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12 delusions about a gray hair

Sooner or later hair turn gray at all. Many people try to hide these changes, returning natural color of the hair by means of coloring, or considerably changing it for the purpose of creation of absolutely new image. All know that the gray hair is a sign of the coming old age, so, it is necessary to get rid of it.

Седина – признак старения. Так ли это?

The majority poorly imagines the reasons and specifics of such phenomenon as a gray hair. Today we want to dispel the most popular beliefs about it.

Gray hair – an aging sign

It is the myth. Process of emergence of a gray hair in most cases has no direct link with aging of an organism.

The pigment melanin which production is impossible without other substance – tyrosinase enzyme which is produced by a thyroid gland is responsible for preservation of natural hair-dyeing. When it ceases to be developed, the growing hair lose melanin, but terms of approach of this event are individual. They depend on the following factors:

  • genetic features inherent in each person. In the majority of families the early or late gray hair is descended;
  • existence of some diseases (for example, hyperfunctions of a thyroid gland);
  • deficit of separate microelements, as a rule, arising owing to disbolism, complicating their assimilation.

After a vyryvaniye of one gray-haired hair on its place grow 7 gray hair

This very widespread statement which does not have under itself any reasons. Hair grow from hair bulbs, and there are no reasons to believe that after mechanical removal of one hair (we will notice that it does not lead to death of its bulb) in this place there are new bulbs, besides giving growth to gray hair.

Apparently, the myth arose because at many people process of emergence of a gray hair happens quickly enough, and there is a wrong impression that the new decoloured hair grow on site pulled out.

Gray hair grows quicker, than naturally painted

With confidence it is impossible to approve it: there are researches both confirmatory, and disproving this fact. Perhaps, at some people a gray hair really grows quicker, than usual, but at the majority growth of hair does not depend on existence of a pigment in them.

At emergence of a gray hair hair become stronger

The hair deprived of melanin visually is perceived by thicker, than naturally painted (we will remember – white makes look fat). Besides, because of features of light refraction the turned gray head of hear sometimes seems more dense. These factors do not influence durability of hair: it is individual and remains during all life, regardless of emergence of a gray hair.

Emergence of a gray hair – a consequence of a stress

Such phenomenon is known, but it cannot be considered natural. In a mass order a feedforward between emergence of a gray hair and the previous physical or nervous tension is not revealed. Many people get an early gray hair, leading quite safe life whereas others whose life is subjected to severe tests, possess brightly painted head of hear.

Gray hair has gray color

This statement – a consequence of usual optical illusion. Actually gray-haired hair keeps melanin traces and therefore has yellowish color. Intensity of a shade depends on initial hair-dyeing (more or less dark).

Emergence of a gray hair is not connected with features of metabolism

We already spoke about disbolism as about an origin of an early gray hair. Loss by melanin hair at the young man can be connected also with a vitamin deficiency of group B, especially pantothenic acid (B5 vitamin). Having noticed emergence decoloured a hair, it is possible to try to slow down this process, having enriched the diet with the products containing missing substances. As sources of pantothenic acid it is recommended to use meat, an offal, fat sea fish, nuts, bean, spicy greens and beer yeast.

Smoking provokes emergence of an early gray hair

The nicotine use, certainly, is the addiction doing essential harm to health and appearance of the person. Hair at smokers spoil as well as skin, however direct dependence between emergence of a gray hair and smoking is not established.

The natural hair color can be returned without coloring

It is a lie. If the early gray hair is caused by any disease, it is possible to slow down its progressing, having coped with pathology (for example, having normalized work of a thyroid gland) by means of drugs. A new gray hair at the same time will cease to appear, but it is impossible to return coloring of that part of a head of hear which lost pigmentation.

Самые распространенные заблуждения о седине

The number of a gray hair increases after injuries

Perhaps, such communication exists in the long term, but the probability to turn gray after an injury "for one night" is almost equal to zero. Stories about incidents such, allegedly based on real events, in practice are inventions.

Insolation provokes emergence of a gray hair

Long stay under direct sunshine is harmful to an organism. As for hair, insolation can make them more brittle and fragile, and also promote clarification on several tones (for example, the dark brown-haired person can burn out till chestnut or red color). This process has nothing in common with total loss by hair of melanin and emergence of a gray hair.

Speed of emergence of a gray hair is not connected with heredity

Lie. The age at which the gray hair appears, is predetermined genetically. Interesting features of this process are connected with a floor: women, as a rule, begin to turn gray with temporal zones of the head, and the man – from moustaches and a beard.

To hide a gray hair or not – a personal record of everyone. One is clear: emergence of white hair though is associated with life experience, actually is not indispensable attribute of solid age or worldly wisdom.

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