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5 facts about a vasectomy

For many spouses the question of planning of a family is one of the main. The problem of the choice of effective and safe contraceptives at the same time comes out on top. Russians still not often resort to operation of a vasectomy extremely popular in the USA, and also in some European and Asian countries. The reason is simple: most of men simply do not possess the complete information about specifics and effects of this procedure. Let's try to meet this lack and to acquaint readers with what represents a surgical way of men's sterilization.

Что такое вазэктомия?

1. The most effective way of contraception

Vasectomy – the small surgical intervention directed to the termination of removal of spermatozoa from the man's organism. Operation comes down to blocking or full removal of semyavyvodyashchy channels. At the same time the ejaculate continues to be developed, the potentiality does not suffer, but conception becomes impossible as sperm does not contain spermatozoa any more.

Men's sterilization is one of the most effective ways of contraception. The probability of recovery of genital function makes only 1%.

2. The procedure of a vasectomy has irreversible effects

The man who transferred a vasectomy has an opportunity to try to return fertility, having performed operation on recovery of passability of semyavyvodyashchy channels. However it is the expensive procedure, and doctors do not yield a guarantee its result. On the mute, the possibility of conception after such operation makes less than 50% if recovery of channels was made in the first two years after a vasectomy.

Blocking of semyavyvodyashchy channels within several years after operation does not affect work of testicles in any way: spermatozoa continue to be developed in the normal mode. Over time this function dies away, and the man completely loses an opportunity to bring forth offspring. Therefore the vasectomy is considered the irreversible procedure, and the decision on its carrying out has to be especially weighed and responsible.

3. In the postoperative period complications are possible

Negative effects of a vasectomy generally come down to emergence of postoperative hematomas and small hypostases. Short-term fervescence is sometimes observed. Some patients complain of heavy feelings and pains in testicles. As a rule, all complications pass within two-three days if the man observes a work-rest schedule and follows recommendations of the doctor.

It is necessary to consider that in rare instances surgical intervention can become the reason of development of inflammatory processes, emergence of purulent discharges from a section or a puncture. It occurs only when operation is done by the doctor who does not have due qualification, or the medical personnel irresponsibly treat performance of sanitary and hygienic norms. For the man who decided on surgical sterilization, the choice of reliable clinic has paramount value.

4. Sterilization does not protect the man from STD

Having performed operation on a vasectomy, the man excludes a possibility of emergence of undesirable posterity, but does not protect himself from infections, sexually transmitted at all. In this sense the sexual contact can be considered safe only when using condom.

Use of similar devices is necessary also right after the procedure as live spermatozoa can remain in channels within 8 weeks.

5. The vasectomy is painless and safe, but has contraindications

Operation is performed under a local anesthesia. Usually it does not cause the patient big problems. Blocking of channels is carried out through small cuts or punctures. Recently surgeons give preference to low-invasive techniques which use guarantees the minimum traumatizing an organism. The vasectomy is considered less dangerous procedure, than surgical sterilization of women: for all history of carrying out any lethal result of similar operation is not registered. Long-term researches showed that such method of contraception does not do any harm to the hormonal sphere of the man and is not the reason of development of pathologies in the long-term.

Важные факты, которые необходимо знать о вазэктомии

Absolute medical contraindications to surgical sterilization of men do not exist, but in the presence of a serious chronic illness (heart failure, a diabetes mellitus, asthma etc.), there is a danger of emergence of negative effects to health. Before operation patients usually undergo inspection and make necessary tests.

The procedure has also no age contraindications, but the doctor can have objections of a social order. For example, he can refuse to do a vasectomy to the man who has age up to 30 years, is not married and is not a father. At the first visit of the surgeon recommend to show to the married patient the written consent of the spouse though officially the law of it does not demand.

As results of operation are actually irreversible, you should not plan surgical sterilization in a temper, in a condition of a quarrel with the sexual partner or in the constrained circumstances. The decision to make a vasectomy has to be voluntary, considered and responsible not to do harm to own family and not to regret afterwards about loss of an opportunity to have children.

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