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6 reasons to refuse the beer use

There is a lot of fans of beer in our country. Statistically, on each average Russian (including women and children) in a year about 60 liters of this drink are consumed. It is not a lot of, as in the Czech Republic or Germany, but figure all the same impressive. There is nothing to rejoice here: despite assurances of producers that beer is absolutely harmless, effects of its active consumption cannot be considered positive in any way. Here only a part of that negative impact which popular drink makes on an organism.

1. The harm done to a stomach

Beer is not strong drink, but some of its grades contain up to 10-14% of alcohol. It means that at consumption of one liter "foam" the person receives the amount of alcohol which is contained in 100 ml of vodka. And it in combination with the liquid which is in process of active fermentation. Similar "cocktail" corrodes a mucous membrane of a stomach, at the same time poisoning an organism with alcohol decomposition products.

It is clinically proved that at constant consumers of beer the gastric juice at first becomes dense and mucous, and then in general ceases to be developed in due quantity therefore food in partially undigested look comes from a stomach to intestines. There are classical symptoms of alcoholic gastritis: feeling of weight and an abdominal pain, problem with a chair, feeling of bitterness in a mouth. Decrease in working capacity, the general weakness and depression become result usually.

Вред, причиняемый желудку

2. Blow in a liver

Danger of the use of beer is that it is often drunk in large numbers. At the same time the liver receives a serious overload especially as the specific snack consisting of sun-dried or smoked fish, or (that it is even worse) croutons, chips and other products which part synthetic fragrances, preservatives, amplifiers of taste and a huge amount of salt are is usually added to a decent dose of alcohol. If such episodes repeat regularly, the liver ceases to cope with removal from an organism of toxins.

At fans of beer cases of chronic hepatitis which proceeds asymptomatically for a long time are frequent. Development of cirrhosis can become result. Popular drink does not smaller harm also to a pancreas: under its influence release of enzymes on which availability processes of splitting of food and nutritive absorption depend is broken.

Удар по печени

3. Unreasonable load of kidneys

That beer has diuretic effect, all know. But put here not only in the problems connected with need often to empty a bladder. At so active urination there is a washing away of substances, necessary for life activity. On the other hand, at the use of "beer" snack the organism receives excess salt which has property to connect and detain water. As a result the mechanism of maintenance of water-salt and acid-base balance begins to work with failures. It leads to emergence of pain and weakness in legs, the raised susceptibility to colds, and also dysfunction of heart.

Organic lesions can become result of beer alcoholism also: angiosclerosis, hemorrhages and heart attack of kidneys, dying off of renal fabric.

Непомерная нагрузка на почки

4. Development of heart troubles

At the beer use alcohol is soaked up in blood very quickly, causing instant vasodilatation. Continuous influence such provokes not only development of varicosity, but also expansion of cameras of heart. On the roentgenogram at the same time the characteristic picture which specialists call a syndrome of bull ("beer") heart or "a kapron stocking" is observed. The cordial wall becomes flabby and fattened outside.

Beer alcoholics often complain of disturbances of a cordial rhythm, weakness, an asthma, intolerance of exercise stresses. The risk of development of coronary heart disease, heart failure, heart attacks and strokes for them is very high.

Развитие болезней сердца

5. Instability of a hormonal background

By production of beer hop bumps which extract impacts to drink pleasant bitterish relish are used. However phytoestrogen – substances which affect an organism almost the same as female sex hormones also is a part of this plant. If beer is used in unlimited quantity, it causes the hormonal failure leading to change of a timbre of a voice and appearance in the man. There is a notorious "beer tummy" as the organism begins to reserve fat, postponing it in "female" zones, the volume of chest glands increases, body pilosis decreases. Suppression of production of testosterone becomes the reason of decrease in a libido and weakening of a potentiality.

Нестабильность гормонального фона

6. Accustoming

Fans of frothy beverage often claim that to become the alcoholic, using beer, it is impossible. Specialists express opposite opinion: beer alcoholism develops in 3-4 times quicker vodka, and is treated much more difficult. A problem in wide availability of drink, and also that its use is allowed in bigger number of places and situations.

Beer alcoholics practically always fall into hands of narcologists when the disease is already thoroughly started. Usually at the same time it becomes clear that they test various indispositions for a long time, but do not connect their emergence with the habit daily to drink two-three of bottles of beer.

Actually, it is already possible to speak about approach of an illness when at the patient the following signs are observed:

  • The regular use more than one liter of beer a day;
  • Frequentation of the "beer" companies;
  • The irritability and rage arising if necessary to refrain from the next libation;
  • Problems with backfilling; use of beer as sleeping pill;
  • Growth of "a beer tummy";
  • Malfunctions in the sexual sphere;
  • Attempts to use beer since morning to remove abstinence signs;
  • Complaints to constant fatigue, indispositions, impossibility to concentrate attention.


If at someone from members of your family similar symptoms are observed – it needs the urgent help. It is important to explain to the person of the reason of his state and to try to persuade to refuse the beer use independently, or to address the specialist narcologist. Without it the person close to you can finally affect the health and to become the owner of such "bunch" of illnesses who will very quickly result it in disability.

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