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7 main reasons for decrease in hearing

Partial and the more so full loss of hearing significantly reduces quality of life. Difficulties with communication lead to loneliness and isolation. The person who badly hears experiences difficulties with social and professional implementation, quite often has problems in private life.

Снижение слуха: основные причины

Today we will tell about the main reasons for deterioration in hearing.

Age changes

With age some structures of the hearing aid are exposed to degenerative changes. The people who stepped a 60-year boundary partially lose auditory acuity, and in an age group 70 years of a problem with hearing are more senior tests already the majority. At the same time at elderly people perception of low sounds remains, and here it is difficult to distinguish high-pitch tones to them.

Cerumen impactions

In acoustical passes accumulations of an earwax (so-called cerumen impactions) worsening perception of sounds can be formed. To remove them independently, it is enough to enter several drops of solution of peroxide of hydrogen into each ear. If the stopper is not dissolved, it is necessary to address the otolaryngologist. You should not try to destroy traffic jams at all, entering into ears various objects (and even so popular wadding sticks): it is fraught with traumatizing a tympanic membrane and aggravation of problems with hearing.

Infectious diseases

The hearing loss can arise as a complication after an infectious disease. Meningitis, measles and a mumps are especially dangerous in this sense. Quite often leads a pseudorheumatism to partial deterioration in ability to perceive sounds. Auditory acuity is influenced also by process of growth of adenoides: in the most hard cases they increase to such an extent that is completely blocked by Eustachian tubes. Except relative deafness, the situation is fraught with high risk of infection of the acoustical courses and nasal cavities.

Inflammatory processes in an ear

Deterioration in hearing often appears because of an inflammation of internal cavities of an ear (otitises). Usually lead the disturbances allowed during treatment, in particular, its too early termination to negative effects. In order to avoid troubles such it is necessary to follow instructions of the doctor precisely. At adequate complex treatment of otitis hearing is recovered in full.

Воспалительные процессы в ухе - одна из причин снижения слуха


Leads the majority of craniocereberal injuries to decrease in hearing. At the same time both the hearing aid, and the brain zones which are responsible for sound perception can suffer.

People who are forced to work at such factory where the level of noise seriously exceeds admissible norms treat risk group on loss of hearing. It concerns also to fans of hours-long listening to music (especially via earphones). For such people the probability to become deaf gradually increases many times.

Drug intake effects

Sometimes temporary relative deafness arises against the background of drug intake. Some antibiotics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs belong to the drugs which are negatively influencing hearing.

Inborn pathology

The newborn has a probability to be born with a hearing disorder if his mother during pregnancy accepted alcohol, or was infected with clamidiosis, syphilis or HIV. Besides, there is a genetic (hereditary) relative deafness.

To keep hearing, it is necessary to avoid whenever possible risk factors of its loss, and at emergence of signs of relative deafness urgently to address the otolaryngologist.

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