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5 ways of reduction of a breast

Women quite often suffer from complexes concerning the sizes of the bust. Strangely enough, not too modest, and excessively curvy shapes become the reason of sincere discomfort sometimes. Except psychological problems, the big bust sometimes creates also quite notable malfunctions with health: his owner can feel muscular dorsodynias, feeling of constant fatigue and difficulty of breath. Over time excess loading leads to development of diseases of a backbone. However the situation is not remediless, ways of reduction of a breast exist.

1. Physical exercises

It is impossible to pump up breast muscles as at the woman muscles of this part of a body are presented quite poorly. But there are specially developed sets of exercises for a shoulder girdle and an upper half of a back. They help to raise a tone of muscles of a pectus and to gradually bring excess fatty deposits out of mammary glands and a hypodermic. Business this slow, but at a certain persistence it is possible to reduce a little the volume of a breast and to bring up her.

Физические упражнения

2. Cosmetic leaving

The result of trainings will be more noticeable if along with exercise stresses to apply the cosmetics possessing expressed lifting effect. In such quality it is useful to use both ready oils and creams, and the drugs made in house conditions. For example, well proved mix of one teaspoon of oil of grape seeds, two tablespoons of oil jojoba and several drops of rose attar. Doing massage with this means twice a day, it is possible to achieve a positive effect within one or one and a half months.

Косметический уход

3. Dietary food

If the woman dreaming to reduce bust volume has excess weight, she should reduce the caloric content of the diet. In combination with moderate exercise stresses it will lead not only to the general improvement of an organism and improvement of a figure, but also to removal of the lipoblasts postponed in a breast. The special diet does not exist. Any diet which is picked up taking into account features of an organism will approach. However, you should not wait for bystry result: it is proved that at loss of one kilogram of body weight the breast grows thin on only 20 grams.

Диетическое питание

4. Reducing mammoplastika

Operation on reduction of chest glands is considered the most drastic remedy of a solution. Unfortunately, the help such is available to not everyone. As well as any surgical intervention, a reducing mammoplastika has contraindications. An obstacle for carrying out operation are chronic illnesses (a diabetes mellitus and other endocrine disturbances, blood pathologies, cardiovascular problems), new growths in mammary glands, infectious diseases etc.

Besides, surgical correction of the size of a breast bears risk of development of complications. The patients who transferred a reducing mammoplastika most often face such phenomena as formation of rough hems (to 5% of cases), necrosis of fabrics of an areola and a nipple (about 3%), suppurations or bleedings (less than 1%). Operation is not done to the women who did not reach age of 18 years and also young mothers at whom the lactation stopped less than a year ago. Doctors categorically do not advise to carry out a breast reduction if the patient plans to have children in the future.

Редукционная маммопластика

5. Folk remedies

Such means of reduction of mammary glands as compresses is considered effective. Drug for holding procedures is prepared from 50 g of the crushed poppy heads and a half of liter of water. Mix is boiled within 20 minutes, then broth is cooled, filtered and used for wetting of fabric which is daily put to a breast.

Народные средства

For some women too magnificent bust really is the problem significantly complicating life. However it is necessary to approach its decision with reasonable care. It is necessary to remember that the surgical method of correction can have unpleasant side effects. Therefore for a start it is worth trying other ways of reduction of a breast, having left radical intervention as a last resort.

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