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8 products keeping health of joints

Diseases of joints often begin imperceptibly for the person. The first stages of destruction of the cartilaginous tissue providing soft and free sliding of heads of bones in joint bags proceed slowly and absolutely without serious consequences. Especially unpleasantly for the fact that this process is not connected with advanced age: degradation of joint surfaces is, as a rule, noticeable after 30 years. It means that practically each able-bodied person at any time can face sad results of such destructions which are shown by inflammatory processes and a joint pain, restriction of mobility and the general deterioration in health.

Fortunately, process of destruction of cartilaginous tissues can be slowed down. For this purpose it is necessary to refuse resolutely addictions and it is reasonable to dose exercise stresses. Not less important point is regular receipt in an organism of the substances promoting maintenance of health of joints. We bring to your attention the list of the products rich with such components.

1. Salmon

Fish of family of salmon contains the maximum quantity an omega-3 of polyunsaturated fatty acids. These are the natural anti-inflammatory drugs capable quickly and effectively to deal with the joint problems. Preservation of health of bones and joints is promoted also by vitamin D with which all salmon are rich.

The Far East salmon and salmon are considered the most suitable for a daily diet. It is necessary to consider that the fish caught in natural reservoirs is much richer with useful substances, than her relatives who are grown up artificially. To define from where frozen or salty products got on the shelve, it is sometimes difficult, and here the majority of canned food do just of "wild" fish.


2. Almonds

If the joint often inflames, cells of fabrics of which the joint bag consists begin to collapse, being exposed to a so-called oxidative stress. Process is fraught with development of arthroses. The main reason for this phenomenon consider action of free radicals.

The vitamin E which in a large number is contained in almonds is capable to reduce concentration of such substances in an organism. Eating all a handful of kernels in day, it is possible to provide an organism with a necessary dose of the strongest natural antioxidant. If you do not like taste of almonds, it with success can be replaced with a peanut or sunflower sunflower seeds.


3. Papaya

Results of the last researches showed that chronic deficit of vitamin C in an organism triples risk of development of a pseudorheumatism almost. There is a lot of products which can be sources of this vitamin. According to scientists, for joints the combination of ascorbic acid to beta carotene is especially useful. Such combination of useful substances contains in pulp of fruits of a papaya.

However, it is not obligatory for Russians to use this fruit, exotic for our places, at all. Shock doses of vitamin C contain blackcurrant berries, and in combination with beta carotene this vitamin B enough can be received from fruits of a henomeles (a quince Japanese) who even more often meets recently on seasonal dachas. Simpler option are the carrots grated on a small grater seasoned with vegetable oil and sprinkled by lemon juice.


4. Apples

The large role in preservation of integrity of cartilaginous tissue is played by collagen. Unfortunately, with age production of this substance an organism decreases. Apples contain meletin which participates in process of a producing collagen and slows down wear of cartilaginous tissue. This substance concentrates in a peel of fruits and collapses when heating. Therefore it is useful to eat apples fresh and crude.

To provide an organism with meletin, it is enough to eat one apple a day. The fruits acquired in shop or in the market before the use need to be washed out carefully warm water by means of a rigid brush as on a surface there can be not only pathogenic microorganisms, but also preservatives hazardous to health.


5. Black haricot

All bean are rich with phytalbumin which is construction material including for joint fabrics. Haricot of black-fruited grades, besides, contains the manganese which is a part of some important enzymes, and anthocyans (the powerful antioxidants capable to suppress inflammatory processes). Such combination of useful substances does black haricot to one of the products absolutely necessary for preservation of health of joints.

Черная фасоль

6. Broccoli

Inflorescences of broccoli contain сульфорафан. This substance plays a huge role in activation of protective forces of an organism. It is proved that regular use in food of broccoli reduces risk of development of an osteoarthritis and other diseases of joints.

Besides, this species of cabbage is rich with phytalbumins, vitamins and useful microelements.


7. Sheet cabbage

Joints cannot normally function at decrease in durability of bones that usually comes owing to washing away of calcium from them. Sheet species of cabbage contain this macrocell in quantity, comparable with its concentration in dairy products. For preservation of health of joints very important that calcium came to an organism along with manganese and copper which participates in processes of production of collagen and strengthening of sheaves. Necessary substances are a part of sheet cabbage in an optimum ratio.

Листовая капуста

8. Ginger

The root of ginger contains gingerola. Their action on an organism is similar to that effect which is rendered by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. For this reason ginger for centuries was used in east medicine for reduction of hypostasis and pain at an inflammation of joints. Antiinflammatory activity of ginger is slightly less, than at pharmaceutical drugs, but its reception does not do harm to an organism and has almost no contraindications.


The majority of the products supporting health of joints can be used even in the presence of a serious chronic illness. The substances which are contained in them slow down development of destructive processes in cartilaginous tissue and help to prevent the musculoskeletal system aggravation of symptoms leading to early decrease in working capacity and quality of life.

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