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Treatment by pinecones: 4 national recipes

The pine is one of the most widespread plants of our woods. Its needles and pitch not without reason called by "gallipot" were since ancient times used for strengthening of protective forces of an organism, treatment of avitaminosis, anemia and many other diseases. In recent years wide popularity was gained by the national medicines prepared from pinecones. "Fruits" of a coniferous tree contain a huge amount of vitamins, biologically active agents, antioxidants, phytoncides and other useful components. In this article we will tell about the most known recipes of preparation of medicines from pinecones.

1. Jam

One kilogram of young green bumps is filled in with two liters of cold water and left for days. Then infusion is merged, add kilograms of granulated sugar and cook syrup in which after boiling lower cones. Jam prepares within one and a half-two hours on weak fire. The foam which is formed at mix boiling should be removed. The ready delicacy has the pleasant amber color, a remarkable smell and taste reminding wild strawberry jam.

There is also other way of preparation of curative jam. It can be welded by the principle of five-minute, that is to boil cones in in advance prepared syrup of 5-7 minutes and to allow to infuse within a day. To repeat all cycle two more times and to pour ready jam in the dry sterilized container.

Jam from young pinecones is an excellent immunostimulator. Accepting on only one tablespoon a day, it is possible to reduce risk of seasonal catarrhal diseases significantly. Besides, means is applied to weakening of symptoms of polyarthritis and recovery of forces after the postponed diseases.

Варенье из сосновых шишек

2. Tincture and broth of green cones

Drug perfectly helps at persuasive cough, bronchitis, any inflammatory respiratory diseases. It is applied also at heartaches, high temperature (as sudorific), avitaminosis.

Tincture prepares so: the tablespoon of the crushed (cut) cones is filled in with two glasses of the boiling water and insisted 12 hours in the warm place. It is desirable that mix did not cool down therefore capacity with future medicine is put in a pan with boiled water to which regularly add new portions of hot water. Accept tincture on 1-2 tablespoons three times a day before food.

Unfortunately, water tincture of green cones is badly stored. To reserve remedy, it is prepared by boiling method (already described mix is boiled within 2-3 minutes on strong fire, and then filter). Broth can be stored in the refrigerator, before reception mixing a necessary portion with a small amount of honey.

Настойка и отвар зеленых шишек

3. Tincture of mature cones

Curative properties of this structure became known not so long ago, but its exclusive medical and preventive effect is already confirmed clinically.

For preparation use mature cones (firm, brown, slightly revealed) and 70% alcohol (it is possible to replace with vodka). There are several recipes. Let's give two most known:

  • To fill with cones a one-liter jar and to fill in it with alcohol to a coat hanger. To insist in the dark place within two weeks, then to filter. To accept once a day on a teaspoon after food;
  • To fill in 5 large cones with a glass of alcohol and to put to the dark place for 10 days. To filter solution and to add to it a teaspoon of apple or grape cider vinegar. To accept mix on one teaspoon for the night, having dissolved in a glass of warm rather weak tea (it is possible with honey).

Both means apply to prevention of a stroke or after the postponed disturbance of cerebral circulation. It is established that at patients who within half a year after a stroke accepted such tincture the lost motive functions and the speech were successfully recovered, the general tone of an organism raised, process of destruction of cells of a brain stopped.

The drug prepared according to the first recipe is applied also to grindings and compresses at diseases of the joints which are followed by hypostases and pain.

Настойка зрелых шишек

4. Curative elixir (syrup)

Syrup prepares from green cones and honey (sometimes in mix with sugar). The washed-out cones stack in a 3-liter jar, filling it on two thirds, and add 900 g of qualitative liquid honey (or 800 g of honey and 100 g of sugar). Capacity is densely closed, left on well lit place (for example, on a window sill) and infuse mix within 3-4 months, daily stirring up bank that contents mixed up. During this time useful substances are extracted from cones and pass into honey.

Upon termination of process the received syrup is filtered and stored in the refrigerator. Accept to food on one tablespoon 3-4 times a day. Means softly removes cough, helps at cold, contributes to normalization of a metabolism and the general improvement of an organism. It is recommended to give to children (certainly, in the absence of an allergy to beekeeping products).

Green cones in a midland of Russia collect to the middle of July. As a rule, they are broken (or cut off) from young people, low a sosenok. Cones have to be soft (easy to be damaged by a nail) and to have length no more than 4 cm. Raw materials cannot be stored, it needs to be overworked in the first days after collecting.

Целебный эликсир из шишек

Use of the medicines prepared from pinecones has a number of contraindications. You should not accept them at diseases of kidneys and hepatitis. It is impossible to treat such drugs of kids aged about one year, pregnant women and the feeding mothers. It is necessary to be careful also to the people inclined to allergic reactions.

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