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7 positive habits which can do harm to health

Household skills which to us so diligently imparted in the childhood it appears, not always bring only benefit. According to results of the last researches, some habits which for a long time were considered useful and even necessary can become the reason of serious indispositions. Here only seven the most widespread of them.

Daily use of detergents

With the fact that a shower, the taken minimum twice a day, clears skin invigorates, speeds up work of immune system and makes a set of other useful impacts on an organism, nobody will not begin to argue. But with frequent use of soap, shampoos and other detergents the situation is not so unambiguously. Scientists established that daily use of means of hygiene dries skin, depriving of it natural fatty lubricant. It can lead to decrease in the general immunity, and also emergence of a peeling and even the superficial cracks opening a way of an infection.

Ежедневное применение моющих средств

"Full-fledged" eight-hour dream

When the person does not get enough sleep, state of his health worsens, working capacity falls, there are problems with assimilation of new information. However from this does not follow that each of us has to spend for night rest eight hours as was considered before. According to many modern researchers, for most of people the six-hour night dream suffices. Longer rest can lead to development of an indisposition which is shown by constant feeling of weakness and fatigue.

It is established that it is much more useful to sleep at night no more than six hours, adding to it one or one and a half hours of rest during the day. The day dream broken into the short periods is effective. People who get used to fall asleep several times a day for about 10-15 minutes differ in high intellectual and physical activity, and also a weak susceptibility to seasonal infections.

Specialists advise to listen to signals which are given by an organism and to follow the life rhythm, but not violently imposed stereotypes dictated by it. For example, if you, filling up at 11 o'clock in the evening, waken at 5 in the morning, do not try to fall asleep again to finish night rest till the put eight o'clock. It is better to get used to the new schedule and to learn productively to use additional hours of wakefulness.

Полноценный восьмичасовой сон

Rinsing of a mouth water after toothbrushing

When using paste on teeth the blanket which needs to be kept during at least half an hour after the procedure that cleaning brought benefit is formed. It is especially characteristic of the pastes containing compounds of fluorine. Therefore doctors recommend to abstain from rinsing of a mouth water at once after toothbrushing.

Полоскание рта водой после чистки зубов

Sitting on a toilet bowl

Way standard today to release intestines, sitting on a toilet seat, exists not so long ago. The first toilet bowls of console type appeared only at the end of the 19th century, and before people celebrated need, squating. According to many doctors, such pose, unlike sedentary, is natural and useful to an organism. In such situation intestines are emptied with the minimum efforts that reduces risk of development of a divertuculosis of a large intestine and hemorrhoids.

Сидение на унитазе

House cleaning

The American scientists studied the state of health of women and men who within a year regularly carried out not the most pleasant obligation for establishing order in the dwellings. To surprise of researchers it became clear that this useful occupation negatively affects health: practically at all examinees increase in arterial pressure, and at those from them which actively used household chemicals for cleaning was observed, the number of allergic reactions increased.

Considering that it is necessary to bring order to the house after all, specialists came to opinion that duties such cannot be dumped on one of family members: they should be carried out in turn or to periodically clean up the house together.

Уборка дома

Breath by a full breast

When the adult takes a deep breath, the breast muscles which are raising edges and stretching lungs work for it. It is clinically proved that such way of breath is not optimum as leads to decrease in inflow of oxygen to the lower part of lungs. Correctly (by means of stomach muscles) newborn babies breathe, but, in process of a growing this useful skill is lost.

However, there are sets of exercises, allowing to learn the correct breath by a stomach. Fixing of such ability leads to improvement of an organism, activation of a blood-groove, increase in immunity and other positive effects extremely important for preservation of health.

Дыхание полной грудью

After-dinner rest

The principle "was eaten, it is possible and to have a sleep" has numerous supporters. Meanwhile, to lie after meal very harmfully. The matter is that nutrients begin to come to blood still before the meal is ended. The organism receives additional energy and it has a need to spend it. If not to make it, the received calories will be transformed to a glycogen, and then and laid "in store" in the form of fatty layers.

The people leading a healthy lifestyle eat the most caloric food in the morning to spend the received energy during the day. However, doctors do not consider that the meal after 6 o'clock in the evening has to be under categorical prohibition. Just after it you should not sit in front of the TV or at once to go to bed. It is better to make foot walk in the fresh air which will save from probability of accumulation of unnecessary kilograms.

Послеобеденный отдых

The modern view on questions of preservation of health demands critical reconsideration of a number of usual rules. Not all of them are quite misleading, but the careful relation to some useful habits can save the person from a number of troubles.

Whether you know that:

The person accepting antidepressants in most cases will have a depression again. If the person coped with depression by own efforts, he has every chance forever to forget about this state.