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10 delusions about care of face skin

To look healthy and means well-groomed not only to be pleasant to people around, but also to feel strong, sure and taken place.

Specialists in the field of cosmetology quite often note that not all women are able to look after face skin. Many women incorrectly apply cosmetics, ineptly use various procedures, without having exact information on their real influence and dividing numerous delusions about it. All this not in the best way affects appearance, and sometimes and health. To dispel the famous myths about care of face skin – the purpose of this article.

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1. To begin to fight against signs of aging it is necessary at early age

Statements such are favorable to producers and sellers of expensive cosmetic goods. Aiming to increase in any way the number of consumers, unfair creators of advertizing mislead young women.

Actually, the use of the creams having the rejuvenating effect for girls of 15-20 years rather harmfully, than is useful. At such age skin itself produces in necessary quantity the hyaluronic acid, collagen and other substances supporting its tone and a healthy look. Decrease in intensity of this process usually begins after 30 years. When the young girl begins to use anti-aging means, natural functions of skin die away quicker, and signs of aging are shown earlier.

From this does not follow that in youth it is not necessary to look after face skin. Just it is necessary to select cosmetics according to age and requirements (for example, sensitive, problem, fat or dry skin creams).

2. Skin care products need to be changed from time to time

There is an opinion that it is harmful to skin to get used to certain cosmetic drugs. Allegedly at long use of cream of a certain structure influence of its active components weakens.

It's not true. It is quite difficult to pick up the cosmetics which are ideally corresponding to the needs of skin for each case. If the problem managed to be solved, use of the chosen cream should be continued until it supports the person in an optimum state. Otherwise the woman risks to do much harm to the health and appearance, having spent a lot of money for searches of replacement absolutely unnecessary at present without any sense.

3. The refusal of usual cream causes a withdrawal

It is a marketing mix of the producers and sellers aiming to force customers to buy expensive cosmetics for the future too.

In practice creams, lotions, the skins, gels and other products intended for face care do not contain ingredients, enough strong to cause accustoming or the painful response to cancellation of drugs. If at refusal of certain cosmetic products face skin begins to look worse, most likely the improper means used instead of cancelled are the reason.

4. Cosmetics with hormones is most effective

Some women sacredly believe that certain "hormonal" creams will return to their skin a state 10, and even 20-year. The statement is not less widespread that cancellation of similar drugs within several days turns the young beauty into the old woman.

Both lie. The Russian market does not offer any cosmetic creams containing hormones. Under this name the means containing phytoestrogen (the vegetable matters having gormonopodobny activity) usually appear. They do not create miracles of rejuvenation and are not especially effective, all this just the myth supported by advertizing. But and cancellation of such means does not lead to catastrophic effects for appearance.

5. It is possible without harm for skin to combine cosmetics of different producers

Safety of a combination of products of various producers is substantially a question of luck. In this situation there is always a probability that mix of diverse ingredients will lead to an allergy.

The major companies valuing the reputation not without reason create sets of the cosmetics intended a certain age or solving certain problems. The drugs entering such ruler include the same active components and are well combined among themselves.

6. There are creams "for any skin"

It is the myth which is specially intended for the women aiming to save time and money at the choice of cosmetics. The cream suitable for skin of any type and age does not exist.

To define what substances skin at present, quite difficult needs. The woman just cannot sometimes make it independently, and selection of cosmetics should be trusted the specialist.

7. Night cream should be used just before a dream

Night creams usually happen dense, saturated active components. When drawing directly before withdrawal to a dream, such means or is smeared on a pillow, without having managed to be absorbed, or hammers a time, depriving skin of an opportunity to breathe.

That cream worked correctly, it needs to be put in 2-3 hours prior to a dream, and in 30-40 minutes to blot a face with a soft napkin. If it is impossible, it is better to do in general without putting cream for the night.

8. Fat cream needs to be applied on skin before an exit to a frost

In cold season nutritious or protective cream is put on a face not less than for an hour to an exit to the street. If not to give to means to be absorbed, it will stiffen on a frost and will turn into the crust capable to injure skin.

The moisturizing cream can be used only in the winter when the woman is not going to leave the heated room in the next several hours.

9. It is better to use cosmetics which is not containing preservatives

The majority of the cosmetic goods produced in the industrial method contains the preservatives interfering reproduction of pathogenic microflora and prolonging products period of storage. It is possible to do without preservatives only when cosmetics does not intend for storage longer than several days.

However, not all preservatives are harmful (as well as not all natural ingredients are safe). In order to avoid troubles there is a sense to choose products of the famous producers and to buy it in specialized outlets.

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10. Foundation and powder spoil skin

Many consider that powder and foundations do not allow skin to breathe and overdry it, creating conditions for emergence of early wrinkles. This information became strongly outdated. Cosmetics of the last generations does not hammer a time and does not interfere with intake of oxygen in them. Besides, modern powders and foundations often contain the substances protecting a face from ultraviolet, temperature fluctuations and other aggressive environmental factors.

Face care – business necessary, but difficult. It is important to have reliable information about a condition of the skin, and also about properties of the cosmetics intended for preservation of her youth and health. If it is not possible to understand these questions independently, there is a sense to visit the cosmetologist and to use his recommendations.

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