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4 most harmful types of sweets and options of their replacement

Food with the increased content of sugar is attractive to most of people - it is scientifically confirmed fact. Business here not in intemperance or dissoluteness: the sweet food is associated since childhood with feeling of rest and safety which tests the kid when it absorbs maternal milk. Besides, getting into a human body, sugar strengthens production of "happiness hormones" which all of us so need. And still life of sweet teeth seldom happens cloudless: too big loss to their health and appearance is put by favourite dishes. Fortunately, the similar negative impact can be minimized. It is only necessary to understand what sweets are most harmful and what they can be replaced with.

1. Sticky "yum-yum"

The chewing candies, fondants, toffees and caramels with liquid stuffings which are traditionally considered as nurseries are much more harmful, than other types of delicacies. Their careful mothers and grandmothers most often buy to kids, mistakenly including that it is more useful than some candy of this kind chocolate. Actually it not so. As a part of toffees and fondants there are practically no natural ingredients, but in them there are a lot of various synthetic additives not only which are badly influencing digestion, but also causing accustoming. For enamel of teeth there is nothing more harmfully, than the remains of sticky "yum-yum" in the presence of which causative organisms feel especially freely. Specialists claim that the children accustomed to such candies, victims of caries become much more often than those peers whose parents were more careful in the choice of sweets.

Липкие вкусняшки

2. Confectionery goods and baking of industrial production

The use of cookies, cakes, sweet rolls and cakes does irreparable harm to digestive organs, causes failures of a metabolism, worsens a condition of blood vessels. For fans of similar products the risk of development of a hypertension, obesity, a diabetes mellitus of the second type, damages of a liver and many other heavy illnesses is high. At the same time sweet flour goods of an industrial origin are the most dangerous. Aiming to receive the maximum benefit, producers use the most harmful components for their production, replacing butter with cheap margarine and other vegetable fats. In combination with sugar these substances represent the real time bomb which is gradually destroying internals.

Кондитерские товары и выпечка промышленного производства

3. Chocolate bars

Persuasive and doubtful advertizing is generally guilty of that harm which delicacies such are capable to cause. Information that bars are an excellent product for a bystry satisfying of hunger misleads the buyer. Eating next "Snickers", the person really receives a big portion of calories, but all of them are imprisoned in sugar (that is represent bystry carbohydrates) and a large amount of harmful fats. As a result hunger quickly is returned, and the set of substances absolutely unnecessary it gets to an organism. Caramel and nougat which use promotes destruction of an adamantine substance of tooth are a part of many bars. And the word "chocolate" in this case is hardly true: the glaze covering bars almost does not contain some natural chocolate.

Шоколадные батончики

4. Dried fruits

Our darlings prunes, dried apricots and other dried and dried fruit can be not absolutely harmless, especially at the use in large numbers too. Certainly, the vitamins and microelements which are their part are useful. But it is impossible to forget that all substances (including sugar) contain in dried fruits in high concentration. For example, dried dates by right are considered as one of the most sweet products on Earth. The uncontrolled use of dried fruits instead of the expected advantage can do harm to health. Besides, producers quite often use the preservatives and other additives improving outward of products such. Therefore dried fruits should be chosen carefully and to use moderately.


What to do if all the same there is a wish for some sweet? It is worth replacing harmful "yum-yum" with safer products. Nutritionists advise, for example, to buy the lollipops which are not containing sugar. Sorbite or other substitutes, but in small amounts can be their part, and the main ingredients is natural fruit and berry juice.

It is better for chocolate bars and candies to prefer tiled chocolate of dark and bitter grades. It contains natural antioxidants and other useful substances, and in it it is not enough harmful fats.

Help to satisfy thirst of sweet well also some fruit (bananas, a persimmon). Besides, the bars which are on sale in drugstores which contain muesli, honey and dried berries are considered as harmless. They have good taste and low caloric content.

Before holidays when without sweets it is difficult to eat with sense not to stint and give preference to products more expensive, but qualitative. Anyway, choosing cakes or cake in the known candy store, you will be able precisely to learn their structure and to regale quietly, without risking to eat a huge portion of fats of a doubtful origin. Only the use (certainly, moderated) home-made pastries, tasty and safe is more preferable.

Whether you know that:

Scientists from the Oxford university conducted a number of researches during which they came to a conclusion that vegetarianism can be harmful to a human brain as leads to decrease in its weight. Therefore scientists recommend not to exclude completely from the diet fish and meat.