places, and also on skin a century.

4. Calendula

From spirit Tinctura Calendulae which is on sale in each drugstore the remarkable clearing face lotion significantly reducing fat content of skin and reducing quantity of black points turns out. Drug is mixed with boiled water in equal proportions.

For dry skin it is possible to prepare the disinfecting liquid which is not containing alcohol. For this purpose it is enough to make water infusion of dry flowers of a calendula (one tablespoon of raw materials on a glass of boiled water).

Спиртовая настойка календулы

5. Tocopherol

Vitamin E drug. Is issued in the form of gelatin capsules. Perfectly affects nails: strengthens and levels nail plates, heals small damages of a cuticle.

It is very simple to use tocopherol: it is necessary to pierce the capsule a needle, to squeeze out oil contents and to rub it in nails.

Витамин Е (токоферол)

6. Glycyrrhiza root

The root of a glycyrrhiza (licorice) contains the substances eliminating puffiness, calming, reducing an inflammation and promoting growth of collagenic fibers. The bleaching effect of these vegetable raw materials is most brightly shown. With its help it is possible to get rid quickly enough of a nevus pigmentosus (including seasonal origin – freckles).

Use or water infusion (a tablespoon of the crushed root on a glass of boiled water), or spirit lotion. For its preparation the tablespoon of raw materials is filled in with a quarter of a glass of vodka, insisted two weeks, then filtered and the received liquid is added water to 250 ml.

The cosmetic effect of drugs of a glycyrrhiza is swept up after two weeks of daily use.

7. Fresh-water sponge

The powder made of the dried-up fresh-water sponge – extremely active component which is providing an effective peeling and reducing quantity of wrinkles.

For preparation of a mask powder of a fresh-water sponge is dissolved with hydrogen peroxide to a kashitseobrazny state. Mix needs to be applied on previously moistened skin and to take 5-10 minutes. Means causes a burning sensation therefore duration of the procedure depends on individual portability – strong burning does not need to be suffered.

After washing off of a mask skin can strongly redden therefore it is recommended to use the calming cream. The rejuvenating effect is swept very up.

10. Burdock oil

One of the best means for improvement of a condition of hair. Oil is heated on the water bath and warm applied on hair and head skin. In 30-40 minutes wash away a mask using the sparing shampoo. To provide improvement of integuments, to activate growth of hair, to make them elastic and brilliant, it is enough to do such procedure twice a week.

11. Aevitum

Mix of A and E vitamins – ideal nutritious and tonic for skin. It is necessary to put daily on a face contents of one capsule within two weeks, and the rejuvenating effect is provided.

Аевит (смесь витаминов А и Е)

12. Solkoserit ointment

Means optimizes process of supply of cells of skin with oxygen and glucose, strengthens collagen synthesis, possesses the recovering and healing action. It can independently be applied or in mix with any night cream. 2-3 times a week are put on a face before going to bed.

All described pharmaceutical drugs are available, inexpensive and very effective. Use of any of them will positively affect appearance and mood of the woman and will provide decent economy of money.

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