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10 reasons of emergence of cracks in mouth corners

Condition of lips (their morbidity, outward) – one of indicators of health of the person. The peeling, dryness, pallor, and also cracks in corners of a mouth can be not only the cosmetic shortcoming which arose owing to physical damages and weather conditions but also the satellite of some diseases and disturbances in an organism needing treatment. Let's consider 10 possible reasons of emergence of angular cracks (perleches) in corners of a mouth and ways of their elimination.

1. Traumatism

Area traumatization around lips leads to emergence of the cracks annoying the owner feeling of dryness, tightness of skin, pain. As the most frequent reason of damages serve regular visits to the stomatologist during which the person should stretch lips and too widely to open a mouth – especially it fairly at inaccurate use by the doctor of the tool, for example, of a mirror for survey. Sometimes at long treatment at the stomatologist the crack simply does not manage to begin to live.

Besides, similar problems can arise when using removable dentures at which introduction and removal the area of corners of lips differing in special sensitivity is most of all injured.

For bystry healing in such cases it is recommended to apply on the damaged places a complex of vitamins A and E, and also to foment from officinal herbs (a sage, a calendula, a camomile).


2. Non-compliance with hygiene of an oral cavity

Penetration into microcracks on infection skin at insufficient hygiene of a body and an oral cavity also serves as a common cause of emergence of the inflamed wounds in mouth corners – especially at children who often touch dirty the person. From the increased frequency of emergence of angular cracks owing to bacterial loading the people neglecting regular toothbrushing and gums also suffer.

Несоблюдение гигиены полости рта

3. Adverse weather conditions

Dry windy weather, frost, droughty heat – the frequent reasons of a peeling, tightness of skin in a mouth which at insufficient moistening can lead to formation of the inflamed crack. It is possible to prevent its emergence simple care of the sensitive place: daily putting nutritious cream or vaseline before an exit to the street.

Неблагоприятные погодные условия

4. Avitaminosis

The lack of an organism of B12 vitamin can serve as the reason of angular cracks, and together with them puffinesses and reddenings of lips, inflammations of language, conjunctivitis, a burning sensation in eyes. The state can be observed at spring avitaminosis, insufficient intake of vitamin C by food, and also at the diseases leading to disturbance of its assimilation by an organism. In the first two cases it is recommended to fill shortage of vitamin with inclusion in a diet of enough meat and milk dishes, eggs, cabbage, spinach, bean, porridges from whole cereals. In the last – it is necessary to see a doctor and to receive medical treatment.


5. Fungal infections of skin

Cracks in corners of a mouth can be the fungal nature – for example, Candida fungus. The disease is often provoked by reduced immunity owing to the postponed diseases or existence of the general diseases (pathologies of a GIT, a diabetes mellitus, blood diseases, etc.), reception of antibiotics, tsitostatik, hormonal drugs. The Kandidomikotichesky or barmy perleche is, as a rule, covered with a grayish-white plaque which easily cleans up a napkin and has no crust. Treatment of a crack in this case is performed by means of nystatin, levorin or other special ointments, and in hard cases is followed by reception of anti-mycotic drugs inside. The doctor has to appoint drugs for treatment of a fungal perleche.

Грибковые поражения кожи

6. Syphilis

One of elements of primary syphilis – a hard ulcer – often masks under a usual perleche. The crack at the same time is, as a rule, painless, covered with a silver-white plaque and has consolidation in the basis which at extension of lips gets an oval form. At accession of consecutive infection (bacterial or streptococcal) the syphilitic perleche goes deep and turns into the ulcer causing discomfort. Treatment of similar disturbance is carried out under control of the venereologist and consists first of all in destruction of the causative agent of syphilis – a pale treponema.


7. Iron deficiency anemia

Low hemoglobin serves one of common causes of emergence of cracks in mouth corners. In the presence of a disease the sore often is followed by the general weakness, pallor, a cardiopalmus, an asthma and other symptoms. Treatment of an angular crack at anemia has to be followed by elimination of deficit of iron in an organism depending on its reason: the use of the products rich with iron and B12 vitamin (whole-grain bread, fruit, red meat, nuts, greens), reception of special drugs, antiparasitic therapy (in the presence of worms) and other methods.

Железодефицитная анемия

8. Diseases of internals

Sometimes chronic and recurrent perleches can accompany some general diseases – for example, endocrine illnesses, diseases of cardiovascular system, digestive tract and even disturbance in the psychoemotional sphere. At the same time the sore, as a rule, soft to the touch, is covered with a crust and differs in moderate morbidity. Elimination of a crack is possible at full therapy of the disturbances which became its reason. It is worth noticing that persistently shown crack in a corner of a mouth it is not recommended to treat independently – on observations of doctors, in 3% of cases it can gain malignant character.

Болезни внутренних органов

9. Atopic cheilitis

Atopic cheilitis – an inflammatory disease of lips which can lead to formation of perleches. The disease has neurodermatological character and can be provoked by an allergy, hormonal disturbances, but most often – failures in work of a nervous system thanks to what it is most widespread among children and teenagers of 10-17 years. The crack at an illness arises against the background of a peeling, a xeroderma of lips and the person; also the inflammation of a border of lips, a covering of their surface are observed by small scales. Treatment of an atopic cheilitis is performed by vitamin therapy, antihistaminic drugs, corticosteroid ointments in strict accordance with appointment of the doctor.

Атопический хейлит

10. Addictions

Addictions – frequent sources of problems with health, and the considered symptom in this case not an exception. Smoking, alcohol intake, a licking of lips, nibble of nails, a continence in a mouth of a foreign subject (a pencil, the handle) promote decrease in immunity as the general, and local. At the termination of harmful effects of a crack, arisen for the above-mentioned reasons, quickly heal and cease to appear.

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