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How to pass to separate food: 6 first steps

Separate food – the system of meal based on digestion physiology which is carried to improvement methods. According to nutritionists, the separate use of the carbohydrate and proteinaceous products demanding different conditions of assimilation helps to get rid of diseases of digestive tract and serves as prophylactic from a diabetes mellitus, arthritis, food allergies, cholelithiasis and many other frustration. The essence of salutary effect of a method consists in the most high-quality assimilation of products – without heavy feeling in a stomach, abdominal distentions, formations of toxins. Separate meal allows to get rid not only of diseases, but also of the excess weight often accompanying disturbances of food.

Despite the mass of advantages of system, a way to separate food it is not always pleasant. Statistically, more than a half of people, having undertaken to observe it, are returned to a usual diet. Mistakes are the most frequent reasons when healthy food did not become a habit yet. Small gradual steps – what nutritionists in transition to new type of food recommend to make. Let's talk about it in more detail.

1. Consult with the doctor

The technique of doctor Herbert Shelton is recommended to the people having heartburn, weight in a stomach, locks, however sick gastritis, a peptic ulcer of a stomach and some other illnesses before its use it is necessary to see a doctor. The main reason to that is the increase in a share of vegetable food in a diet recommended naturology (to 40%) which is not always favorable for sick bodies of digestive tract. Transition to separate food in general is useful to the healthy person, however consultation of the doctor is desirable and in this case.

Проконсультироваться с врачом

2. Begin with one fasting day a week

Gradual transition to separate food, according to doctors, is more preferable sharp both with physiological, and from the psychological point of view. As a result of slow change of the mode the organism which got used to the mixed food adapts to system without side effects (slackness, breakdown, disturbances of a chair).

Sharp transition is a serious loss to mentality which degree depends on degree of attachment of the person to food. The acute dissatisfaction interfaced to constant feeling of hunger is characteristic of the period of adaptation. On belief of doctors, it is not necessary to test will power on durability: it is better to begin with one fasting day a week, having learned not to mix meat with potatoes, macaroni and bread.

Начинать с одного разгрузочного дня в неделю

3. Limit the use of fast food and sweets

One of the important principles of separate food – refusal of harmful products, especially semi-finished products and fast food. It is necessary to exclude this high-calorific, but tasty food from a diet, but it is not obligatory at once, especially at the first stages of following to system. To get used to a new diet it is better to introduce restrictions gradually, replacing a share of harmful products useful: fresh vegetables, fruit, greens.

Similar requirements concern also sweets: candies, cakes, cakes, ice cream. It is impossible to refuse at once that long time brought the contribution in development by a pleasure hormone organism, otherwise joy from feeling of ease in a stomach can be replaced by bad mood and a depression. For a start it is enough to use sweets as separate reception in 1,5-2 hours prior to or after food, having limited their quantity.

Ограничить употребление фаст-фуда и сладостей

4. Recover the drinking mode

The first 2-3 weeks after transition to a new diet – the period of intensive removal of toxins and slags from an organism. For clarification the person following rules of separate food should use not less than 2-2,5 l of liquid a day. At the same time it is not recommended to drink right after meal, otherwise liquid will dilute a gastric juice, having reduced efficiency of assimilation of products. It is more reasonable to use water in the small portions during the day, having waited for not less than half an hour after food.

Восстановить питьевой режим

5. Plan the menu in advance

One of serious mistakes upon transition to separate food – lack of in advance planned menu. To the one who does not know, than to have a bite at present, it is much easier to return to usual dishes, than to stand feeling of hunger. As a result of frequent disturbances of a power supply system its salutary effect for an organism can be zero.

At the first stages of the mode it is easy to return to the former menu as does not feel usual pleasure from meal of people any more. In addition to in advance prepared dishes corresponding to the principles of system, doctors recommend to a thicket to include favourite products in the menu to compensate deficit of pleasure from food.

Планировать меню заранее

6. Limit loadings

Additional exercise or mental stresses when the organism has a serious stress, can weaken immune system, break a hormonal background and to become a cause of failure from healthy changes in food. During a transition period in order to avoid exhaustion it is better to exclude intensive sports activities, having left easy: charging, yoga, massage. Also at adaptation it is better not to plan responsible actions: at this time it is recommended to have a rest more, observing a measured daily routine.

Ограничить нагрузки

Whether you know that:

The American scientists made experiments on mice and came to a conclusion that water-melon juice prevents development of atherosclerosis of vessels. One group of mice drank usual water, and the second – water-melon juice. As a result vessels of the second group were free from cholesteric plaques.